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The Ankap thread is excluded from the strict rules because that place is more relaxed and you can vent and engage in light insults and humor. Notice it's not a blank ticket, but just a place to vent. If you go into the Ankap thread, you enter at your own risk of being clowned on.
What you PROBABLY SHOULD NOT post...
Do not post information that you will regret putting out in public. This site comes up on Google, is cached, and all of that, so be aware of that as you post. Do not ask the staff to go through and delete things that you regret making available on the web for all to see because we will not do it. Think before you post!

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Members are welcome to read posts and though we encourage your active participation in the forum, it is not required. If you do participate by posting, however, we expect that on the whole you contribute something to the forum. This means that the bulk of your posts should not be in "fun" threads (e.g. Ankap, Keep & Kill, This or That, etc.). Further, while occasionally it is appropriate to simply voice your agreement or approval, not all of your posts should be of this variety: "LOL Member213!" "I agree."
If it is evident that a member is simply posting for the sake of posting, they will be removed.

8] These Rules & Guidelines may be amended at any time. (last update September 17, 2009)

If you believe an individual is repeatedly breaking the rules, please report to admin/moderator.
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I think this "annonimoose" guy is a Idiot...who ag

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  • I think this "annonimoose" guy is a Idiot...who ag

    I've been reading some of these posts and It seems like this guy has nothin better to do than post nonsense on this forum, and he dosent even work for the guys who run the site, lol. Truly, an embaressment to all Armenian kind, if he even is one, which i doubt, considering his level of stupidity. Still, I would hate to wonder where this forum would be with out his mindless antics, oh wait, I know, we would actually be discussing usefull and important things people actualy care about. My advise: If your going to spend all day "entertaining" this forum, might as well get paid for it (something an Armenian would already be doing). But the problem is: who the hell is going to pay for the trash you put out here? Thats right, no one! Take care.

    If anyone here is on the same boat I am, please share your thoughts...
    Vai Vai Vai

  • #2
    I'm honored, yet another thread in my name.

    When will you learn that sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.
    Achkerov kute.


    • #3
      ok one question.. who are you? and what's it to you what he's posting.. one thing i hate is people who have nothing else to do, but sit and judge others... if u want to post intellectual stuff go ahead, u don't need to insult others.

      if you ask me this thread is the worst and most useless one i have seen in this forum. So post in your little crap thread, complain and weep about all you want..

      meghk es.
      Menk Vosokhi Achkin Poosh yergat...menk haghtooyan pompyoon, menk ashkharagal angakh Ararat!!!!


      • #4
        Precisely, if someone doesn't like my threads they can simply not post in there.

        But I see this as some way of creating some "excitement" in a drama less forum, now that we lost clubbin, and tittypercent and surferarmo, I guess we could use some conflict.
        Achkerov kute.


        • #5
          Megha megha...
          this is your idea of an intellectual conversation? How sad is it that you come here, and try to get people "on your side" by telling them how dumb someone else is? And your obvious craving for acceptance is pathetic, with your "if anyone is in the same boat as I am"...Khghjali...If you're seeking acceptance, try being nice, or telling more about yourself instead of attacking a poster out of the blue.

          You don't like the guy, ignore him. Tserket vodket prnogh chiga...

          And I miss surferarmo....


          • #6
            Shangh_Hye is incorreect.


            • #7
              Baron Dants is correct. Surfer armo is a great asset to this forum. I am sure he will be back soon.


              • #8
                a small exaplme thats y armenians never get along with each other


                • #9
                  Irrelevent Hyeclass.

                  Humans are humans in every nationality. Just because an armenian doesn't like another armenian, it doesn't mean ALL armenians can't get along. I really do not see your point...


                  • #10
                    dants dont be a kiss ass do a vote and see how many ppl like u than u will see what i mean thats how our country became so little from being from sea to sea open ur eyes live the armo life than u will find out