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Does Governor Davis need to be recalled?

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  • Does Governor Davis need to be recalled?

    I think so? I would like to hear why you think he should or shouldn't.
    The average man's a coward
    --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"

  • #2
    Does anybody give a xxxx about politics anymore? Called or totally recalled, that little xxxxstick will probably be replaced by some other yuppie looking piece of horse xxxx. Perhaps some born again WASPY looking republican xxxxxxx. Get on with your life little surferboy, and leave this sophisticated, backstabbing, and devious subject for the historians.
    I Can't Believe You Ever Though I Give a Shit For Anyone Except My Friends and Family!! Go Ahead and Ask Me About The World, Yeah I could Give a Shit... You Wanna Make It Right, Go Ahead, Don't Ask me.......


    • #3
      Little boy. Politics is the science of life. It is my life, and it is your life. Politics is very important, and if you dont give a xxxx, then maybe you shouldnt participate in this thread and bring it back to the top of the thread. If you feel strongly against though, then please feel free to participate. I want to know, why dont you care? We have a 30 billion dollar deficit because of the budget mismanagement and excessive social programs instilled by Gray Davis. He is the reason many people cant get jobs. If a republican were in office, taxes would probably be lower, and business owners could hire more employees. There would then be more spending. Maybe if that happens, you can get a job. When you are in the work force, you just might grow up and care about adult matters. Just leave that to me for now. I dont think I should leave politics to anyone, I should actively engage in it. I dont want to be some guy who complains about how xxxxty the government is, but does nothing about, doesnt vote, and doesnt participate. So speakenglishordie, I ask again, do you think he should be recalled?
      The average man's a coward
      --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"


      • #4
        Ok xxxxhole, you can ask all you want, I still think you and your republican posse are full of xxxx. So are the democrats. And as for the work force you little xxxx, I couldn't care less if some two bit beaner straight off the border can't find a job. As long as I have my job, that's all I ever care about. Maybe you should ask your parents for an extra monthly allowance since you can't find a job.
        I Can't Believe You Ever Though I Give a Shit For Anyone Except My Friends and Family!! Go Ahead and Ask Me About The World, Yeah I could Give a Shit... You Wanna Make It Right, Go Ahead, Don't Ask me.......


        • #5
          xxxxhole?? A hole is a space consumed by emptiness. Like your mind. What makes you think I dont have a job. I am not rich. Are you stereotyping me with the uneducated brainwashed views of republicans. I do have a job. In fact I am in the process of starting my own business, and currently work for O'neil. I dont think beaners care about you either. And we are not talking about them or any racial group, I dont know where that got in your mind. The reason the economy is so bad in CA is because there isnt much people working, and therefore less money being processed through the market.

          I am a human in this competitive market and I love to make money. A republican governor would maybe make that a possibility. You have your job, but maybe you could get more money if your boss had to pay lower taxes. You could maybe earn $40 after giving him a xxxxxxx whereas you only earn $20 now. Next time he tells you to get under that desk, think 'recall Davis.' Enjoy.
          The average man's a coward
          --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"


          • #6
            SpeakEnglishOrDie, eat xxxx and die.


            • #7
              No I don't think so. We voted him in and now we are paying the consequences.


              • #8
                I love it.

                SpeakEnglishOrDie, if you are the WASP that you appaer to be well you are numbered. America will be a majority non-white country by 2050, Europe following it by 2090, becuase white people just cant breed like they used to.

                Sad huh.

                Then it will be SPeak Spanish or die.
                Achkerov kute.


                • #9
                  Alot of love in this thread.
                  Achkerov kute.


                  • #10
                    We voted him in under certain circumstances. He only recieved 47% of the vote. I didnt vote for him!!! I dont want the consequences. He is the most unpopular governor, and we have the right to recall him. Recall means that we get to vote on weather we want him or not as governor, if we decide we dont want him, then we can choose another governor, if we choose we dont want him, then he stays. If you think we shouldnt recall him based on that arguement, then you are blindly giving your rights to him. That is very ignorant in stance. I expected a much better arguement from you. I dont have to take any more of this burden. I am paying high taxes as it is, and he plans to raise it. This is what governor Davis does. He creates a deficit, and instead of him taking accountability, he makes us take accountability. He raises our taxes and fires our teachers to fix his problem, and now it is becoming my and your problem because I used to have the same mindset as your arguement. I will no longer be responsible for for his mismanagement.
                    The average man's a coward
                    --Mark Twain "Hucklberry Finn"