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Gurgen Margaryan Murder

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  • Gavur
    Causing trivial injury as compared to!

    [January 17, 2006, 19:55:47]

    The first trial in the second case of the Azerbaijan’s Army officer Ramil Safarov’s presided over by judge Tot Diendver was held in Budapest Central Court on 17 January, Embassy of Azerbaijan to Hungary told AzerTAj reporter. It was attended by officials of the Embassy and Azerbaijani students studying in Budapest.

    Ramil Safarov is charged with causing trivial injury to local police officer during their clash in detention unit on July 19, 2004. His defense lawyer is Clara Fischer.

    During the session lasted for half an hour, the Judge announced names of defense lawyer and prosecutor, and presented an indictment to Ramil Safarov written in Turkish. The court decided on holding the next session on 21 February.

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  • Gavur
    Pitiful Attempts To Present Safarov As National Avenger And Hero Are Merely Ridiculou


    Pan Armenian
    11.01.2006 20:17 GMT+04:00

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Already in the period of the preliminary
    investigation on the case of murder of the Armenian officer Azeri
    lawyer Adil Ismaylov told the press that the defense will build on
    the following thesis: "Until the Karabakh conflict is not solved,
    events like this can repeat." Armenian MOD representative on the case
    of murder of Gurgen Margaryan Hayk Demoyan stated it when answering
    a question on aptitude of the defense tactics of R.

    Safarov, which apparently comes to politicization of the trial,
    reported IA Regnum. In Demoyan's words, Azeri MP Siyavuzh Novruzov
    stated in the presence of Terri Davis that such events are not ruled
    out even in the CE, thus apparently horrifying the British guest. "And
    no one at that asked himself a question which are the dividends for
    Azeris at the international arena, when they act that way. References
    to the "occupation" of lands and "one million" refugees have become
    boring to the world. At that Azerbaijan does not want to hear about
    the lot of over half a million Armenian refugees and contemporary
    Azerbaijan including historical Armenian territories, proofs of which
    official Baku continues destroying," the Armenian MOD representative

    As of Safarov, Hayk Demoyan said the text of his interrogation makes
    one understand he was not there when Armenian self-defense detachments
    were suppressing weapon emplacements in Jabrail. It is not out of
    place to notice that the operation in Jabrail region was held in
    summer 1993 after Azeri troops broke the agreement on cease-fire and
    involved hundreds of Afghan mojahedins as foreign press reported. Just
    as during the operation on neutralization of weapon emplacements in
    Khojalu, Armenian forces here also provided a corridor for peaceful
    population to leave. Thus, in his words, one can state that the
    counter-offensive was also of counter-terrorist nature.

    According to Hayk Demoyan, pitiful attempts to present Safarov as
    a national avenger and hero are merely ridiculous at least because
    owing to his fear he was only able to attack and deal with the Armenian
    officer only when he was asleep and having bought and ground his ax. In
    his words, anti-Armenianism ranks as state ideology in contemporary
    Azerbaijan. "They will realize the malignancy and unfruitfulness
    of that policy in the future. The state, which officially practices
    hatred and xenophobia, does not have a future. How can one speak of
    peace and co-existence of Armenians and Azeris in the future against
    the background of the anti-Armenian Sabbath?" stated the Armenian
    MOD representative.

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  • Gavur
    Ramil Safarov Became A Recidivist

    Pan Armenian
    26.12.2005 GMT+04:00

    The assassin of Armenian officer will undergo trial for another crime.

    Hearing of the new crime, committed by Azeri officer Ramil Safarov,
    accused of murdering Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan, will start
    on January 17 in Budapest. This time the murderer will be tried for
    attacking jail guard and can be imprisoned for two years.

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Ramil Safarov attacked the guard last year in

    The guard's colleagues who ran in for help, managed to neutralize
    the criminal with great difficulty. The murderer cried that he
    was not obliged to carry out the orders of guards, since they held
    lower ranks. Ramil Safarov is accused of attacking jail guards and
    insubordination. If his guilt is proved, according to Hungarian laws
    the period of imprisonment will be added to the primary imprisonment
    period for the murder of Armenian officer. The defendant will probably
    bring a counter-claim, trying to prove that the guards beat him. In
    investigation materials there is a record about physical injuries. The
    thing is that force has really been applied against the prisoner, but
    it was absolutely adequate to the situation. In cases of resistance,
    such actions are fully allowable.

    This case has once again proved, that we are dealing with a malicious
    recidivist. A verdict, other than life imprisonment can bear danger
    for the society, since there are no guarantees that after 13 or 16
    years of imprisonment, the criminal will change. This is another
    argument in favor of the idea that the verdict for the primary case
    has to be maximally severe.

    Meanwhile, Baku is trying to find a totally different accent in the
    situation. The head of criminalistics and legal expertise chair of
    Baku State University Kamil Salimov has announced to mass media that
    the incident in the jail can serve as an argument in favor of the
    fact that Safarov has become aggressive, as a result of psychological
    disorder. "For professionals it is obvious that Safarov's behavior
    can at times be impetuous. People with such mental disorders are
    kept in a special regime, which demands medical psychiatric help,
    taking into account their difficult mental condition."

    says the criminalist. Thus, Salimov leads to the conclusion that
    the court should refuse from announcing damning verdict and appoint
    compulsory treatment. However it should be noted that the results of
    the second and third examinations of Safarov's psychological condition
    confirm that he is a mentally healthy person. This is why Salimov's
    hints at Safarov's "madness" look absolutely unconvincing.

    At the same time, it looks like the killer's defenders, disappointed
    with the judge's decision made at the fourth sitting, have already
    accepted that the damning verdict is inevitable. Now they only rip off
    money for the legend about Ramil Safarov. Recently, in the interview
    to Baku journalists, Safarov's advocate Adil Ismailov complained about
    the shortage of funds for organizing defense. He said that there is no
    money even for the ticket to Budapest, not to mention about funds for
    "special measures". In short, the advocate made it clear that if he
    were not paid in addition, he would not use his contacts in Budapest,
    which would add two more years to Safarov's imprisonment period. This
    provoked the indignation of Safarov's parents. The murderer's mother -
    Nyubar Safarova says that Ismailov deliberately exaggerates in order
    to rip off more money.

    Here one can ask the following question: where are those huge sums of
    money which were collected on the account of "Ramil Safarov's support
    fund", created in Baku yet at the beginning of last year? Baku press
    has let out that after a couple of weeks since the opening of the
    account, there were already 100.000 dollars on the balance. It is
    not known how much money was collected during the following weeks
    and months because after the warnings from competent organs, Azeri
    papers stopped publishing concrete figures.

    Taking into account the biased appraisals contained in the last two
    judicial-psychiatric examinations and unofficial relations between
    advocate Ismailov and the authors of examinations, it is easy to
    guess why the fund has run short of money so quickly.

    "PanARMENIAN.Net" analytical department

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  • Gavur
    Ramil Safarov’s Case: Azeris Try to Move to Pity Hungarian Media

    27.12.2005 08:21 GMT-08:00
    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ Round-table discussion dedicated to the fate of lieutenant Ramil Safarov, who is awaiting trial in the Hungarian court, was held in International Press Club in Baku December 26. Opening the event the initiators read an address on behalf of Azerbaijani mass media and non-governmental organizations. The address says that the Hungarian media is biased when covering the legal proceedings against Ramil Safarov accused of murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan. “We ask you to treat the problem more seriously. Presently over 30 000 people of Armenian origin live safely n Azerbaijan,” the statement says. “If you have doubts over the facts mentioned by us, we are ready to organize your arrival in Azerbaijan to see the picture on your own,” the statement authors say.

    Azeri media and NGO representatives intend to send a video cassette to the Hungarian colleagues showing the events of the alleged «genocide in Khojaly,» of which R. Safarov was a witness. «Thereupon, it is easy to understand R. Safarov's feelings, who lost his property and was many times insulted by Gurgen Margaryan. The judge will have the last word. However, we ask you to be more attentive when writing materials over the incident. The media and NGOs play a large role in forming the public opinion. We believe that you will understand us and will acquaint the Hungarian people with our address,» the statement says. A similar statement was sent on behalf of Azeri media and NGOs to Budapest judge Mr. Andresh Vashkuti. President of ANS group of companies Vahid Mustafayev suggested creation of a Monitoring Center that will engage with the problem. «For example, two or three journalists will follow the materials of Hungarian media over Safarov's case. It is also necessary to finance the trip of our delegation to Budapest. Besides, we should not be ashamed and merely buy strips of Hungarian media, who will publish the information we need,» V. Mustafayev said.

    It should be noted that during the hearing it turned out that during the events in Khojaly R. Safarov was not in Azerbaijan and thus could not witness the events in Khojaly. Moreover, according to the testimony of Anar Aliyev, another Azeri serviceman taking part in the NATO courses, there were no conflict situations between Armenian and Azeri officers. Thus, statements on «insulting Safarov» are groundless. The next hearing on Safarov's case will be held March 7, 2006.

    It should be reminded that February 19, 2004 lieutenant of Armenian Armed Forces G. Margaryan sent to Budapest to take part in English language courses within the Partnership for Peace program was brutally hacked by the Azeri officer, who also took the same courses. Safarov is accused on article 116.2 of the Hungarian Criminal Code (murder committed with special cruelty and attempt at life of over one person), which provides for a punishment from 10-15 years of imprisonment to life sentence.

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  • Hovik
    Budapest Murder Case: Hearings Resumed, Then Postponed Again


    Hayk Demoyan - the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of
    Armenia at the trial of Ramil Safarov - reports from Budapest.

    The fifth hearings on the case of the murder of Gurgen
    Margaryan - Armenian officer hacked to death almost two years ago by his
    Azerbaijani classmate Ramil Safarov during the NATO-sponsored English
    language courses - were resumed today in Budapest, Hungary. The results of
    the third psychiatric examination of the defendant which was set to
    clear the contradictions between the first examination and the second
    one were scheduled to be announced today. However the third examination
    was carried out so unprofessionally that the judge Andrash Vashkuti
    expressed his indignation and threatened to impose sanctions against the
    expert. According to the results of the latest examination, the
    defendant was in `a condition close to the state of irresponsibility'.

    The judge discarded the results of the third examination and scheduled
    another one. Also, as per request by the prosecution two more witnesses
    are to be summoned for the next hearings: an employee of the military
    school where the murder was committed, and another student of the
    language courses. The defense again pledged to conduct an interrogation
    of the Azerbaijani witness (the second Azerbaijani officer who had
    participated in the courses) in Baku claiming that he was incapable of
    visiting Budapest. But this pledge was also refused by the judge. The
    preliminary eye witness account of the Azerbaijani eye witness that he
    provided immediately after the murder was read instead.

    The hearings are scheduled to be resumed on March 7th, 2006.

    - - - - -

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  • Gavur
    Azeri Fascists Continue Canonizing Assassin-officer Ramil Safarov

    YEREVAN, DECEMBER 14. ARMINFO. The Azeri Fascists continue canonizing
    the assassin-officer Ramil Safarov the day before the resumption of
    his trial in Budapest.

    Echo daily (Baku) reports the Organization for Liberation of Karabakh
    and the Committee for Protecting the Rights of the Officer to have
    held a roundtable and to have concluded that "Ramil Safarov is a victim
    of the Armenian terror." OLK is going to appeal to the Budapest court
    to defend Safarov.

    The OLK leader Akif Nagi says that the appeal is being e-mailed to
    different international organizations. Nagi says that "the Armenian
    side is pressuring the Hungarian public and judiciary and the trial
    is being artificially delayed." He believes that after the verdict
    is passed Safarov should be brought back to Azerbaijan "to continue
    his duty as highly qualified officer."

    Obviously in Azerbaijan "highly qualified" is not a person with good
    military training but one who is vile and skillful in wielding an ax.

    The representative of the Amal intelligentsia movement, professor
    Mursud Mamedli says that "the Armenian propaganda is actively working
    to create the negative image of Safarov by alleging that he killed a
    sleeping officer." The "intellectual" believes that this is an fantasy
    - before killing Safarov "had waken up the officer." This fact makes
    Safarov's act righteous and worthy of officer in the eyes of Mamedli.

    The leader of the Juma religious community, civil advocate Ilgar
    Ibragimoglu says that the outcome of the trial will influence the
    further fate of Karabakh. "The conflicting parties - Azerbaijan and
    Armenia - are struggling for public opinion," he says.

    To remind, Safarov is facing from 10-15 years to life in prison for
    axing Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan in Budapest Feb 19 2004. Both
    officers were taking English courses.
    Attached Files

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  • Hovik
    Armenian Ombudswoman Calls Her Hungarian Colleague's Attention To Delay Of Trial On C


    Noyan Tapan
    Armenians Today
    Dec 14 2005

    on case of the murder of RA Armed Forces Officer Gurgen Margarian
    will continue on December 15 in Budapest and in this connection RA
    Ombudswoman Larisa Alaverdian sent a letter to Hungarian Parliamentary
    Ombudsperson Barnabas Lenkovich.

    The letter provided by the Information and Public Relations Department
    of RA Ombudswoman's staff, in particular, read:

    "The Armenian side highly estimates the professionalism and
    impartiality manifested by judge Vaskuti.

    Having no purpose to intervene in the course of the trial, I wish,
    however, to express the anxiety of the Armenian society in connection
    with the obvious delay of this trial. After two months it will be 2
    two years since the monstrous murder of the Armenian Officer but the
    court has pronounced no decision by now.

    Taking into account the special attitude of Armenia towards this
    crime and the trust of our society that the court decision will be
    fair and unbiassed, in any case I want to call your attention to the
    delays of the trial, their legal argumentation.

    I am sure that you as an Ombudsperson are no less interested in an
    adequate decision pronounced by the court.

    I am convinced that the Hungarian court will remain loyal to the
    values of the Hungarian legislation and the international law.

    The representative of RA Ombudswoman has left for Budapest for the
    purpose of taking part in the trial and visiting the Hungarian Human
    Rights National Institution.

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  • Hovik
    Legal Proceedings On Case Of Armenian Officer Murder Coming To End


    Pan Armenian
    14.12.2005 21:54 GMT+04:00

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ "The trial of the Azerbaijani serviceman Ramil
    Safarov charged of murder of Armenian officer Gurgen Margarian is
    coming to an end," lawyer, member of the International Bar Association
    Nazeli Vardanian stated.

    The Armenian lawyers and a representative of the RA Defense Ministry
    are in Budapest expecting the results of the third medical examination
    of Ramil Safarov carried out November 25. Nazeli Vardanian said
    the report will be issued on Thursday during the court session. The
    two previous examinations gave way to discrepancies. First time the
    Hungarian psychologists said Safarov was sane when committing the
    crime. The second examination showed that Safarov did not control
    his deeds. "The third examination is based upon the previous ones,"
    Nazeli Vardanian noted. According to the relative Hungarian, law the
    court has no right to set one more examination. It means that the
    trial will be over soon.

    The previous court session was postponed over the absence of witness
    Anar Aliyev, who lived next door to Ramil Safarov. This time he
    is given the last opportunity to appear in the court, however some
    Azeri media spread information that Aliyev will not give testimony
    in the court since he has problems with his health. In case he does
    not appear, his preliminary testimony will be published. When asked
    to comment on the punishment Nazeli Vardanian said, "If the judge is
    impart the punishment will be extremely severe. The Azerbaijanis try to
    free Safarov rating any of punishment as defeat. We demand the supreme
    penalty, that is life imprisonment." As for Safarov's extradition,
    it can be discussed after the sentence is passed, RFE/RL reported.

    To remind, February 19, 2004 Armenian Armed Forces lieutenant Gurgen
    Margarian, who was taking an English course within NATO Partnership
    for Peace program was brutally hacked to death by Azeri officer
    Ramil Safarov.

    The latter was accused with Article 116.2 of the Hungarian Criminal
    Code, which provides for a punishment of 10-15 years of deprivation
    of liberty or life imprisonment.

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  • Hovik

    Did anyone see these? How sick!!!(Pictures of the murder scene)

    I hope they lock that animal up for life...

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  • Hovik
    Armenian Lawyers To Present 'surprise' Facts To Hungarian Court


    Dec 12 2005

    YEREVAN, DECEMBER 12, ARMENPRESS: Hayk Demoyan, a representative
    of the Armenian defense ministry who represents the interest of the
    family of Gurgen Margarian, an Armenian officer killed by his Azeri
    counterpart in Budapest last year, told Armenpress the Armenian side
    will present' surprise' facts to the court which he said will destroy
    the other side's arguments.

    The trial of Ramil Safarov, an Azeri officer who killed his Armenian
    classmate Gurgen Margarian in Budapest where they were participating
    in English-language courses run by NATO-sponsored Partnership for
    Peace program, will resume on December 15. Hayk Demoyan and another
    Armenian lawyer, Nazeli Vardanian, have left for Budapest.

    The first examination of Safarov only four days after the murder found
    him guilty of the murder while the second found he was suffering from
    post-traumatic syndrome when he killed his victim. The latter claim
    is part of the strategy that the defense has undertaken in an effort
    to reduce the punishment of the defendant. If found guilty Safarov
    may face a 15 year prison term or a life sentence.

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