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Iranian-Armenian relations

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  • Iranian-Armenian relations

    This topic is made to discuss the Iranian-Armenian relationship.

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    Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

    I have found an interesting article suggesting Armenian and Iranian nuclear scientists work together, but the person who exposed this got fired. I have heared some rumors of Armenian nuclear scientists working in Iran, but to what extent is this true (which could only be authorized by Russia)? Maybe someone has heared a little more about this. It could also be misinformation just to spread anti-Armenian propaganda..

    Nuclear wa$te battle
    Whistleblower suit


    A US anti-nuke program in Moscow wasted millions in taxpayer dollars by paying scientists to build useless things like a mechanical fingernail painter, according to an explosive lawsuit by a whistleblowing New York lawyer against Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Paul Backer also claims the program may even have "benefited the nuclear-development efforts" of Iran.

    After he told the State Department about his concerns, he was not allowed to return to work, he claims.

    The State Department chose Backer in 2007 to help run the International Science and Technology Center in Moscow, a welfare-for-scientists program that spends hundreds of millions to employ Soviet-trained weapons researchers -- so they don't sell their weapons of mass destruction know-how to countries like North Korea or Iran.

    But Backer, 43, said some Russian scientists used their US money to fund frivolous things like a prototype for the mechanical fingernail painter.

    "Every nail kiosk that we build is one step further away from a working explosives detector in an airport," said Backer.

    Backer also claimed careless accounting made it impossible to figure out how some of the US dollars were actually spent. The US Energy Department alone has given $300 million to scientists since the fall of the Soviet Union.

    "You don't really want nuclear-weapons scientists self-monitoring -- you kind of want to provide adult supervision," Backer told The Post. "We dumped money on them."

    In 2008, Backer learned that a top Armenian nuclear scientist had let it slip that Armenia's nuclear program was getting funding from Iran, in addition to getting US money through the ISTC. Becker said he worried that the United States was unwittingly funding Iranian-sponsored projects.

    "This needed to be investigated," Backer told The Post. So he wrote a scathing report highlighting his concerns about Armenia's nuclear program and the useless inventions the US was funding. Backer claims the report was the end of his career.

    After informing State Department officials about his conclusions, Backer said he was locked out of his office and never allowed to return to work.

    suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, demands an explanation of why he lost his job. The State Department declined comment.

    Read more:
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      Re: Iranian-Armenian relations Azerbaijan committed Genocide of the Armenians with its violent anti-Armenian propaganda

      Iranian “” published Aref Mohammadzade’s analytical article on Nagorno-Karabakh history, the roots of the conflict, the current negotiating process.

      The article particularly says:

      “Nagorno-Karabakh, which was mostly populated with Armenians, was part of Armenia in 1918 as the three republics were established in the Caucasus. Later, in the Soviet period, Stalin ordered to join Karabakh to Azerbaijan, giving birth to a silent conflict between the Armenians and Azeris in the Caucasus.”

      “It’s been 8 years since Azerbaijan, headed by Ilham Aliyev, constantly threatens to solve the issue in a military way and the latter, like his father, makes use of the Karabakh conflict to ensure his further power. As long as Baku’s state officials are buried in bribery and immorality, the country is facing internal and external serious problems, Ilham Aliyev will never succeed in doing it.”

      “Since the day of its establishment, the Republic of Azerbaijan has carried a violent propaganda against Armenians thus committing a Genocide of the Armenians and after all this, how can Armenians live under Azerbaijan?,” the author notes.

      Referring to Nagorno-Karabakh current political situation, he writes; “During the recent years a number of political elections were held in Nagorno-Karabakh and many observers from the US, Russia, France, other European states, as well as Iran arrived in Karabakh.”

      Commenting on Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian propaganda carried out in the European institutions, the author says: “At a time when Azerbaijan officially recognizes Armenia, Presidents of the two countries meet frequently, Azeri reporters visit Armenia, Baku refuses to grant a visa to other nationals who have ever visited Karabakh or Armenia: this is ridiculous.”

      “Citizens of any country have the right to visit Nagorno-Karabakh, this picturesque place, irrespective of the fact it is recognized or not, and the government of another state cannot deprive them of this right,” the author concludes.

      The Nagorno-Karabakh (armed) conflict broke out back in 1991, when, subsequent to the demand for self-determination of the Nagorno-Karabakh people, Azerbaijani authorities attempted to resolve the issue through ethnic cleansings, carried out by Soviet security forces (KGB special units) under the pretext of the implementation of the passport regime and by launching of large-scale military operations, which left thousands dead and caused considerable material damage. A cease-fire agreement was established in 1994. Negotiations on the settlement of the conflict are being conducted under the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmen (Russia, USA, France) and on the basis of their Madrid proposals, presented in November, 2007.

      Azerbaijan has not yet implemented the 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council adopted in 1993, by continuing to provoke arms race in the region and openly violating on of the basic principles of the international law non-use of force or threat of force.


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        Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

        I heard US and Israel had been building up troops in southern Azerbaijan near Iranian border in preparation for a possible attack. Iran declared state of emergency in its northern areas as a result and sent troops to counter. Such a war would be devastating for our economy and for our sake we need a strong Iran, not a war torn Iran. It's just so hypocritical that Israel criticizes Iran's nuclear program when it to has a nuclear program that its hiding, and of course the US will do whatever Israel tells it to do like a dog. I would be a little more elaborate on the relationship between US and Israel but don't think it's very appropriate here..

        Though you should see some of the Iranians here in Yerevan, especially the women. you'll see some of them wearing all this revealing clothes, make up, and dress more western than any body else. Men drink beer and go to nightclubs all day. But after all they bring good money at least, just I hope the hooligans are kept controlled.
        Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
        "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


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          Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

          Bravo Mos for you balanced stance and correct view on Iranians and Iranian politics, finally you saw the light as you were fiercly anti-Iranian.


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            Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

            Originally posted by Tigranakert View Post
            Bravo Mos for you balanced stance and correct view on Iranians and Iranian politics, finally you saw the light as you were fiercly anti-Iranian.
            never been anti-Iranian. just anti-Iranian hooligans who do bad things in Yerevan. A small fraction of the Iranian tourists, but still there.
            Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
            "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


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              Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

              This is good news.

              Armenia's Orient Express

              The Russians are likely to build and the Iranians plan to pick up much of the tab for a proposed Armenia-Iran railroad, meant to provide a second international railway route for landlocked and semi-blockaded Armenia.

              Two subsidiaries of Russian Railroad placed bids to construct the 400-kilometer line, a job with an estimated cost of anywhere from $1.7 billion to $4 billion. The terrain is mountainous, making it difficult and cost-consuming to clear the roadbed, but Yerevan says the link will offer a vital gateway for Armenia's exports.

              The furthest Armenians can now travel by train is to the Georgian Black Sea port city of Batumi. The dispute over the breakaway region of Abkhazia and the Nagorno-Karabakh War long ago put paid to railway connections to Russia.

              After completing a feasibility study, Tehran said it will pay its own money to build the Iranian section of the railroad and will co-sponsor the Armenian section.


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                Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                Iran unveils long-range bombing drone
                By the CNN Wire Staff

                August 22, 2010 -- Updated 1115 GMT (1915 HKT)
                (CNN) -- Iran unveiled the first long-range military drone manufactured in the country on Sunday, state media reported.

                The unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of carrying out bombing missions against ground targets and flying long distances at a high speed, Press TV said.

                Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended the unveiling of the drone, dubbed the "Karrar," in a ceremony marking Iran's Defense Industry Day.

                In February, Iran inaugurated the production line for two types of drones with bombing and reconnaissance capabilities, the semiofficial Fars news agency reported.
                Video: Iran nuclear plant fueling
                RELATED TOPICS

                * Iran
                * Drone Attacks

                Iran has manufactured its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, missiles and fighter planes since 1992, according to Press TV.

                The country successfully tested a radar-evading drone with bombing capabilities in June 2009, Press TV said.

                In March 2009, U.S. military officials said U.S. fighter jets in Iraq shot down an unmanned Iranian spy drone aircraft.

                At the time, most major state-run media outlets in Iran did not carry news of any incident involving an Iranian drone and Iraq's national security adviser declined to comment.

                Unmanned vehicles have become a staple of modern combat.

                U.S. military officials have said remotely-controlled drones minimize risk and allow troops to spy on and attack enemy combatants.

                Ahead of the drone's unveiling, Iran's defense minister said the country's military planned to reveal a project of "great importance" on Sunday, according to state-run Press TV.

                "Iran's defense capability has reached a point which does not need any aid from other countries," Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi said, according to the semiofficial Iranian Students News Agency.

                It is not clear whether the unveiling of the long-range drone was the announcement he was referring to.

                Vahidi's announcement Saturday came as Iran began fueling its first nuclear energy plant in the southern city of Bushehr, the nation's state media reported.

                Press TV said the effort will help the country create nuclear-generated electricity.

                But some Western nations have questioned whether the nuclear fuel will be used solely for electricity, suggesting that Iran would eventually try to enrich uranium on its own, providing material for nuclear weapons.

                The United States has questioned Iran's motives in continuing to enrich uranium within its borders.

                "Russia is providing the fuel, and taking the fuel back out," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said earlier this month.

                "It, quite clearly, I think, underscores that Iran does not need its own enrichment capability if its intentions, as it states, are for a peaceful nuclear program," he said.

                Iran has maintained all along that the site will produce energy, but the United States and some other international observers remain unconvinced.

                Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking to Russian reporters in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Wednesday, brushed off Western concerns about the Bushehr facility, calling it "the most important anchor holding Iran to the nonproliferation regime," according to the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti.


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                  Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                  Iran VP recognizes Armenian Genocide

                  General Antranik (1865-1927): “I am not a nationalist. I recognize only one nation, the nation of the oppressed.”


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                    Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                    Originally posted by Joseph View Post
                    Iran VP recognizes Armenian Genocide

                    Doesn't mean Iran recognizes the Genocide, and they won't recognize the genocide because of the pressures from the Muslim world, and of course their new found friend Turkey.
                    Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
                    "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."