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Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

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    Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

    Finally managed to watch it.
    Well this guys are not officials one is a psychologist and other is just an management expert… well guys this can be some Levonakan provocation.. any way YT is not the source for trustworthy information.
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      Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

      Originally posted by hipeter924 View Post

      Turkey is not part of the Muslim world, Iran, Syria and most nations of the Muslim world hate Turkey because it supports Israel*...the only thing they share is the Muslim faith. What a retarded idea Obama has.

      *But Israel is turning against Turkey
      You have to remember, these aren't Obama's idea's!!!! He's just the puppet!
      "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." ~Malcolm X


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        Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

        Originally posted by KarotheGreat View Post
        Turkey is never going to enter the EU because Germany and France don't want it in the EU. They can change as luch as they want they'll never enter the EU . They have too much people living in their country and they'll have too much power when they enter the EU.
        Very well put Karo! Fully agree.


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          Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

          Originally posted by KanadaHye View Post
          Or maybe the powers that be are trying to recreate the Roman Empire, and Turkey IS part of the plan.

          Well there are a few holes in your theory why are countries in the Baltic allowed to join the Eu or in Scandinavia.

          Add Greece and Denmark to that list.
          Well they don't matter that much and will do what big powers decide like those eastern European countries don't matter in the NATO.
          You should never argue with idiots because they will just drag you down to their level....then beat you with experience!!!!!!!

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            Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

            Australian Firm To Run Armenian Nuclear Project

            An Australian engineering company has been chosen to manage the planned construction of a new nuclear power station that should replace Armenia’s aging Metsamor plant by 2017, officials said on Thursday.
            The Armenian government called a corresponding international tender late last year as it pressed ahead with the implementation of the extremely ambitious project that will require billions of dollars in funding.

            A spokesman for the State Procurements Agency, which has administered the tender, told RFE/RL that only two foreign companies took part in it and that one of them, the Sydney-based Worley Parsons, was judged to have submitted a better bid. “In the next 15 days negotiations will be held with the winner over the signing of an agreement,” he said. “The final cost [of Worley’s services] will be decided during those negotiations.”

            Torpashian could not say if Worley Parsons will not only design but also build the new plant’s reactor. The Armenian Energy Ministry declined to provide any information on that score.

            With a market capitalization of approximately $3 billion as of June 2008, Worley Parsons is one of the world’s largest providers of engineering services to the energy and other industries. The company has operating offices in 14 countries, including Russia.

            President Serzh Sarkisian said in October that work on the new nuclear plant will start “in the coming months.” It is still not clear, however, just when the construction will get underway. The government has yet to attract funding for the project. A U.S.-funded feasibility study conducted last year estimated its total cost at as much as $5 billion.

            Energy Minister Armen Movsisian assured Armenian parliamentarians last month that many foreign countries and companies have show interest in the project. But he did not name any of them. Armenian officials had hinted earlier that Russian companies will be placed to build the new plant.

            With a projected capacity of 1,000-1,200 megawatts, the new facility would be more than twice as powerful as Metsamor’s stole operating reactor that generates more than 40% of Armenia’s electricity. The Soviet-built reactor is due to be decommissioned in 2017.

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              Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

              Sydney-based Worley Parsons has an office in Mississauga, Ont. Canada....

              Wholohan Grill and Partners grew steadily throughout the 1970’s and ‘80’s and in 1986 acquired the Australian and Asian interests of Worley, an American based engineering firm with a strong reputation in the offshore gas and oil arena.

              The company changed its name to Worley and from this point began expanding steadily, securing long term contracts in Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, and creating local joint ventures, most of which are still active today. The partnering model Worley used was based on mutual respect and the understanding that local partners provided the essential knowledge to develop their regional markets. These principles still prevail today in the ongoing growth of the firm and are very much the culture of the organization.
              Throughout the 1990’s Worley expanded both its industry sector and geographical footprint.

              A policy of diversification saw Worley grow from its roots in the hydrocarbons sector into the power, infrastructure and environment, and minerals and metals sectors.
              At the start of the new millennium Worley was well poised to continue its industry sector and geographic expansion with 30 offices and 3,000 personnel globally. This success enabled Worley to diversify further through additional partnerships and acquisitions.

              In 2002 Worley became a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange leading to a period of acquisitions of increasing magnitude around the globe, including companies in Canada, Oman, and China.

              In 2004 Worley acquired Parsons E&C, a global leader in downstream hydrocarbons with a widely recognized reputation for its high quality project services to the Power, Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals and Chemicals sectors globally. Parsons E&C has its own impressive history stemming back to 1944 when Ralph M. Parsons started what is now the Parsons Corporation in Los Angeles. In 2002, Parsons Corporation separated Parsons E&C from the other business units. In recognition of the strong and successful heritage of both firms, Worley merged operations with Parsons E&C and commenced trading as WorleyParsons.

              Further acquisitions including Astron and Komex for environmental services, DRPL in the power sector, TMG and Watkins & Godwin in the infrastructure sector and HG Engineering, Gas Cleaning Technologies and Jones & Jones in the mineral and metals sector, have continued to deepen and broaden WorleyParsons’ capability and geographic presence.

              In 2006 WorleyParsons entered the South American market through a joint venture with Santiago based ARA, a leading base metals and infrastructure engineering firm, while Colt Companies, Canada’s largest engineering and project services firm, became part of the WorleyParsons family in 2007. Later that year, the companies Patterson Britton and Partners, and John Wilson and Partners were acquired, both regarded as leading consultants in the water and environmental services market in Australia with specific capabilities in the coastal and marine, water resources and wastewater, environmental, civil and structural and power markets.

              This provided a significant step up in the organization’s ability to support their customers across all industry sectors in the areas of water and environmental services. In November 2007, WorleyParsons’ capability in the nuclear consulting and analysis segment of the international nuclear industry was complemented with the acquisition of Polestar as well as UniField Engineering with the aim to expand the power business in the USA further.

              WorleyParsons has a strong commitment to developing its business in Africa, namely by the establishment of offices in Egypt and Libya and by the acquisition in the beginning of 2008 of a 50% share in Pangaea - a Pretoria, South African based project services company, now renamed PangeaWorleyParsons.

              The acquisitions of SEA Engineering in 2007 and INTEC in April 2008, leading international offshore deepwater Hydrocarbons engineering and project services companies, completed the missing link in WorleyParsons’ hydrocarbons business and strategically positioned the company to provide comprehensive solutions for large scale integrated deepwater facilities, subsea and marine systems projects.

              The acquisition of Westmar, a leading Canadian based marine and port facility, resource and mining infrastructure, bulk material handling and transportation specialist, is an important step in further extending the Infrastructure and Minerals & Metals capabilities in both Canada and international markets.

              Health, safety and the environment are of paramount importance to WorleyParsons. Our goal of Zero Harm is achieved through leadership, elimination of environmental and safety incidents and the promotion of safe behaviors. In particular, the 2006 acquisition of Komex, an international environmental engineering company, emphasized our commitment to environmental services and solutions.

              Today, the global enterprise has 114 offices and 31,700 personnel. WorleyParsons’ commitment to entrepreneurial spirit and partnership, started by John Grill at Wholohan Grill and Partners over 30 years ago, still drives the company towards its vision to be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational services to our customers, using our distinctive culture to create value for our customers and prosperity for our people.

              "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." ~Malcolm X


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                Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

                Thanks for saving me googling them, Kanada.


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                  Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

                  Originally posted by KarotheGreat View Post
                  Watched most of the videos and found out one thing those guys don't give one piece of proof for what they are saying. We just have to believe them.

                  Anoush jan Turkey is never going to enter the EU because Germany and France don't want it in the EU. They can change as luch as they want they'll never enter the EU . They have too much people living in their country and they'll have too much power when they enter the EU.
                  Turks are not popular in Europe and they are not trusted. Whilst Turkey's entry into the EU is backed by the UK, it won't get in as Nationalism is on the rise in Europe.


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                    Re: Armenian govt hands over Metsamor power plant to the turk

                    Iran ready to provide Armenia with nuclear fuel: governor general
                    Tehran Times Political Desk

                    URUMIA – Iran is ready to provide Armenia with nuclear fuel for its atomic power plant which is under construction in the city of Armavir, West Azarbaijan Province Governor General Rahim Qorbani said here on Saturday.

                    “In light of mastering the nuclear enrichment technology… the Islamic Republic of Iran is now ready to provide nuclear fuel for the neighboring countries’ power plants,” he said in a meeting with the governor general of Armavir in Urmia.

                    He also said the fact that many Armenian citizens live in West Azarbaijan Province can help expand relations between the two countries

                    Azerbaboon: 9.000 Google hits and counting!