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Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

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  • Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

    Obama's lack of moral clarity on Armenian genocide issue

    The president puts aside clarity in an effort to maintain the support of Armenian Americans while not offending Turkey.
    By Tim Rutten

    April 20, 2011

    The line between prudence and moral cowardice can be a fine one, particularly when it comes to the conduct of diplomacy.

    For Americans, the question of where and how to make such distinctions has a particular urgency this week, as we commemorate the 96th anniversary of the genocide inflicted on the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks. In massacres from 1915 to 1923, more than 1.5 million Armenians were killed and eastern Anatolia was ethnically cleansed of a people whose presence there extended back to antiquity.

    Here in California, where the descendents of those who escaped the genocide have made such a vibrant contribution to agriculture, business, the professions and public life, memorials of the tragedy are solemn annual events. This year, for example, a state measure introduced by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) designates this week as a time to recall the genocide. Members of the California congressional delegation took part last week in a Capitol Hill commemoration.

    What none of the participants at either event heard was a message from President Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton acknowledging the historical reality of the genocide. That's because this administration, like its predecessors, is straddling a fine line — one that, more than ever, appears to be a distinction without a difference.

    For years now Congress has considered in various forms a resolution that would officially recognize the organized mass murder of Armenians that occurred in the Ottoman Empire's waning years as genocide — something many countries have done. But contemporary Turkey, a key U.S. ally and reliable NATO partner, adamantly objects to such a designation. Rather than offend the Turks, who threaten retaliation if Congress approves the resolution, this administration, like its predecessors, opposes the designation.

    It's an act of expediency that bites with particular sharpness because candidate Obama declared that "America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian genocide." This raises the question of why President Obama declines to do so and why this administration opposes the resolution.

    The measure's author, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), wrote the president last week, saying, "I ask you to return to the clarity you so forcefully expressed in 2008 … [and] stand with the ever-dwindling number of survivors, as well as the descendants of others, who … continue to suffer the 'double killing' of denial, by referring to it as a genocide."

    Clarity, though, is something the president seems determined to avoid, as he attempts to maintain the support of Armenian voters while soothing Turkish sensibilities. On last year's memorial anniversary, for example, he issued a statement that scrupulously avoided the word genocide.

    One of the cruelest of the paradoxes at play here is that the Polish — later, American — legal scholar Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term "genocide" and whose work is the basis for the international legal sanctions against genocide, did so precisely because of the Armenians. As he told one interviewer: "I became interested in genocide because it happened so many times. First to the Armenians, then after the Armenians, Hitler took action."

    In fact, the Armenian genocide was widely documented at the time. Numerous Western governments protested to the Ottomans. Imperial German officers serving with their Ottoman allies sent home accounts of the massacres. The New York Times alone published nearly 150 dispatches about the killings. Still, contemporary Turkey, which is several regimes and nearly 100 years removed from the Ottoman Empire, insists that others join it in the delusion that history is not history but malleable diplomatic clay.

    We keep the memory of tragic wickedness, like the Armenian genocide, not simply out of respect for those who died but also in the hope that their example will strengthen our resolve to confront the next cabal of murderers who doubtless will come. Pretending otherwise — for whatever reason — is not prudence but cowardice.

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    Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

    This website (in French) is angrily criticizing the posters used by the ANCA to advertise the protest :

    According to this site, the ANCA is using a picture of Turkish women and children killed by Armenians by posing that they are Armenians. Who is right?


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      Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

      Davo he won't change
      Obama just made all these promises so he can be president but he hasn't done crap.
      Positive vibes, positive taught


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        Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

        It wasn't Obama that was promoting recognition, it was Nancy Pelosi and she has been canned by the conservative majority. The right wing supremists in America don't like Armenians much. This numb nuts is the new speaker of the house:

        John Boehner (John Boner)
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        "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." ~Malcolm X


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          Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

          The US Congress will never recognize unless forced to, why doesn't the Armenian community actively condemn politicians for not voting for recognition of the Genocide and staying silent on the issue? Where are the protests outside the houses of these politicians? Where are the billboards calling Obama a coward and Turkish puppet? The Congress must be humiliated and exposed for hypocrisy, hatred of their fellow Christians and moral cowardice, only then will politicians start to support Armenia's cause. I wonder how much longer they could stay elected if "Politician A supports Genocide Denial". "Politician A supports murder of Christians", "Politician A believes Turks are the master race", "I support Islamic Terror" or "1 million murdered for my paycheck" were on billboards across every city in the US exposing them? I am puzzled to why Armenians don't realize the enemy is not just Turkish politicians but the US politicians as well, and that they should be just as aggressively (if not more so) protest and condemn US politicians as Turkish ones.
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            Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

            Originally posted by KanadaHye View Post
            It wasn't Obama that was promoting recognition, it was Nancy Pelosi and she has been canned by the conservative majority. The right wing supremists in America don't like Armenians much. This numb nuts is the new speaker of the house:

            John Boehner (John Boner)
            At the last day of Congress last year, when the Armenian people was hoping that the genocide bill would be voted, Nancy Pelosi betrayed us and did not introduce the bill on House floor for a vote. I assume that crybaby John Boehner will not do that either. Though it doesn't mean we should lose hope... There is always a way to advance the Armenian cause.


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              Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

              I almost vomited after reading the last sentence.


              Lawyer Herald
              March 24 2014

              Filmmaker Steven Spielberg delivered a keynote speech at the United
              National General Assembly, which centered on the theme 'Journeys
              Through the Holocaust" on January 27th.

              The ceremony also featured a speech by Rena Finder, a Holocaust
              survivor who had been part of Schindler's list. Spielberg's address
              coincided with the 20th anniversary of the USC Shoah Foundation,
              which he founded in 1994. The Shoah Foundation has already filmed and
              collected 51,413 accounts from Holocaust survivors in 34 languages
              and 58 countries.

              Like Us on Facebook

              href=";poz=artclmid;tile='+dctile+';dcopt='+dcopt+' ;sz=250x250;ord=123456789?"

              target="_blank" ><img

              border="0" alt="" /></a>

              Six million xxxs were systematically murdered by the Nazis during
              the Holocaust.

              Spielberg announced it has expanded its mission to include interviews
              with survivors from other genocides. They include testimonies from
              survivors in Armenia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Srebrenica, Bosnia and
              Nanking, China.

              "Movies at least have taught me that I don't have to be realistic
              about anything," Spielberg told the Associated Press last week.

              Spielberg was inspired to create the foundation after meeting with
              Holocaust survivors during the shooting of "Schindler's List," his
              1993 Oscar-winning film, which highlights one German businessman/war
              profiteer who went through extraordinary lengths to rescue 1,300 xxxs
              during the Holocaust.

              The film's enormous worldwide success helped propel the launching of
              the Shoah Foundation.

              Spielberg has also written the introduction to a forthcoming book
              "Testimony: The Legacy of Schindler's List and the USC Shoah
              Foundation," which will be released next week.

              "I'm basically like a doctor on call. I have everything but a beeper
              on my belt. When they need me, I'm there," Spielberg told The AP,
              in describing his deep connection to the Shoah Foundation.

              "My initial awareness of what had happened to the xxxs of Europe
              under Fascism came from my grandmother and grandfather telling me
              horrifying accounts of fates of my relatives and their friends,"
              Spielberg told the UN General Assembly in January.

              "Directing 'Schindler's List,' interviewing survivors - this was my way
              of trying to understand the Holocaust. Breaking down the phenomenon
              of overwhelming horror into individual moments was the only way I
              knew how to approach and better understand it. Those whose who lived
              it know what we will never know. Survivors and witnesses often say
              that their dearest hope; the hope that held to keep them alive was
              to be heard, and to be believed, and to be understood," he added.

              The director's words have poignant meaning, particularly since
              Holocaust denial still remains prevalent. Just last week, Iran's
              Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used a Friday morning speech
              to call into question the Holocaust, The Jerusalem Post reported.

              "The Holocaust is an event whose reality is uncertain, and if it has
              happened, it's uncertain how it has happened. Does anybody dare talk
              about the Holocaust in Europe?" Khamenei said.

              "Ayatollah Khamenei's words are unmistakable: He denies the Holocaust
              happened. Iran needs to renounce Holocaust denial, extremism,
              and bigotry if the world is to have any faith in its conduct and
              intentions," responded Ronald Lauder, the president of the World
              xxxish Congress.

              The foundation announced that the Institute will honor President Barack
              Obama with the Ambassador for Humanity Award on May 7 in Los Angeles.

              "President Obama's commitment to democracy and human rights has long
              been felt," Spielberg said.

              Hayastan or Bust.


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                Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

                Armenians must stop giving their votes to Presidential candidates who promise to recognize the AG and make fun of them as Turkish slaves. In fact we don't want America to recognize our Genocide, we don't need them to do it, they have proven their cowardliness to the world as the leader of the free word.

                Unfortunately monetary gain by lawsuits against Turks is what gives Armenians votes to the Presidential candidates who talk with a forked tongs who will never insult the Turkishness of their master Turks.

                Armenia and organized Diaspora organization should retreat their demands of recognition from US congress, sent relief efforts to other parts of the world that Genocide is happening with big international PR, help the victims as much as possible, even if it is insignificant, and condemn the USA hypocrisy with our own actions.
                We/our leaders should tell US gov that we do not expect them to be beacon of human rights and that they hold no moral high ground as they themselves claim and are nothing but cowards and fakes when it comes in recognizing the truth because their whole policy against Armenians are completely aligned with sons of Turkey/Ottomans/who are the same xxxx who they need them to promote their own destruction of other countries using the same routes that Armenians were marched to their deaths and they are no better than anti-Semites.

                I would challenge them to count the vote from all American citizens and accept their decision on the Genocide.....and if they don't they are nothing but a fake democracy with no moral value or any bravery in the face of Turkish/Azeri pressure.

                We are done with their insults....however we will continue our demonstrations without carrying American flags and burn bloody Turkish flags. Arrest us if you want.
                We are American citizens and won't be surprised if they did the same thing to us as Turks did....let the world witness and God be your judge.

                Off course this will never happen...our leaders are disorganized/cowards and don't have the balls to do such things and give up their comfy life in US or loose their puny political influence.

                My idea will shock the world including Turks......deny US the leverage they use on Turkey.
                B0zkurt Hunter


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                  Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

                  Was not that long ago when i said the same things and got a bunch of hate here for doing it. I am glad drinking cleared your mind Eddo lol.
                  Hayastan or Bust.


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                    Re: Obama in LA on April 21 will be met by protest

                    Dude I never said the opposite.....but I still go to the demonstration.

                    Its funny how Turks get all confused when I tell them I don't care about US recognition......and its too late for any Turkish apology.

                    To add I say we need a new strategy to get the AG recognized by shame them into it. Show the world that Armenians are the defenders of the Genocide victims and send relief teams around the world.

                    Just pull the AG bill out of the congress....the US will almost panic and Turkey will be happy but trouble is just starting for them. They will act in a way that they will loose US support.
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