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Greetings from Cyprus

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    Re: Greetings from Cyprus

    Originally posted by Mos View Post
    Ok, first let me say that I'm computer illiterate. I struggle with this thing.
    My memory tells me my information is coming from UCLA from 40 plus years ago via books.
    Now, each time I have searched the Saxon chronicles via the computer 100 percent of the time it shows what you ( Mos ) have shown in your reply to me.
    That is a translation by "Lady Elstob", who finished that translation in 1819 which was the first literal translation ever ( and maybe still the only literal translation to date ).
    The original was written in Saxon. All previous translations of full text ( 4 full left and 5 partial ) are in Saxon,middle English,Latin,or Greek.
    Lady Elstob translates from Bede.
    Very soon after the Romans leave Briton king Alfred the Saxon shows up and soon after has written the chronicles.
    Tobias,the 9th bishop of Rodchester ( died 693 ) is well versed in Saxon,Latin and Greek and has access because of his position to all these scholarly works including the original Saxon chronicles.
    Bede a contemporary of Tobias gets Tobias translation of the chronicles after Tobias dies.
    Scholars are in agreement that Tobias is one of the last to have access to visual of original.
    All others have access to a translation of original (scholarly verification agreed).
    The translation of Bede by a number of modern scholars is numerous but only in bits and pieces and not in it's intirety. These short translations can be found in many scholarly works but have never been published as a stand alone text.


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      Re: Greetings from Cyprus

      Sorry, while in the middle of writing this was compelled to move the rig, so... To continue the line of thought---
      I believe I hae read one of these translation of Bede by someone other than Lady Elstob.
      So the line goes like this--- Alfred the Saxon has scribe write Saxon chronicles soon after Romans leave.
      Tobias has last original and translates(around 690) into old English/ middle English?.
      Bede gets Tobias's translation and translates it(around 695).
      Lady Elstob translates Bede into the first literal (modern English ) in 1819.
      Now as you(Mos) wrote: translator "implies" that scribe made a mistake.
      That translator did that translation at least 2 or three hundred years after scribe wrote those words which are contemporary to Alfred the Saxon.
      Fortunately the translator had the integrity to translate the chronicles as they were and then indicate that he "thought" the scribe (the original) had made a mistake. I am now going to take a guess (make an assumption ) for the sake of making a point.
      The scribe didn't make a mistake. The translator in the year ? 300 had no idea what Armina meant having no knowledge of Armenians or Armenia and thought to himself ( what the hell is Armina? Oh I know the scribe must have meant Amorica because Armina has no meaning ).
      Now comes Lady Elstob in 1823 and translates Bede correctly and sees he has written " Armina " and says to herself
      ( because in 1823 she being an educated women knows of both Armenia and Armenians so assumes when she sees "Armina" that the translation means Armenia.
      The part that says: Welsh(or British) and the part that says :Armina , and first peopled Britain southward are a repeat of each other. Sorry have to move again . Will finish in about 30 minutes but maybe longer. Am trying to work and do this and it's not going smooth.


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        Re: Greetings from Cyprus

        Ok, back again.
        Somewhere in this assumptions are made that no way could Armenians be their at that date. Wrong.
        Because I cannot look at other replies(computer dumb) I cannot successfully continue with all these interruptions.
        However ... What is the name for a bread in Armenian and what is the name of the national bread in Wales? Many examples like this.
        Also back to the unny comment about Armenians not being swimmers--- day one ; we got off a boat (ark ).
        The line goes like this: boat, water, ergo.


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          Re: Greetings from Cyprus

          Also, about the --- Gaels, Wales, Gauls etc. originating in France. Look up the migration info on Internet by ( any ) accepted scholar of today and ask : when did these people's first show up in Europe?
          The answer you will get that is common accepted by academia is I think no earlier than 6th century bc.
          Definitely not from France.