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Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

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  • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

    Originally posted by UrMistake View Post
    Just to inform u people i live in greece,most of them consider east roman empire (bizantium)cause the people of that time called them selfs romans and not Byzantine,the word Byzantium is modern word used to describe the east roman empire,atc the greeks call them selfs also romie,due the fact that they use the modern word byzantium they refer at it only as greek empire that conquer and had subjects the other nations,for one time again we armenians come second,they don't refer to us in there history and try to minimize the knowledge about other nations that lived in east rome.

    Yeah, sadly some Greeks have a 'superiority' complex when it comes to Armenians. It is sad because we have both suffered under the turkish yoke, and both peoples are very ancient with rich cultures. Much knowledge that went westward toward Greece and the Balkans originated in the Armenian Highlands and surrounding regions.
    For the first time in more than 600 years, Armenia is free and independent, and we are therefore obligated
    to place our national interests ahead of our personal gains or aspirations.


    • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

      Originally posted by Armanen View Post
      Yeah, sadly some Greeks have a 'superiority' complex when it comes to Armenians. It is sad because we have both suffered under the turkish yoke, and both peoples are very ancient with rich cultures. Much knowledge that went westward toward Greece and the Balkans originated in the Armenian Highlands and surrounding regions.
      Indeed, most of the giants of Classical Greece were schooled in the East who brought back the wisdom and of course took it many steps forward.


      • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

        Originally posted by hipeter924 View Post
        You are incorrect, many Turk's are devolving (thanks to their genocide denial and intolerance), in a million years (or maybe a few thousand) they might look like this:
        You are right that they are degrading because of AG, but it will become more apparent in a few decades. Because they can’t name any distinguished Turkish origin scientist. Except the so called Turkish “historians”.


        • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

          Union of Dersim Armenians to preserve Armenian language and cultural values

          November 19, 2010 | 14:54

          A total of 600 families, members of which were born in Dersim (Tunceli province of Turkey), joined the newly formed Union of Dersim Armenians.

          An 8-year-old Union was officially registered in the first half of November, Sabah daily reported. Union’s goal is to preserve the Armenian language, restore spiritual and cultural values. First the organization will be engaged in teaching Armenian and restoration of Armenian graves and churches in Tunceli province.

          Eight months ago organization’s founder Selahattin Gultekin appealed to court to change his name and religious identity. Gultekin changed his name to Mihran Prkich. “I do not want Dersim Armenians to have Turkish or Kurdish names. We should live not hiding ourselves,” he said.

          Mihran’s next step was baptism together with his son and relatives. He stressed that was very happy to read an official statement on registration of the union. “Living in other religion for 50 years today I feel calm being an owner of my identity,” he stated.

          Azerbaboon: 9.000 Google hits and counting!


          • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

            Disclosed origin: More and more Armenians in Turkey manifest their national identity

            When at the age of 16 Istanbul-resident Sidar Yumlu’s uncle told him that he was, in fact, an Armenian, and his father’s ancestors were Armenians, Sidar was stunned.

            The young man, who always considered himself to be a Kurd, and who was actively fighting for Kurdish problems, one day by chance found out that his ancestors were Islamized Armenians.

            “In the beginning, I did not believe, but when I saw my grandfather’s old passport, where it was written that his name was Karapet, and last name – Harutyan, I understood that I have a long way to pass in search of my identity,” 24-year-old Sidar told ArmeniaNow.

            As a young man who was brought up as a Kurd, and who knew very little about Armenians, Sidar started looking for his roots, understanding why his ancestors had to keep silence, what difficulties they had to pass through, and that there are many Armenians like him, who have no idea about their real nationality.

            “My father experienced many difficulties, he was pressed a lot. That is why he hid [his nationality] to protect us,” Sidar says. “It was very difficult in the beginning. During the whole first part of my life I knew that I was a Kurd, I studied Kurdish, I lived and thought as a Kurd, and now I was, kind of, revealing another person inside of me.”

            Being a student of the Department of Political Sciences at the Caucasian University of Kars, Sidar now investigates his Armenian roots; he tours in many towns and villages, trying to find ‘hidden’ Armenians like him.

            “I have heard many terrible stories, and now I understand that it is necessary to struggle. So many innocent people died in this country. We can’t keep silent anymore,” Sidar says.

            According to historical sources, during the Armenian Genocide in 1915, about 100,000 Armenian children and women were turned Turks, and as of now, according to approximate calculations, there are about 300,000 hidden and Islamized Armenians in Turkey.

            Sidar says that hidden Armenians have become more active recently. “Of course, many are afraid yet, but for example, the foundation of ‘Union of Dersim Armenians’ was a rather giant step.”

            The establishment of ‘Union of Dersim Armenians’ a few months ago in Tunceli province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, which exists to help hidden and Islamized Armenians re-find their identity, learn the Armenian language, and get acquainted with Armenian values, raised a clamor in Turkey.

            According to Turkish Zaman Daily, about 600 families became members of the union, established eight months ago.

            Selahattin Gultekin, founder of ‘Union of Dersim Armenians’, (Dersim, now Tunceli, historical Armenian province) who went to court to change his name and religion, now is known as Mihran Prkich (Mihran Savior).

            “I do not want Dersimtsi Armenians to have Turkish or Kurdish names. We must live without being hidden,” Mihran said, as Sabah daily reports.

            In the beginning the union must take care of teaching Armenian to those Armenians who don’t know their mother tongue, as well as reconstructing Armenian cemeteries and churches in Tunceli. According to Sidar, it is possible to set up such unions in other provinces, too, where there are many Armenians.

            Ruben Melkonyan, specialist in Turkish studies, deputy dean of the Oriental Studies Department at the Yerevan State University, who studies issues related to Islamized Armenians, divides them into three groups.

            First is hidden Armenians who preserve the national identity through inter-community marriages; they are Muslims outwardly, but they secretly keep their Christian ceremonies. The next group consists of Islamized Armenians, whose parents adopted Islam, and they may marry Turks. The third group consists of generations of mixed marriages, part of which are Islamized Armenians.

            “Hidden Armenians are very few, and they are afraid of being revealed. During one of my visits one old woman told me that they go to a mosque to pray, but they pray to Jesus Christ,” Melkonyan recalls.

            There is a concept paper on foreign-language-speaking Armenians and Armenians belonging to a different religion on the list of programs at the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia. However, it is not finally drafted yet.

            While Armenia discusses the possibilities of converting Islamized Armenians, Sidar believes that the process has already started in Turkey, and many people will try to understand what their real nationality is.

            “I am not afraid, I have nothing more to lose; we have lost the language, we have lost the religion. What else do we have [to lose]?” Sidar asks, adding proudly, “now the only way is to recover everything.”

            Special thanks to Sona Khachatryan, who did translations from Armenian into Turkish and vice-versa at the interview with Sidar Yumlu.

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            • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

              More and more Armenians in Turkey are going back to their roots as we speak, mainly the Hamsintsi.We still have a common culture with them, regardless of some differences. Armenian and Greek culture in Anatolia is still supreme no matter what the "Turkish" state labels it as.
              "All truth passes through three stages:
              First, it is ridiculed;
              Second, it is violently opposed; and
              Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

              Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


              • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

                Azerbaboon: 9.000 Google hits and counting!


                • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

                  Originally posted by Federate View Post
                  She's a beauty!
                  General Antranik (1865-1927): “I am not a nationalist. I recognize only one nation, the nation of the oppressed.”


                  • Re: Hidden "Armenians" in Turkey....

                    Turkey/Armenia: A Life Spent in Hiding

                    Politics is not about the pursuit of morality nor what's right or wrong
                    Its about self interest at personal and national level often at odds with the above.
                    Great politicians pursue the National interest and small politicians personal interests