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  • Artashes
    Re: Ukraine

    Originally posted by Haykakan View Post
    Ukraine has refused to pay 3billion dollars it owes to Russia. Russia will take her to court but something like this can turn into a pretext to war. The IMF broke its own rules and keeps lending to a country which has defaulted on its sovereign debt. This is how nations are ruined. Now Ukraine will owe the west so much money that it will not be able to pay them either and the western banks will take ownership of the whole country. This has been done many times to many countries with the same inevitable results. Ukraine is now dead and the vultures are coming to dine.
    "These banks" are what my last post in regional geopolotiics referred to.
    The west is a front for this global control scam run primarily but not exclusively by international banks.
    This list of who runs these "trans national" corporations is who manipulates various global players via the economic system.
    All this talk of Russia,USA,England,France,Germany,saud etc is ignoring the --- PRIME --- manipulator(s).
    One cannot leave such a prime factor out of the equation and expect an accurate answer.
    One cannot address drug addiction while ignoring the "pusher man".

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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine

    Ukraine has refused to pay 3billion dollars it owes to Russia. Russia will take her to court but something like this can turn into a pretext to war. The IMF broke its own rules and keeps lending to a country which has defaulted on its sovereign debt. This is how nations are ruined. Now Ukraine will owe the west so much money that it will not be able to pay them either and the western banks will take ownership of the whole country. This has been done many times to many countries with the same inevitable results. Ukraine is now dead and the vultures are coming to dine.

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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine

    protect her

    Serbia makes first arrests of suspected Srebrenica gunmen

    We must tackle alcohol abuse among civilians affected by war

    Pakistan says 34 militants killed in precise strikes in northwest

    Mali's women take up arms against 'miniyamba'

    We need a seismic shift in thought on cash to tackle disaster risk

    New global disaster plan aims to lower deaths and losses

    Food concerns mount in Vanuatu after monster cyclone

    'We lost our house in Hurricane Katrina' –climate scientists speak

    Netanyahu wins Israel election after sharp shift to the ...

    The invisible older woman

    Vanuatu adopts well-honed survival techniques in teeth of storm

    Help yet to reach Vanuatu islands

    Militias destroy Iraqi villages, displace thousands - rights group

    US Presbyterian Church approves same-sex marriage amendment

    Women's role in peace and security: Commitment is good, but ...

    Death toll climbed sharply in major 2014 conflicts - study

    US warns lack of accountability hampers South Sudan peace bid

    Guinea Ebola cases rise, three doctors infected

    Sudan: don't tie Darfur peacekeepers exit to tribal violence end

    Nigeria says has pushed Boko Haram out of all but 3 areas

    Syria monitor says army kills 6 in gas attack, military denies it

    Mali rebels say agreed further talks with mediators

    Chile bill to ease abortion ban likely to pass: rights group

    One in five newborn deaths could be prevented with safe water


    Ukraine peace plan creaks as Russia and Ukraine row

    Source: Reuters - Wed, 18 Mar 2015 14:09 GMT

    Author: Reuters




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    * Kremlin says deal now further way from being realised

    * Kiev say little optimism Russia will fulfil deal

    * Ukrainian soldier killed, five wounded in past 24 hours (Rewrites with Russia, Ukraine row)

    By Richard Balmforth

    KIEV, March 18 (Reuters) - A peace plan to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine came under renewed strain on Wednesday, with Ukraine and Russia rowing publicly over the next steps and further Ukrainian military casualties from rebel attacks testing a fragile ceasefire.

    Moscow reacted sharply after Ukraine agreed on Tuesday to confer special status on rebel-controlled eastern regions and grant them limited self-rule - but only once local elections had been held under Ukrainian law, something unpalatable for rebel leaders who have proclaimed their own "people's republics".

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the Ukrainian parliament had sought to "re-write" the agreement reached in Minsk, Belarus, last month. The Kremlin said the Minsk deal was now further away from being realised than it was a few days ago.

    In Kiev, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk responded that no one on the Ukrainian side had much optimism that Russia "and the terrorists" would readily fulfil the Minsk plan.

    "First and foremost: to comply with the Minsk agreements, the Russian bandits must clear out of the territory of Ukraine and give the possibility to Ukraine of carrying out honest and transparent elections in line with international standards," he said in televised comments at a government meeting.

    The row, which could lead the deal into a dead-end, starkly highlighted the different strategies towards the issue of self-rule in the east.


    Kiev is pushing a decentralisation agenda in which it makes concessions aimed at blunting a drive for independence, while Moscow appears to be supporting a push by the rebels for powers that could give them veto over national policy and coming closer to officially recognising the setting-up of the two "people's republics" in Ukraine's east.

    The ceasefire struck at the summit of the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France in Minsk came under pressure with the Kiev military saying one Ukrainian soldier had been killed in rebel attacks in the past 24 hours and five wounded.

    Fighting in a conflict in which more than 6,000 people have been killed has greatly diminished, although huge areas of Ukraine's industrialised east, including the big cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, are under rebel control.

    Heavy military equipment has been withdrawn to put the opposing sides out of range of each other's big guns in line with the agreement.

    But there is concern in Kiev that Mariupol, a port city of half a million on the Sea of Azov and which is still held by the government, could be a prime target for the Russian-backed rebels should the ceasefire collapse.

    Comments by Ukrainian leaders suggest the pro-Western leadership of President Petro Poroshenko steamrollered the law through parliament, not through any real conviction it would be acceptable to the rebels, but to show the West - whose financial and political backing it relies on - it was abiding by the deal.

    Western governments, who are backing a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine over four years, regard the Minsk agreement as still the best opportunity for a lasting settlement.

    "If (Russian President Vladimir) Putin takes a decision to attack, he will attack regardless of whether we adopt this law or not," parliament vice-speaker Andriy Parubiy said on Tuesday before the law was passed.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "Judging by the last decision made by the Rada (Ukrainian parliament), we are today further from realising the Minsk agreements than we were a few days ago." (Editing by Alison Williams)

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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine

    Just what the bankers wanted, another country in endless debt...

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  • londontsi
    Re: Ukraine


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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine


    (c) Sputnik/ Leonid Sviridov
    12:03 16.03.2015(updated 14:13 16.03.2015)
    The EU is instrumental in Washington's struggle with Russia and it
    won't be long before Europeans finally realize that this tactic simply
    makes no sense, a prominent Polish political scientist believes.

    (c) AP PHOTO/ YVES LOGGHE EU Holds Back 'Zealous' Partners on New
    Anti-Russia Sanctions - Deputy FM The United States started using
    the EU as a tool in its anti-Moscow campaign right after Crimea
    reunited with Russia in March 2014, Mateusz Piskorski, a prominent
    Polish political analyst and the head of the European Center for
    Geopolitical Analysis, a Szczecin-based think-tank on international
    relations and geopolitics, told RIA news agency.

    A year ago Piskorski was in Crimea coordinating the work of a team
    of international monitors overseeing the March 2014 referendum where
    the Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to rejoin the Russian Federation.

    "For the mere fact that I went to Crimea and monitored the voting
    process there I was immediately vilified by the Polish media and
    politicians for allegedly causing damage to my country and the West
    as a whole... In just overnight I became an enemy of my country
    only because I saw with my own eyes everything that was happening in
    Crimea," Piskorski said.

    "The Crimeans simply used their right for self-determination which
    US President Woodrow Wilson formulated almost a century ago," he added.

    "They did so in a situation where the Ukrainian state had stopped
    fulfilling its fundamental obligations to its citizens and started
    treating them as an enemy."

    Piskorski said the crisis in Ukraine led to unprecedented economic
    sanctions against Russia and its people, sanctions which are equally
    detrimental to the economic interests of both Russia and the European

    "In 2014 these sanctions cost the European farmers about seven billion
    euros in losses, and the closer a country was to Russia, the higher
    the losses incurred," Piskorski noted.

    Finland, too, found itself on the losing end, along with Poland,
    Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Spain.

    In Poland the sharp drop in agricultural production caused by the
    sanctions led to mass protests by domestic producers.

    "The original purpose of the sanctions, that is to bring pressure on
    Russia, was never achieved, but the Americans are still working hard
    to keep it up," Mateusz Piskorski said.

    Read more:

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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine


    March 6 2015

    Geopolitical Diary
    March 6, 2015

    Three hundred U.S. paratroopers could soon be arriving in Lviv,
    western Ukraine, for training exercises with the Ukrainian army. The
    arrival of the troops, which was signaled several weeks ago and
    alluded to as recently as Monday by the commander of the U.S. 173rd
    Airborne Brigade -- the unit that would supply the troops -- would
    represent a significant event in the Ukraine crisis. No matter how
    few or what their mission, these are U.S. combat forces. The United
    States would at that point have taken the step of openly deploying
    combat forces in Ukraine, something that had not happened in some
    time, taking the U.S. relationship with Ukraine to a new level. It
    signals to the Russians that Ukraine, however informally, is now in a
    special relationship with the United States. At the same time, military
    exercises are taking place in the Black Sea involving a U.S. warship
    and cruiser and Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish assets. It is a fairly
    routine exercise, but under these circumstances, what had been routine
    now takes on special meaning.

    Russian forces are conducting exercises as well in southern Russia and
    the North Caucasus, including Armenia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As
    significant, the exercises extend to Crimea. They focus on air
    defense. Significantly, both NATO and the Russians are conducting
    exercises around the Baltics.

    Armies exercise all the time, but context is everything. Before
    the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, the United States was exercising
    with Georgian forces while the Russians were conducting exercises
    just north of Georgia. The Americans went home when the exercise
    ended. The Russians stayed put: The exercise was the preface for the
    Russian move into Georgia. Similarly, what has been routine before
    now is not necessarily routine right now.

    What is a Geopolitical Diary? George Friedman Explains.

    The United States has indicated it may introduce a small force into
    Ukraine. The Russians may easily view that as a preface to a larger
    force. According to Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Russian
    Security Council: "The U.S. is funding political groups under the
    guise of promoting civil society, just as in the color revolutions in
    the former Soviet Union and the Arab world. At the same time, the U.S.

    is using the sanctions imposed over the conflict in Ukraine as a
    pretext to inflict economic pain and stoke discontent. It's clear
    that the White House has been counting on a sharp deterioration in
    Russians' standard of living, mass protests." Others in Russia are
    charging that the United States is trying to overthrow President
    Vladimir Putin, and some that the CIA murdered Russian opposition
    leader Boris Nemtsov to generate protests. Meanwhile, the assumption
    on the U.S. side is that Putin had Nemtsov murdered.

    The atmosphere has become increasingly toxic. Under the circumstances,
    every military exercise must be taken seriously for its implications.

    U.S. exercises in Ukraine and the Black Sea can be viewed as the dress
    rehearsal for naval action and larger forces. On the American side,
    the emphasis on air defenses raises the possibility of a Russian
    move to the west. If the Russians were to attack Ukraine, and the
    Americans chose to resist, the primary means available would be air
    power designed to strike at armor concentrations. The Russian counter
    is not its own air force, which is limited, but rather its mobile
    and strategic surface-to-air missiles to deny aircraft access to the
    skies over the attackers. Therefore, of all the exercises to cause
    potential concern in the United States concerning Russian intentions,
    exercising this capability would raise the specter of a potential
    Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    There is, of course, a certain hollowness to all this rhetoric and
    maneuvering. This is not 1980, with massive forces carefully trained
    and deployed on both sides. The United States is planning to send a
    battalion of paratroopers. That really isn't much. The Russian army
    is a shadow of the Soviet army, and its ability to move even with
    minimal resistance is limited.

    At the same time, the rhetoric and the charges disproportionate to
    the forces available are still noteworthy. The head of the Russian
    Security Council has essentially accused the United States of trying
    to cripple the Russian Federation. The Americans are saying that the
    Russians have violated the territory of a sovereign state and must
    be repelled. And the death of Nemtsov has triggered charges against
    both the FSB and the CIA.

    It is difficult to see how either side backs off its position; this has
    become an American-Russian confrontation. Both are increasingly locking
    themselves into a hostile posture. Neither is in a position to launch
    a war, but both are ultimately capable of waging one. We expected a new
    Cold War between the United States and Russia, but we are surprised at
    the speed and venom that is framing this confrontation. The force is
    not there to match the venom, but given the intensity, no one should
    be confident that the force will not be generated.

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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine


    The Associated Press
    Russia and Ukraine reached an agreement late Monday to ensure natural gas supplies to war-torn Ukraine for the month of March, averting possible cuts that could have hit supplies to the European Union.

    The two countries have fought several gas price wars in past years and Moscow had been threatening to turn off the taps to Ukraine on Tuesday unless it received outstanding pre-payments, as agreed in a deal they clinched last October, the so-called winter package.

    "I am satisfied that we managed to safeguard the full application of the winter package for the supply needs in Ukraine," said EU energy chief Maros Sefcovic after mediating emergency talks between Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Demchyshyn.

    Demchyshyn said that both parties had agreed "to obey the rules" until the end of March.

    Under the deal sealed in Brussels, Ukraine's Naftogaz will pre-pay and order sufficient quantities of gas to ensure all domestic consumption for March and guarantee undisrupted supplies to the EU. Gazprom commits to supply a set quantity of natural gas each day at agreed on delivery points.

    The European Union imports around 40 percent of its gas from Russia, half through Ukraine.

    Complicating the dispute has been deliveries to Ukraine's rebel-held east, where fighting between Kiev's forces and Russia-backed rebels has killed more than 6,000 people.

    Kiev cut gas supplies to rebel-held areas last week, prompting Russia to pump gas there directly. Russia said those deliveries should be counted in gas exports to Ukraine.

    Under the agreement, Kiev and Moscow acknowledged that the supply issue in eastern Ukraine "is highly complex in legal, technical and political terms", and they agreed that more discussions would be required, a statement said.

    The EU's executive Commission has asked the two to propose possible agenda points for further talks before the end of March aimed at agreeing a new gas arrangement for coming months.

    Copyright The Associated Press

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  • Artashes
    Re: Ukraine

    Originally posted by Artashes View Post
    Agree with above post.
    I can tell you USA road game now ... With the equipment USA wants to send to Ukraine , Russia will be forced to strike deeper into Ukraine to neutralize this. Then USA can say ... See Russia is the aggressor and we must act!!!
    USA wants to have a protracted conflict on someone else's territory. They (USA) would love to force Russia into expending more time/energy/money to entangle them, no matter what the cost to other countries in lives and stability.
    War is good business for USA military/INDUSTRIAL complex.
    The cost to print an American dollar means a high profit margin for the elite warmongers.
    Originally posted by Haykakan View Post
    USA sending soldiers and weapons to Ukraine.
    Good analysis in the last post.
    It's a given both USA & Russia have been supplying arms to their respective Ukraine forces.
    The Russian supported contingent is kicking the western supported contingents ass.
    The 300 USA tech support + Britain support are bringing in high tech target acquisition equipment and training personell to counter the successful Russian supported separatists.
    This means more bloodshed.
    These moves can be countered in several ways by the pro Russian side. Most common is air strikes. But that does not exclude other viable options.
    USA is drawing Russia in.
    Russia is prepared.

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  • Haykakan
    Re: Ukraine

    USA sending soldiers and weapons to Ukraine.

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