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Gurgen Margaryan Murder

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    Causing trivial injury as compared to!

    [January 17, 2006, 19:55:47]

    The first trial in the second case of the Azerbaijan’s Army officer Ramil Safarov’s presided over by judge Tot Diendver was held in Budapest Central Court on 17 January, Embassy of Azerbaijan to Hungary told AzerTAj reporter. It was attended by officials of the Embassy and Azerbaijani students studying in Budapest.

    Ramil Safarov is charged with causing trivial injury to local police officer during their clash in detention unit on July 19, 2004. His defense lawyer is Clara Fischer.

    During the session lasted for half an hour, the Judge announced names of defense lawyer and prosecutor, and presented an indictment to Ramil Safarov written in Turkish. The court decided on holding the next session on 21 February.
    "All truth passes through three stages:
    First, it is ridiculed;
    Second, it is violently opposed; and
    Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

    Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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      Second Trial Of Ramil Safarov Starts In Budapest Today


      YEREVAN, JANUARY 17. ARMINFO. The second trial of the Azeri
      assassin-officer Ramil Safarov is starting in Budapest today.

      Azeri media report that defending Safarov will be Hungarian lawyer
      Clara Fischer with no Azeri lawyers invited. Representing Azerbaijan
      at the trial will be employees of the Azeri embassy in Budapest. The
      trial will consider the June 2004 incident between Safarov and his
      wardens. This may give him additional 2 years besides possible 15 years
      or even life in jail for killing an Armenian officer in Budapest Feb
      19 2004.
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        Trial Of Ramil Safarov To Be Continued On 21 February


        Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
        Jan 17 2006

        BUDAPEST. Court process was held in Pesht region court on the
        claim raised by prison guards against officer of Azerbaijan Army
        Ramil Safarov who is accused of murdering Armenian officer Gurgen
        Markaryan today.

        APA was informed by Azerbaijani embassy in Hungary. The associates of
        the embassy also attended the trial presided by Judge Ms. Tot Dender.

        The judge announced the names of the lawyer and four public prosecutors
        in the process lasted for an hour and the indictment in Turkish was
        presented to Ramil Safarov. The Embassy informed that, it was decided
        to continue the trial on 21 February.

        It should be noted that, the prison guards wanted Ramil Safarov to
        give telephone card on June 19, 2004. Ramil Safarov who didn't know
        Hungarian couldn't understand the guards and it resulted in conflict
        among them. And 8 policemen used violence on him in the end. Though
        the lawyers of Ramil Safarov appealed to the court after this event,
        the court put an end to the case basing that there was not any proof.

        The opposite side raised a claim stating that the Azerbaijani officer
        put up resistance to the government representative later on. Ramil
        Safarov's rights are protected by newly appointed Hungarian lawyer
        Clara Fisher in this case.
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          Almost qualified to go under "Ridiculous News"

          2006-01-20 19:19

          Azerbaijan News Service
          Jan 20 2006

          Everyone ought to be responsible before his conscience for writings
          about Ramil Safarov, accused in assassination of Armenian serviceman.

          Thus this is not the issue of Ramil Safarov only, but that of the
          whole Azerbaijan. Sahib Safarov, Ramil Safarov's father is seriously
          worried about recent articles published in some papers. "Recently a
          very insulting campaign has launched about my son. They say Ramil
          Safarov's deeds undermine Azerbaijan's reputation. But I think
          their writings undermine the image of Azerbaijan. Was it important
          to publish such writings ahead of Ramil's court session? " Father
          safarov highly appreciates the intended visit of television chiefs,
          PMs, and NGO representatives to Hungary. But he cannot understand
          what stands behind the recent anti-Ramil articles in some Mass Media
          representatives. "I believe that those articles have been written by
          order. But I cannot understand who is targeted in them" He says those
          writings against Ramil Safarov are against Azerbaijan, as well. Thus,
          he addressed zto mass media workers as a father: "The Court sessions
          are still on. Let those who fell dislikes towards Ramil Safarov
          retain their ambitions after the court. May be the Court will release
          Ramil. But those writings can serve as a basis for the Judge that
          Azerbaijan accuses itself. If they consider themselves Azerbaijanis
          let them give up their anti-Ramil campaign." Ramil Safarov's mother,
          Nubar Safarova also shares her husband's ideas. She reminded that in
          one of the court sessions in Budapest Court the Armenian lawyer had
          outlined with confidence that they would win the case. The lawyer
          added that the defeat of Azerbaijan in the court means Azerbaijan's
          defeat. In order not to suffer another defeat, Azerbaijan ought to
          back Ramil Safarov with all its might.
          "All truth passes through three stages:
          First, it is ridiculed;
          Second, it is violently opposed; and
          Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

          Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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            Real Azerbaijan Newspaper, Which Called Safarov Criminal, Picketed in Baku

            Newspaper, Which Called Safarov Criminal, Picketed in Baku
            27.01.2006 00:51 GMT+04:00
            /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Some 70 veterans of the fights near Dashalty and activists of the movement of Karabakh War Veterans picketed the editor's office of the Real Azerbaijan newspaper, which had called Ramil Safarov, who is indicted for killing Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan, «a criminal.» Aggressively disposed participants of the action demanded that the newspaper staff come out and comment on the viewpoint presented in the article. Not ruing out the opportunity for the picketers can attack the editor's office, the newspaper editor-in-chief Eynulla Fatullayev called the police, reported

            February 19, 2004 Armenian Armed Forces lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan, who was sent to Budapest to take English courses within Partnership for Peace Program, was brutally hacked by the Azeri officer, also a participant of the same course. Safarov was indicted on the article 116.2 of the Hungarian Criminal Code (murder with special brutality and attempt at life of over one person), which provides for imprisonment from 10-15 years to life imprisonment.
            "All truth passes through three stages:
            First, it is ridiculed;
            Second, it is violently opposed; and
            Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

            Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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              Azerbaijan Destroys Medieval Armenian Christian Cemetery, Group Says

              Thursday, 26 January 2006

              BosNewsLife, Hungary
              Jan 27 2006

              Armenian Christians still recall the legacy of the 1915 genocide.

              BAKU/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- The government of Azerbaijan has
              destroyed an "irreplaceable" medieval Armenian Christian cemetery in
              the Djulfa region of the country's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic,
              amid growing tensions in the area, an influential religious rights
              group said Thursday, January 26.

              Washington-based International Christian Concern (ICC), claimed
              "the act of cultural cleansing" resembled the spirit of the Armenian
              Genocide, which it called "an attempt by Muslim countries in the region
              to erase all memory of a thriving Christian culture that existed in
              the Caucasus area since the fourth century."

              Azeri officials denied its forces destroyed the cemetery saying
              that these statements "simply target misleading the international
              community," local media reported.

              The head of the President's Office International Relations Department,
              Novruz Mammadov, accused Armenians of trying to misinform the US
              Senate and House of Representatives. "The truth is that 20 percent of
              Azerbaijan's territory has been leveled," he said in published remarks.

              Despite a 1994 cease-fire, Azerbaijan has yet to resolve its conflict
              with Armenia over the Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh enclave which
              is largely Armenian populated. Azerbaijan lost 16 percent of its
              territory, and must support some 571,000 internally displaced persons
              as a result of the conflict, according to the US Central Intelligence


              However ICC suggested that it has evidence that the government's
              actions are "on the same level as the Taliban's destruction of the
              Bamiyan Buddha statues (in Afghanistan) in 2001 and the desecration
              of Jewish cemeteries throughout Europe."

              "The shocking videotape of the systematic demolition of this treasure
              of world Christian heritage documents for all to see a deliberate
              act of hatred against a long-persecuted Christian nation and - more
              broadly - an affront to all Christians around the world."

              It said that in mid-December of 2005, roughly 200 Azerbaijani
              soldiers "were caught on videotape using sledgehammers to demolish
              a sacred site of the Armenian Apostolic Church." It claimed that the
              "shocking videotape of the systematic demolition of this treasure of
              world Christian heritage documents for all to see a deliberate act of
              hatred against a long-persecuted Christian nation and - more broadly -
              an affront to all Christians around the world."

              The cemetery dates back to the 7th Century and was once home to as
              many as 10,000 intricately carved stone-crosses known as khatchkars,
              ICC said.


              "We are profoundly troubled by the Azerbaijani government's desecration
              of the Armenian Christian cemetery in Djulfa -particularly the
              destruction of irreplaceable carved stone crosses, many over a
              thousand years old," added ICC president Jeff King in a statement
              obtained by BosNewsLife.

              The ICC said the alleged attack followed previous demolitions in 1998
              and 2002 and "effectively destroyed this site - erasing forever a
              true treasure of world heritage."

              ICC also criticized the US State Department for allegedly remaining
              silent over the issue. The State Department recently acknowledged
              however that "animosity toward ethnic Armenians" has "forced most
              Armenians to emigrate, and all Armenian churches, many of which
              were damaged in riots that took place more than a decade ago, (have)
              remained closed."

              US officials estimate that 20,000 ethnic Armenians have been unable
              to attend services at their traditional places of worship because of
              the closures.


              ICC suggested that the destruction of the cemetery and apparent
              government pressure on Armenian Christians resembled the atmosphere
              that preceded the 1915 genocide when over 1.5 million Armenian,
              Hellenic, and Assyrian Christians were allegedly killed as Azerbaijan
              and Turkey "sought to eradicate the historical memory of the thriving
              Christian presence in the Caucasus and Anatolia."

              The Christian Armenian legacy in this part of the world dates back
              to the apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew and, later, Armenia's
              conversion to Christianity as a state religion in the year 301,
              experts say. Turkey, which wants to join the European Union, has
              come under international pressure to acknowledge the mass killing of
              Armenians from 1915 as a "tragedy."

              France passed a law officially recognizing the Armenian genocide in
              2001, cooling relations with Turkey and jeopardizing a major arms
              deal. At least another 14 nations, including Switzerland, Russia
              and Argentina, also classified the killings as genocide. (ICC can be
              reached via website: With BosNewsLife's
              Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife Research and reports from Azerbaijan and
              the United States).

              Copyright 2006 BosNewsLife. All rights reserved. This material may
              not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without our
              prior written consent. Publishers and Broadcasters please check our
              Republish policy.
              "All truth passes through three stages:
              First, it is ridiculed;
              Second, it is violently opposed; and
              Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

              Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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                Ramil Safarov Not Pride but Shame of Azeri Nation

                11.02.2006 00:20 GMT+04:00
                /PanARMENIAN.Net/ The defense of Ramil Safarov charged of murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan build their line insisting that the intellectual background of the accused is very poor, representative of the RA MOD in the Budapest court Hayk Demoyan told PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. In his words, the third and forth medical-forensic examination proved it. “It’s interesting that during the examination Safarov said Gurgen was handsome and charming. It’s unclear what he meat by saying this. Nevertheless Safarov was found sane with low intellectual facilities,” Demoyan noted. In his words, in Turkish military camps Ramil Safarov was trained to kill by all means, with axe as well.

                As for the zombied Azeri soldiers in Turkish military camps Hayk Demoyan reminded the words of Azeri political scientist Arif Yunusov who said “other soldiers and officers will fight with Armenian army.” Most likely Yunusov was speaking of the military for whom Ramil Safarov is exemplary. At the same time the RA MOD representative emphasized that the Azeri politicians who declare Ramil Safarov the hero of the nation do not understand that he dishonored his country in the entire world.
                "All truth passes through three stages:
                First, it is ridiculed;
                Second, it is violently opposed; and
                Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

                Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


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                  Indiffence Of Europe To Case Of Ramil Safarov May Cause Mistrust To Eu In Armenia


                  YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 18.ARMINFO. D. Mouradian, Secretary of RA National
                  Academy of Science, and film director Albert Mkrtchian express hope
                  that the decision of the Azeri National Democrates to declare murderer
                  Ramil Safarov "man of year"doesn't reflect the opinion of all the
                  Azer society.

                  "The Armenian officer Gourgen Margarian was killed with an ax
                  neither in Soumgait nor Baku, but in the very center of Europe and
                  the indifference of Europe to this case may cause the mistrust of
                  the Armenian people to them,"David Mouradian said.

                  He stated that NATO should have secured the safety of Margarian in
                  Budapest, but the North Atlantic Alliance displayed total indifference
                  to the case."How can we trust the initiatives of the West in the
                  Nagorno Karabakh issue and trust the security of NKR Armenians to
                  the Western structures, when they remain indifferent to the murder
                  of a sleeping officer?" Mouradian put a rhethoric question.
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                    Progressive Party of Armenia Declared Safarov Murderer of Year

                    Source: PanARMENIAN.Net
                    Date: 21.02.2006 18:06 GMT+04:00

                    Progressive Party of Armenia Declared Safarov Murderer of Year
                    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ The youth wing of the Progressive Party of Armenia has declared Azeri serviceman Ramil Safarov murderer of year. This was the response of members of the Progressive Party of Armenia youth organization to the decision of the National Democratic Party of Azerbaijan to recognize Safarov man of year. Participants of the action organized in Yerevan on the occasion of the second anniversary of murder of Gurgen Margaryan demanded life sentence for the cowardly murderer, who hacked the sleeping man. It was declared during the event that «chair of the Progressive Party of Armenia Tigran Urikhanyan was expected to make a sensational statement.»

                    Lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Armenia Gurgen Margaryan sent to Budapest to take English courses within NATO Partnership for Peace Program was brutally hacked by an Azeri officer participating in the same course February 19, 2004. Safarov is indicted in compliance with article 116.2 of the Criminal Code of Hungary (murder committed with special cruelty and attempt at lives over one person), which provides for imprisonment from 10-15 years to life sentence.
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                      Azartac news agency, Baku
                      22 Feb 06

                      21 February: The district court in Pest [Budapest] has heard a second
                      case against Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov [who is on trial for
                      killing Armenian officer Gurgen Markaryan during a NATO course],
                      a source in the Azerbaijani embassy in Hungary has told an Azartac

                      Safarov and prison officers had a squabble in the remand facility on
                      19 July 2004. He was charged with using force against a Hungarian
                      law-enforcer and inflicting light bodily harms on him. The hearing
                      was presided over by judge (?Tot Dendver).

                      (?Clara Fischer) defended Safarov in the second case. At the beginning
                      of the court session, the judge presented the charges against Safarov ,
                      who answered questions. Then, the public prosecution and the defence
                      examined him.

                      Subsequently, it was decided to have the next court session on 3 May
                      this year to have other persons concerned and a witness testify.

                      Diplomats from the Azerbaijani embassy in Hungary and Azerbaijani
                      students studying in that country participated in the hearing.

                      Originally posted by article
                      Diplomats from the Azerbaijani embassy in Hungary and Azerbaijani
                      students studying in that country participated in the hearing.
                      Originally posted by Hovik's opinion
                      May anyone who supports this animal rot in hell... God will see to it that justice is served not only for the criminal but those who don't condemn the crime...
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