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Gurgen Margaryan Murder

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  • bell-the-cat
    Originally posted by Joseph View Post News/News 2007-02-23

    The Azeri party also petitioned the court to remit the sentence, as Safarov is another culture’s representative, so Hungarian party cannot understand his motives, because an Armenian’s assassination is not considered a criminally punishable act in Azerbaijan.

    Am I really reading this correctly, sat in my home in the 21st Century ?

    We really haven't progressed since 1915, have we?
    That sort of thinking is actually common in western Europe. For example, I've seriously heard it said that it's OK for Gypsy communities to commit crimes because it is part of their culture to do so, and that to punish Gypsies for behaviour that has been defined as "criminal" by non-Gypsies is tantamount to racism. Azerbaijan is just taking that viewpoint to its ultimate conclusion.

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  • Joseph

    Ramil Safarov not going to appeal Budapest court decision
    15.01.2008 14:22 GMT+04:00

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Azeri serviceman Ramil Safarov
    sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary for
    murdering Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan will not
    protest decision of the Budapest Court of Appeals,
    said judge Ikram Shirinov.

    `Safarov thinks the measure is hopeless. It's his
    personal opinion but there is no final decision yet.
    Anyway, the Hungarian legislation doesn't suppose time
    limitation,' he said.

    Shirinov informed that Hungarian lawyer Clara Fischer
    will defend Safarov on January 29 court session over
    the incident between Safarov and prison guards.

    The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said it attends to
    legal assistance to Ramil Safarov, APA reports.

    On April 13, 2006 Ramil Safarov was given a life
    sentence for murdering Gurgen Margaryan. On February
    22, 2007 the Budapest Court of Appeals upheld the

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  • Joseph
    Originally posted by Joseph View Post News/News 2007-02-23

    The Azeri party also petitioned the court to remit the sentence, as Safarov is another culture’s representative, so Hungarian party cannot understand his motives, because an Armenian’s assassination is not considered a criminally punishable act in Azerbaijan.

    Am I really reading this correctly, sat in my home in the 21st Century ?

    We really haven't progressed since 1915, have we?
    Unfortunately, you are. I'm no longer shocked at what I see in the Azeri press. And people still wonder why Armenians distrust and hate the Turks/Azeris. This is the barbarity we have been dealing with for centuries.

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  • Steph
    [QUOTE=Joseph;22575] News/News 2007-02-23

    The Azeri party also petitioned the court to remit the sentence, as Safarov is another culture’s representative, so Hungarian party cannot understand his motives, because an Armenian’s assassination is not considered a criminally punishable act in Azerbaijan.

    Am I really reading this correctly, sat in my home in the 21st Century ?

    We really haven't progressed since 1915, have we?

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  • Joseph
    Life sentence for a murderer News/News 2007-02-23


    Hungarian Court of Appeal left in force the life imprisonment sentence of a lower instance court for Azeri officer Ramil Safarov for Armenian officer Gurgen Margarian’s murder, the Armenian party’s lawyer Nazeli Vartanian told IA REGNUM.
    In her words, at the Court of Appeal session held February 22 Safarov’s lawyers presented two applications: to carry out a new, 5th forensic medical examination and not to take into consideration Safarov’s first testimonies, as they were given in Russian, while his country’s state language is Azerbaijani. The Azeri party also petitioned the court to remit the sentence, as Safarov is another culture’s representative, so Hungarian party cannot understand his motives, because an Armenian’s assassination is not considered a criminally punishable act in Azerbaijan.
    According to Nazeli Vartanian, the Armenian party presented counter-petition to leave the lower instance court’s decision in force. The Armenian side also pointed out that in the 21st century murders were committed only because of a man’s belonging to either nation, and the Armenian journalist’s murder in Turkey testified to the fact. In his turn, Safarov again pleaded not guilty. After the break the Appeal court made a ruling, according to which the lower instance court’s decision was considered just and impartial, and left the decision on Ramil Safarov’s life imprisonment in force. Vartanian also said the Azeri party actually had no chance to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision, though theoretically they can submit the case to Hungary’s Supreme Court, however, the criteria to take over a case are quite severe there.
    To remind, Lieutenant of RA Armed Forces Gurgen Markarian, who was sent on an official journey trip to Budapest to participate in the English language courses in the frames of “Cooperation for Peace” NATO program, was brutally hacked to death by an ax by the Azeri officer Ramil Safarov. April 13, 2006 Safarov was sentenced to life imprisonment without the right to pardon during 30 years.

    Copyright © «De facto» Information-Analytics Agency
    It is illegal to copy or redistribute this information in any way without the expressed written consent of DeFacto Agency.
    Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 2 Arshakuniats, 9 floor, Tel. (374+1) 545 799, 545 699 E-mail [email protected]

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  • Gavur
    Safarov's Lawyers to Place Emphasis on His «Irresponsibility» when Committing Murder

    04.04.2006 21:19 GMT+04:00
    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Today the last court hearing on the case of Azeri serviceman Ramil Safarov, indicted for murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan, will be held in Budapest. Lawyer Adil Ismaylov, who represents the interests of Safarov's family said the results of the trial will be drawn today, «Ramil should address the court with his last statement. We discussed it with him. He feels fine and has not complaints yet.» According to Ismaylov, concluding statements of the parties are expected at the process today. State prosecutor will speak first, then lawyers and the prisoner at bar will have an opportunity to make a concluding statement. Meanwhile, Azeri media report Safarov's Hungarian lawyers have seriously prepared to their statements at the trial. They will build on Safarov being «irresponsible» when committing the murder. They will ask the court to qualify his deed in compliance with a corresponding article of the Hungarian Criminal Code (committing a crime in an irresponsible state).

    As PanARMENIAN.Net agency reported earlier, Armenian MOD representative Hayk Demoyan and lawyer Nazeli Vardanyan, who represents interests of Margaryan’s family, have already left for Budapest to take part in the trial. To remind, February 19, 2004 lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Armenia Gurgen Margaryan, sent to Budapest to take English courses within the NATO Partnership for Peace Program, was brutally hacked by Azeri officer, who took the same courses. Safarov is indicted in compliance with article 116.2 of the Criminal Code of Hungary (murder, committed with special cruelty, and attempt at lives of over one person), which provides for punishment varying from imprisonment of 10-15 years to life sentence. The verdict regarding Safarov will be announced April 13.

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  • Gavur
    Marlen Haas Condemns Azeri Women for Awarding Murderer Ramil Safarov


    YEREVAN, MARCH 10. ARMINFO. Marlen Haas, Secretary General of
    Socialist International Women organization, condemned the Azeri women
    who make a national hero out of Ramil Safarov, murderer of Gourgen
    Margarian, Armenian officer, at today's press conference in Yerevan.

    As for the women's participation in the public life, she said that the
    situation in Armenia is much better than in neighbouring
    countries. She said that the situation of the women's rights in
    Armenia has been considerably improved for the last few
    years.Nevertheless, she stated that the violence over women is still
    one of the urgent problems in Armenia. Haas also expressed concern
    about the large number of unemployed women, the decrease of birth rate
    in Armenia.

    In her turn, Maria Titizian, representative of ARF "Dashnaktsiutiun"
    in Socintern, said that the membership of her party to this
    organization helps put forward urgent problems of Armenia at the
    international level. She emphasized that they discussed the issue of
    annihilated Armenian Middle Age Cross Stones in Nakhijevan at the
    latest sitting of the organization.

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  • Gavur
    Azeri pressure group accuses Hungarian court of bias

    Trend news agency
    9 Mar 06

    Baku, 9 March: The city court of Budapest has taken a biased stance
    towards Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov by not heeding lawyers'
    arguments, as well as the causes and the motivation of his deed
    [Safarov is accused of killing an Armenian officer during NATO
    courses], the Karabakh Liberation Organization (KLO) has said in a

    The city court of Budapest accepted the findings of the fourth expert
    conclusion on Ramil Safarov which said that he was sane when
    committing the crime. The findings of two previous expert opinions
    were not taken into consideration [the second conclusion said he was
    partially sane and the third certified him as not sane]. The KLO
    believes that the decision of the city court of Budapest and the
    refusal to look into petitions filed by Safarov's defence represent an
    attempt to deliver the harshest verdict on his case at the directives
    from the Armenian government.

    "The Hungarian authorities could not resist the pressure from the
    Armenian leadership and the Armenian lobby. They did not take a fair
    position but [acted] in the interests of the political situation. The
    KLO resolutely condemns the decision of the court and demands a change
    in the position of the Hungarian authorities which was formed under
    Armenians' pressure. If the city court of Budapest delivers an unfair
    verdict, this will be a blow to relations between Azerbaijan and
    Hungary," the statement said.

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  • Gavur
    Safarov Guilty

    07:40 pm 07 March, 2006

    Budapest court brought in a verdict of guilty to Azeri officer Ramil Safarov accused with the murder of Armenian officer Gourgen Margaryan.

    Nazeli Vardanyan pleading for Margaryan’s family informed “Freedom” radio station that the testimony of two Hungarian witnesses and teh conclusion of fourth expert the judge refused today all the petitions of Safarov's barristers on calling new witnesses and on the background of the first expert’s conclusion (about Safarov’s being guilty at the moment of committing the crime) decided that there was enough information for the final conclusion of the prosecution and the defence.

    Accusatory and defending speeches, as well as the final plea of the accused will be heard at the next sitting, appointed on April 4.

    The decision of the court will be sounded on April 13.

    By the way, according to the criminal code of Hungary and the brought in accusation Ramil Safarov will be sentenced to 8-15 or life imprisonment.

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    Articles may be reproduced, provided A1Plus, Inc. is cited as the source. Design by AVGN Interactive Media Programming by 5CUPS

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  • Gavur
    Budapest court to make a sentence in regard to Azeri officer on 13 Apr

    Source: ‘Trend’
    Author: E.Javadova


    The Budapest court will make a sentence in regard to Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov on 13 April, Trend reports quoting Adil Ismayilov, the Azerbaijani lawyer of the defendant.

    According to Ismayilov, the expert report was heard out at the sitting held on 7 March. “Experts were invited to the sitting and their report was heard out. Examination was set thrice in relation to psychological state of Safarov and all three expert reports contradict to each other. This time experts confirmed report of the first examination, showing that Safarov was sane person during commitment of the incident, as well as at present time. The expert, made the second expert report, also participated in the sitting. In accordance with this expert report, Safarov was regarded as medium-sane. Nevertheless, the experts, made the third expert report, were not invited to the sitting. In accordance with the third expert report, Safarov was insane during the incident and at present time, but the judge did not take it into consideration,” Ismayilov noted.

    According to Ismayilov, during the last sitting the court investigated contradictions between the reports and accepted the first one. The judge addressed to sides with will to sum up the sitting.

    “The lawyer of Safarov in Budapest informed the judge that she was not ready for making speech and must to get some documents. Therefore, the judge put the next sitting till 4 and 13 April. He said that the sentence will be made on 13 April after delivery of speeches,” Ismayilov noted.

    It should be mentioned that Safarov is accused of murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Markarian.

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