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  • Hezbollah

    Hezbollah Begins Formation Of Navy

    One of the anti-ship missiles that struck the Israeli navy during the 2006 Lebanon war.

    Jerusalem - The Middle East Newsline has confirmed the Israeli intelligence community has determined that the Iranian sponsored Hezbollah was forming a navy.

    The report said Hezbollah has been working with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps for naval training and procurement.

    And, it said, Hezbollah has developed a naval capability designed to attack Israeli ports and coastal facilities.

    "They have operational war ships," said Israel Navy Rear Adm. Ram Rutberg and the commander of the Haifa Naval Base. "We are currently studying their capabilities and maintaining readiness."

    Adm. Rutberg, in a Sept. 16 briefing to President Shimon Peres, did not cite platforms acquired by Hezbollah. He said Hezbollah has also been armed with Iranian-origin cruise missiles that could strike Israeli warships.

    Sources in Israeli intelligence also confirm that Hezbollah has also been helping Hamas develop a naval capability, so that Hamas could also form a navy in 2009 comprised of fast patrol boats and rubber platforms.

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    Re: Hezbollah

    Syria feeds Russian spy tips to Hezbollah - Israel

    19 Sep 2008 13:28:21 GMT
    JERUSALEM, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Israel believes Russia passes intelligence it gathers about the Jeewish state to Syria and indirectly to Hezbollah guerrillas in neighbouring Lebanon, a senior military officer said on Friday.

    The allegations were made by Colonel Ram Dor, chief of information security in the armed forces, to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

    They came at a touchy time in relations with Moscow, given Russian arms talks with Syria and the involvement of a Russian state-owned company in building a nuclear power plant for Iran at Bushehr on its Gulf coast.

    Russia has, in turn, complained about Israeli arms and training for Georgia, with which it fought a five-day war last month over the Georgian province of South Ossetia. "My assessment is that their facilities cover most of the state of Israel's territory," Dor told Yedioth Ahronoth, describing Russian spy ships that dock in Syria and Russian personnel who he said serve in electronic eavesdropping stations on the Syrian side of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

    "The Syrians share the intelligence that they gather with Hezbollah, and the other way around. This we know, because we know how to build a mirror-image that shows us what enemy intelligence knows about us," Dor said.

    "So if the Russians help the Syrians get information, and the Syrians constantly pass it on to Hezbollah, it is a reasonable supposition that the information gathered by the Russians also reaches Hezbollah's hands."

    Russian officials in Moscow were unavailable for comment.

    Moscow has denied providing Syria or Iran with support that could boost their offensive capabilities and in recent years has offered to host Israeli-Arab peace summits.

    Israel generally avoids public censure of Russia. Analysts say it is concerned such criticism could hurt efforts to lobby Moscow into scrapping arms sales to Syria or weaken its backing for U.N. sanctions designed to deny Iran the means to make an atomic bomb. Israel suffered surprise setbacks in a 2006 war with Hezbollah which some Israeli military commanders blamed on the guerrilla group's access to Russian intelligence and weapons.

    Hezbollah does not volunteer information on its military assets, and Iran and Syria deny providing the group with arms.

    According to Yedioth, Israel believes the Russian are spying on it "so significant changes in the region do not catch them by surprise. They are preoccupied with Middle East stability".

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      Re: Hezbollah

      Norman Finkelstein - Hezbollah, the Honour of Lebanon -

      Norman Finkelstein, a Jeewish American political scientist and author, specializing in Jeewish-related issues and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular talks about the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and openly supports and praises their resistance: "They (Hezbollah) show courage, they show discipline, I respect that"...
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        Re: Hezbollah

        Originally posted by Federate View Post
        Norman Finkelstein - Hezbollah, the Honour of Lebanon -
        Very powerful interview. Certain elements of his message is something we Armenians need absorb as well. I was first introduced to this righteous Jew about five years ago when he published the book called The Holocaust Industry:

        The Holocaust Industry pt 1 of 6:
        Մեր ժողովուրդն արանց հայրենասիրութեան այն է, ինչ որ մի մարմին' առանց հոգու:


        Please visit me at my Heralding the Rise of Russia blog:


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          Here is an interesting point:

          Israeli analyst argues that the 98% peace deal is fake because Israel
          inherently cannot pull it off.


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            Re: Hezbollah

            Originally posted by Federate View Post
            Norman Finkelstein - Hezbollah, the Honour of Lebanon -

            Norman Finkelstein, a Jeewish American political scientist and author, specializing in Jeewish-related issues and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular talks about the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and openly supports and praises their resistance: "They (Hezbollah) show courage, they show discipline, I respect that"...
            What a breath of fresh unbiased Jew who speaks with a moral clarity that cannot be denied.


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              Re: Hezbollah

              Finally, they admit.
              Israelis say spy chief killed Hezbollah commander Mughniyah

              Dagan A panel of experts assembled by Israel's most powerful television channel honored Israeli Mossad chief Meir Dagan as the nation's "man of the year" for, among other things, killing Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyah in the Syrian capital in February, according to a recent report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

              Up until now, Israel has publicly refused to acknowledge any role in the car bomb blast that killed Mughniyah, who was suspected of masterminding attacks on Israeli targets around the world and was believed to have been the brains behind the Hezbollah militia's surprise performance in the 2006 war with Israel.

              Many in Syria and Lebanon suspect the xxxish state's security services had a hand in the assassination.

              But according to Haaretz journalist and frequent government critic Gideon Levy, the Israeli Channel 2 panel last week cited "the killing of senior Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus, a few more mysterious and unnecessary killings and, of course, the bombing of the alleged nuclear site in Syria" as accomplishments that made Dagan deserving of 'at least 10 Israel Prizes.'"

              The television station aired rare footage of outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert meeting Dagan in his office telling him, "You did well," according to Levy.

              Levy quoted political analyst Emmanuel Rosen praising the selection:

              [He is] a man who has done only good. [He is] a man who would cut the throats of terrorists with his own hands, using a box-cutter a man of action with a knife in his teeth.

              Borzou Daragahi in Beirut


              Imad Mughniyeh
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                Re: Hezbollah

                Originally posted by crusader1492 View Post
                What a breath of fresh unbiased Jew who speaks with a moral clarity that cannot be denied.
                Yet he is a Jew who is a traitor to his own people. It's probably Jews like this that ratted out their own kind in Nazi Germany. I'm very suspicious of any "anti-Zionist" Jew, you know what I mean?


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                  Re: Hezbollah

                  Hezbollah: Israeli MIA escaped, believed dead

                  By SHAWNA OHM 9 hours ago

                  JERUSALEM (AP) Israel's most famous missing soldier escaped from captivity in Lebanon and probably died 20 years ago while trying to make his way home through difficult terrain, Hezbollah told Israel's government, according to a newspaper report Wednesday.

                  The Lebanese guerrilla group submitted the report on airman Ron Arad's fate to the Israeli government as part of a July prisoner swap in which Israel freed five Lebanese militants for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers.

                  Israeli security officials confirmed that the Maariv daily accurately summarized Hezbollah's account. However, they dismissed Hezbollah's claim, noting that the group provides no evidence that Arad died.

                  Arad's plane was shot down Oct. 16, 1986 by Lebanese militiamen. The plane's pilot was rescued by helicopter and the Israeli military believed Arad, the plane's navigator, was captured alive. Arad was initially held by Amal, a Shiite Muslim group and Hezbollah rival.

                  Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah suggested in a 2006 speech that Arad may have died in the late 1980s, after managing to escape.

                  In its report to Israel, Hezbollah was more specific.

                  "The Israeli pilot escaped from his holding cell on the night between the fourth and fifth of May 1988, and headed south toward the (Israeli) occupied security zone," Maariv quoted the Hezbollah report as saying.

                  The guerrilla group said Arad may have died from a number of causes in the remote, mountainous area, including fever, thirst or falling off a cliff. Hezbollah said it believes Arad is dead, but acknowledged that his remains were never found.

                  The Israeli officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the classified nature of the information, said they believe Hezbollah submitted the report in a halfhearted attempt to meet Israel's demand for information about Arad as part of the prisoner swap.

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                    Re: Hezbollah

                    Hezbollah chief vows Mughniyeh's retaliation is coming
                    BEIRUT, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chief of the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah group Hasan Nasrallah has promised in a recent "semi-internal" meeting of his party that retaliation for the assassination of top Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh is coming,local Al-Akhabar Daily reported Wednesday.

                    "No backing off from the decision to avenge the assassination of Hajj Mughniyeh," Nasrallah was quoted by the daily as saying during the meeting.

                    "And no backing off from carrying out the big surprise against the enemy," Nasrallah added.

                    Mughniyeh was killed in a car bomb in Damascus in February. Hezbollah accused Israel of carrying out the assassination, despite Israel's denial of any involvement.

                    Nasrallah said he promised Israel, "the enemy," with "a big surprise" if it attacks Lebanon. Israeli officials have vowed to destroy the Lebanese infrastructure should Hezbollah carry out any revenge operation against Israel.

                    "No one will know the time, the place or the way" of avenging Mughniyeh's assassination, Nasrallah said.

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