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Are there Persians in Iran?

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    Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

    Most of the Azaris in Iran are actually Persians - only with a slightly Turkified language. An idiot Shah from several hundred years ago thought it would be a good idea for purposes of commerce to allow the Old-Azari language (which is a pure Persian dialect) change into a Turkified one. That's the short version of the story. Iran has some "real turks," but they are on the North East border (where Turkmenistan is).

    Here is the original Old-Azari Language which the Ottomans, Khazars ("Republic of Azerbaijan"), and Stalin tried to erase from history: Iranian-Azaris and Azerbaijanis are not exactly the same people.


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      Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

      This Oslonor person is just an idiot making trouble. There are actually sites warning about Oslonor: I've pasted some quotes about him below: Notice that the picture "he" puts and says looks like him is actually of a woman. Pffff.

      FROM THE SITE OF OSLONOR: Welcome to Persians and Hollywood. My name is Oslonor and I live in California with my Persian wife. I am not Iranian myself but I am interested about Iran's history and culture. If you want to know how I look like, I found this picture on the internet which looks like me very much. So I am using this picutre.

      NOTE: The picture this moron put up who lives with his "Persian wife" is of a woman from the Matrix.


      One of the worst offenders is the so-called "Oslonor." He is not Iranian, nor has he visited Iran yet he makes ludicrous claims that the orginal Aryan Iranians were Nordics (Swedish). He constantly uses misleading pictures to prove his point and continue his blatant racism. Iran does have some blonde-haired people, but most of the material this Oslonor writes is just pure drivel.

      Iranian-Azaris are Iranians too (don't confuse them with the Khazarian Turks in Azerbaijan).

      How Persians are presented in Hollywood films. Oliver Stone - Alexander

      This is his main blog about Persians and Iranian-Azaris. Here he claims that real Iranians are "blonde" Nordics.

      This is a blatantly racist and insulting blog, claiming the Achaemenians were Turkicized barbarians who raided and killed people.

      Another racist blog insulting Iranian-Azaris (again don't confuse these people with the Pan-Turkists in The Republic of Azerbaijan).

      Be warned Oslonor has plenty of other blogs and articles than those posted here. This is an article he has written in an otherwise respectable site.

      This is his forum. Fortunately it has not grown much.

      Do not trust any sources which are associated with oslonor.
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        Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

        Chillax, no one reads this thread anymore, and oslonor was banned a while ago.


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          Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

          Perhaps Persopolis can debunk all these fake posts then you can lock them, lol.
          "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." ~Malcolm X


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            Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

            Or we can incite him to do other things... Watch this: "I think Oslonor is right, Iranians are descended from Nordics from Gotland, and they were originally a bunch of sexy blonds, but then arabs and turks touched them in naughty places and ruined their ancient Viking beauty".


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              Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

              Originally posted by KanadaHye View Post
              Perhaps Persopolis can debunk all these fake posts then you can lock them, lol.
              Reviving old threads is no longer a problem! Carry on
              Azerbaboon: 9.000 Google hits and counting!


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                Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

                Guys, let's stop falling out with each other. Azerbaijanis (or Azeris) are a MIXED nation. Let's arrange everything.
                The earliest inhabitants of modern day Republic of Azerbaijan, Dagestan's Derbent, Tabasaran and Rutul regions, and modern day Republic of Georgia's Marneuli, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Gardabani, Sagarejo, Kaspi, Mtskheta, Tsalka, Lagodekhi, Kareli Tetri-Tskaro, Gori and Telavi regions were Caucasian Albans.
                The earliest inhabitants of modern day Iran's Western Azerbaijan, Eastern Azerbaijan, Ardebil, Zanjan, Kazvin, Kordistan, Khamadan, Mazandaran, Horasan-Rezavi, North Horasan, Markazi and Gilan provinces were Medes (ancient Iranian (NOT Persian!!) people).
                At the turn of XI-XII centuries Oghuz Turks and some other smaller Turkic groups came to the territories I enumerated above. Oghuz Turks and some other smaller Turkic nationalities assimilated and mixed with 2 big local nations (Caucasian Albans and Medes), 23 other smaller local nationalities and more than 50 local tribes and formed the core of Azerbaijani (or Azeri) nation in the end of XII century. The end of the forming of Azerbaijani people as a nation as it is at the present time was at the beginning of XVI century. The language Azerbaijani people speak now belongs to the Turkic branch.
                So Azeris (or Azerbaijanis) were formed as a nation by mixture of 3 big nations (Caucasian Albans, Medes and Oghuz Turks), 23 other smaller nationalities and more than 50 tribes.