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Respect or Love?

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    Sounds like another confused teen thread. I better go to the gym now.
    Achkerov kute.


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      For me they go hand in hand, but I can see where respect and love don't necessarily have to be there are the same time. A lot of people have their own definitions of love, mine is "complete dedication." So a kid might say to his parents "You never RESPECT me!" and the parent may respond "You're right, I don't respect you cause you keep making wrong decisions, THIS is what's right for you" The parent clearly loves his child or he wouldn't keep trying to do things he felt was right for him, but he may not respect him.

      So which is more important, Respect or Love? I don't honestly don't know... but I can say without a doubt that love is the single most powerful force on the planet.
      "All I know is I'm not a Marxist." -Karl Marx


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        I guess she means something else. You can love chocolate, but you don't have to respect it. You can respect a famous general, but you do not have to love him. YET, when you are in a relationship, you love eachother out of respect for one another. If the man does not respect the woman and constantly forces her to do chores and act like a slave, there is no love. If the woman just sits on her lazy arse while her husband does everything, there is no love. RESPECT as in take into consideration what the other has to say and be FLEXIBLE. Not RESPECT as in worship the ground he walks on.


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          heres what i think- love grows out of respect for someone, and honesty, and careing for someone- therefore i think without respecting someone u cannot possibly love them and withough loveing somone u cannot possibly respect them....


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            that can work as well...relationships are not a science, what works for some does not work for all. We can only create a vague boundary of what works to create a healthy relationship.


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              I feel like nobody understands my question… I’m NOT TALKIN about men and woman relationship”, I’m talking about general relationship with your friends, with your classmates, with people whom you know and contact every day, with your relatives…
              I feel that only Hayq and HyeJinx understand what I’m talking about… It’s so simple, in one hand someone can think that you are so kind and generous and love you because of that but he/she can think that you are also sooooooooo stupid, and there is no need to talk to you about serious thinks…. But in another hand they can hate you, do not like your character but they can respect your knowledge and your attitude (as Hayq told “you can respect a famouse general but you do not have to love him")…
              Yeh, in man and woman relationship I agree that love and respect should be together (but I saw other cases also) … LOVE is a huge feeling, which has many faces and deffinitions, and I do not think that the way we love our parents is the exact way how we love our friends or boyfriend/girlfriend...
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              Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. -Abraham Lincoln


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                Originally posted by Anonymouse
                Sounds like another confused teen thread. I better go to the gym now.
                If you can not understand what I'm talking about, it doesn't meen that I'm confused... maybe you can think about this question in gym (which I do not believe)...
                Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. -Abraham Lincoln


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                  There are many forms of love and respect.
                  "A good friend will come bail you out of jail...a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "damn we f*cked up."


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                    Originally posted by gevo
                    Agreed, this is a simple thing.. i dont see an issue in loving and tht love growing by the respect you have for whomever..
                    That's a load of sh*t. I think we'd mostly agree that our parents love us, but how many would say that their parents respect them?
                    Sweet is the lore which nature brings; our meddling intellect misshapes the beauteous forms of things: we murder to dissect.

                    -William Wordsworth


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                      "RESPECT! The terrorists will learn to RESPECT the American Empire. Forget love."
                      Achkerov kute.