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War on Iraq

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  • War on Iraq

    8) As Ironic as it may be, Considering I have already served 2 and unfortunately have 4 years to go, I am in the Army.

    As interesting as it may sound I would like to know what you people think about Bush and all his madness, along with all his sidekicks.

    A lot of crap has been going on so please speak your minds. It is the point of things ya know. Don't be scared :arrow:
    Never piss off, a JediPimp...

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    I am against war on Iraq. It's nothing more than another war for oil and Bush Co. Bush family is the oil family and him and his cronies have been pestering Iraq since the Gulf War. I have family there in Iraq, and in Armenia and Armenia itself is within the vicinity so what happens there will echo in the neighboring countries. The so called "Weapons of mass destruction" argument holds no water as it is being applied to Iraq in a hypocritical manner. If we truly are worried about weapons of mass destruction the United States should hold the terrorist state of Israel to the same consequences. Why single out Iraq? Israel is the only country within the Middle East to posses known nuclear weapons. No evidence has been put forth that Iraq has any. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the U.S. freely selling its weapons and technology to Israel.

    The war on Iraq is two-fold, one is for the obvious control of oil in that region and the other to destabalize the only possible threat to the terrorist state of Israel. Despite all the mumbo jumbo jingoism spewed forth by the American media and the crooked politicians, Israel is not our ally. An "ally" would not go selling U.S. weapons and technology to China, which is the complete polar opposite of the U.S. and stands fast against U.S. hegemony.

    The administration has no evidence that Hussein has weapons of destruction. If it did, it would have shown it to the American public and the U.N. long ago. It has no evidence that Iraq is in league with Al Qaeda for the same reason. And it's obvious that even if, a big if according to Genernal Norman Schwarzkopf, a U.S. invasion does succeed in easily toppling Hussein, the result of that unprovoked assault, especially if it is carried out by the U.S. without a U.N. endorsement, will be a wave of terror against Americans and American interests that will dwarf anything seen in the past. Neither Bush, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft or any of the other Bush dummies have had combat experience and all of them were draft dodgers. The only one that holds merit is Colon Powell.

    This is all self-evident, and even the Bush Administration has tacitly admitted that increased terrorism will be the result of an attack on Iraq. The point, however, is that this is precisely what the Bush Administration wants to happen. A permanent state of American panic, fortified by regular doses of terror attacks, hijackings and building demolitions by crazed Muslim fanatics is exactly what Bush needs to stay in power, win re-election in 2004, stack the federal courts, gut the Bill of Rights, and enrich its corporate sponsors.

    The sad thing is that Americans, fattened up and soft of muscle from their diet of mcdonald's wppers and dim-witted from an overdose of "reality" TV shows and entertainment programs posing as news, suck up this kind of fear-mongering all of which is eagerly played up by ratings-hungry media executives. If one plane gets highjacked, plane travel plummets. If a few letters are found to be contaminated with anthrax spores, people across the land stop opening their mail, or start zapping it first in their microwaves.

    In Europe, Asia, Africa or South America, where wars and terrorism, not to mention natural disasters, have been a way of life, the loss of a few hundred, or even a few thousand people, to a bomb, an earthquake, a flood or a civil war, does not induce a national panic. The other sad thing about Americans is that Americans have no notion of the horrors of war, and so are quick to wish it on others. It's no wonder those people of "Old Europe," as "chickenhawk" Rumsfeld disparagingly referred to Germany and fFrance, are more reluctant about going to war in Iraq. They know that dropping bombs from B-52s all across the country and fighting door-to-door in Baghdad will produce horrific casualties and create destruction that will take years to repair.

    Americans have only the WTC to look at when they try to contemplate the effects of war, and all in all, that was a pretty antiseptic affair. One second you the towers, another second, they were gone, and within a year or so, the site was all cleaned up and ready for a nifty new building. Indeed, the only institutional memory left of that attrocity is the unseemly battle by survivors of the once high-flying investment banker victims of the attack to get better reimbursements from the government for their unfortunate loss of those six figure incomes.

    Vietnam is still recovering from its having been the target of all those bombs, napalm and Agent Orange attacks, not to mention the loss of a generation of its young men and women. Afghanistan may never recover from the relatively minor recent war there. If anyone value our society, our polity, our rights and liberties, and our security, they must begin exposing Bush and his War Party for what they are, craven usurpers aiming at nothing less than the undermining of all those things that most of us hold dear.
    Achkerov kute.


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      i was watching Canadian News yesterday, there was a report about how the Israeli government gave out gas masks to all its citizens, except Arabs. i was flipping through the channels and on a American news channel, there was a commercial with the following words: Israel is America's number one ally. Israel is a model democratic country, all citizens have equal rights and can vote freely..


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        That is a blatant lie. Israel is the most racist apartheid like state in the middle east. A "democracy" bent on ethnic cleansing and expulsion and second class treatment of Arabs isn't much of a democracy.
        Achkerov kute.


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          yeah exactly my point, and the fact that there is a commercial like this on a popular news channel, not to mention the pro Israel stand on American news it makes me wonder who really has power in this country, including power over the media.....
          while when you watch Canadian, German or Russian news, you see a completely different view of things.


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            Obviously the Israeli lobbyists have a major strangle hold over American foreign policy, and not to mention the media.
            Achkerov kute.


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              Hmmm well, lets see. In about a few months, if the US dont force iraq to give up all bioligical weapons that we ASSUME they have, the same anti war protestors will be protesting again. They will xxxxx that "Bush had reason to suspect iraq of harboring weapons, and didnt act upon it." We have probable cause that iraq is harboring weapons. The missles that can travel 300 miles outside the agreed range they can travel from the pact from the first war with the original bush. Another reason we should stand firm against IRAQ is to show other terrorist countries with biological warfare that the USA is standing firm in its fight against terrorism. After 9-11, we must show that we arent gonna allow another incident like this. We have to show power, to refrain countries such as Israel and N. Korean to consider attacking us. Iraq is just a demonstration that the US means business.
              I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefor, I am perfect.


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                Google, you don't have any idea of what the war on terrorism is about do you? It the end it is a war for oil and it is a war to support Israels terrorist activities.

                You see the U.S.government relies its existence on a constant enemy, and hence during the Cold War justified its imperialism by the communist menace, and now after the break up of the union it needs another boogie to justify its imperialism and build up. It's so Orwellian one wonders why the common lemmings cant see but always suckering up to the govenrment and media propaganda. They would have you believe that the only governments that can resort to terrorism or destruction are banana republics or communist nations or Islamic countries, about anything to justify their hegemony, and that can only be made to believe by the warmongers in the U.S.

                I won't even mention the fact that the U.S. is the one who built and bred and sustained and funded these terrorists to what they are today, nor for the matter that the U.S. had prior knowledge of the 9-11 incident, nor for the fact that there is no evidence linking Al Qaeda to Iraq.
                Achkerov kute.


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                  I say just send Rambo, or Chuck Norris and the Navy Seal, go in grad Saddam and piece on earth..........


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                    amen to that bruddah!
                    pls click on this link for me. [url=]aah![/url] thanks if u do, poo on u if u dont.