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  • Existentialism

    People. Check this out. A very heavy philosophy known as existentialism. The human ability to create meaning! That is something that we do. Come on folks. This goes along with the nation state. We created that for security, and for nationalism. Nationalism creates purpose. Think about this. We go to college, we are scambling for a major. We dont know what we want to do yet. Why do we need to find something to do, for security. We dont want to be homeless. Security is our purpose. Imagine if you just stopped right now, and didnt feel the need to have a purpose. We are always working towards something, we always put meaning in something. Imagine for one second a world without nations, without purpose, without meaning. I cant imagine it.

    Even religion is ruled and made credible by fear. If you sin you go to hell, so do what you tell us. I believe in religion, but it is true that it is governed by fear. Our purpose is to please God, to reach heaven. Why? Because we will go to hell otherwise. We put meaning into this. A muslim guy is feeling the same thing I am, I put meaning into my religious experiences, and he puts his meaning into his. Surfing is something I cannot live without...I put meaning into it. If they banned surfing tomorrow, half of you wouldnt care...I woulndt know what to do with myself. So what do you do in a world without purpose and without meaning?

    What do you think?

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    Surfer, I agree with you more day after day. It's truly freaking me out.

    Without purpose, what's the point of living? What's the point of surviving? As Fire once said, life is a war, a constant war where we do everything to achieve victory/success. Just like war, life needs a purpose in order to survive. The people without purpose end up taking a little too many pills, or taking a dive off a building.


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      Psychoanalytic thought and existentialism go hand in hand.

      Interesting indeed, but we won't ever know the truth. Perhaps existentialism is a way to take out mening that already exists and say that we have no meaning but we create meaning. Ahhh who cares...
      Achkerov kute.


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        Well Anon, let me interest you in this. Faith. Faith is beyond reason. I remember when I was in Sunday School, I would ask the priest all these questions and he just told me it couldnt be explained, that I just had to have faith. "Why could he walk on water?" Faith. Therefore religion and God is irrational, and illogical. I believe in him, and I do not mean to offend anyone. But if faith is required to believe in God, and Faith defies logic, that is faith in something cannot be explained logically, then believing in God is irrational, and illogical. We put meaning into that, we could have totally creatd something.

        My point in explaining this. If I asked you to define faith, you would not be able to articulate it. Go ahead and try. I have faith in politics, because I care about it. Someone else could give a rats ass, and have no faith in it. Another thing no one can describe or define is God. The prophets couldnt even do it. They would explain him for three chapters... for example..."He is the begginning and the end, the almighty, the king, the lord...." No one could just define him, or explain him in blunt terms. Same goes for a Nation State. We created everything, we have faith in it. It gives us security, I could not however define one. Hence the reason we have a lot of arguement in the Nation-State thread.


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          Originally posted by sSsflamesSs
          Surfer, I agree with you more day after day. It's truly freaking me out.
          who WOULDN'T agree with this!!!... I don't get what you're so freaked out about 8)
          attention surfer... she's starting to think you guys are soulmates cuz you think "we're always working towards something"...


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            Awwwww, iI think poor Jahannam, needs to be in the spot light. We agree with you too J.


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              Originally posted by jahannam
              Originally posted by sSsflamesSs
              Surfer, I agree with you more day after day. It's truly freaking me out.
              who WOULDN'T agree with this!!!... I don't get what you're so freaked out about 8)
              attention surfer... she's starting to think you guys are soulmates cuz you think "we're always working towards something"...
              I just laughed so hard, the milk I was drinking came out of my nose. OK, yea that's kinda gross, and I hate milk, but you get the point.

              J, if you haven't figured it out, Surfer and I have developed this "inside joke" where everytime that we reach agreement or I compliment his writing, he spills all the sarcasm he can find in his being. Talk about taking things literally.


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                ok babam...
                I'm sorry
                I didn't mean to upset my future e-threesome buddy 8)


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                  With you, everything leads to sex. Just don't become a sexaholic and then watch your world come crashing down.


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                    sexaholics' worlds come down?