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What DVD's do you own?

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  • What DVD's do you own?

    I just noticed my pitiful DVD collection and it got me to thinking.... What DVD's do you own?

    I have...

    Cinema Paradiso
    Guys and Dolls
    Monsters, Inc

    All of which were gifts.

    Your turn.
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  • #2
    The Godfather DVD Collection DVD 1972
    Pulp Fiction (Collector's Edition) DVD 1994
    Psycho (Widescreen Collector's Edition) DVD 1960
    Citizen Kane (2-Disc Set) DVD 1941
    Taxi Driver (Special Collector's Edition; Multiple... DVD 1976
    Patton (2-Disc Set) DVD 1970
    Fargo (Special Edition) DVD 1996
    Goodfellas DVD 1990
    The Deer Hunter (Limited Edition Packaging; Widesc... DVD 1978
    Once Upon a Time in America (Special Edition; 2-Di... DVD 1984
    Vertigo (Widescreen, restored, remastered, jewel c... DVD 1958
    Rear Window (Collector's Edition) DVD 1954
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Two Disc Special ... DVD 1975
    Some Like It Hot (Special Edition) DVD 1959
    A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick Collection; Le... DVD 1971
    American Beauty (Limited Edition Packaging; Awards... DVD 1999
    Gladiator (2-Disc Set) DVD 2000
    12 Angry Men (Vintage Classics) DVD 1957
    North by Northwest DVD 1959
    The Silence of the Lambs (Widescreen Edition) DVD 1991
    Fight Club (Special Edition Double Digipack) DVD 1999
    La Vita è Bella DVD 1998
    The Usual Suspects (Contemporary Classics) DVD 1995
    Reservoir Dogs (Mr. Brown/Quentin Tarantino Limite... DVD 1992
    Scarface (Widescreen; Anniversary Edition) DVD 1983
    Annie Hall DVD 1977
    American History X (Special Edition) DVD 1998
    2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick Collection;... DVD 1968
    Amadeus - Director's Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition... DVD 2002
    Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick Collection) DVD 1987
    The Apartment DVD 1960
    A Beautiful Mind (Limited Edition Packaging; Wides... DVD 2001
    Dog Day Afternoon DVD 1975
    A Bronx Tale DVD 1993
    Rocky (Special Edition) DVD 1976
    The Shining (Stanley Kubrick Collection) DVD 1980
    Casablanca (Two Disc Special Edition) DVD 1942
    The Sixth Sense (Collector's Series) DVD 1999
    Chinatown (25th Anniversary Widescreen) DVD 1974
    Donnie Darko DVD 2001
    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying... DVD 1964
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas DVD 1998
    Gangs of New York DVD 2002
    Glengarry Glen Ross (10th Anniversary Special Edit... DVD 1992
    Grease (Widescreen) DVD 1978
    The Green Mile DVD 1999
    Heat DVD 1995
    Jackie Brown (Collector's Edition) DVD 1997
    John Q DVD 2002
    The Simpsons - The Complete First Season (3-Disc C... DVD 1989
    L.A. Confidential DVD 1997
    Lawrence of Arabia (2-Disc Superbit) DVD 1962
    The Man Who Knew Too Much DVD 1956
    Pi DVD 1997
    Platoon (Special Edition) DVD 1986
    Rashomon (Criterion Collection) DVD 1950
    Remember the Titans (Widescreen Version) DVD 2000
    Road to Perdition (Widescreen) DVD 2002
    Ronin (Special Edition; Contemporary Classics) DVD 1998
    The Score DVD 2001
    Seven Samurai (Criterion Collection) DVD 1954
    Shrek (Special Edition; 2-Disc Set) DVD 2001
    The Simpsons - The Complete Second Season (4-Disc ... DVD 1990
    The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season (4-Disc B... DVD 1991
    Singin' in the Rain (Two Disc Special Edition) DVD 1952
    The Sound of Music (Double Digipack Collector's Ed... DVD 1965
    Spider-Man (Special Edition 2-Disc Set; Widescreen... DVD 2002
    A Streetcar Named Desire (Original Director's Vers... DVD 1951
    8 Mile (Widescreen; Uncensored Bonus Materials) DVD 2002
    Sunset Boulevard (Collector's Edition) DVD 1950
    Bonnie and Clyde DVD 1967
    Bullitt DVD 1968
    Casino DVD 1995
    Doctor Zhivago (2-Disc Set) DVD 1965
    The English Patient (Widescreen) DVD 1996
    Friends - The Complete First Season (Four Disc Box... DVD 1994
    Friends - The Complete Fourth Season (Four Disc Se... DVD 1997
    Friends - The Complete Second Season (Four Disc Se... DVD 1995
    Friends - The Complete Third Season (Four Disc Set... DVD 1996
    Gone With the Wind DVD 1939
    The Great Escape (Screen Epics) DVD 1963
    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (Closed Caption; Sub... DVD 1967
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Widescreen; Inclu... DVD 1963
    Lost in Translation (Widescreen) DVD 2003
    M (Criterion Collection) DVD 1931
    Man with No Name Trilogy, The - Gift Set (3-Disc S... DVD 1999
    Schindler's List (Widescreen, Digipak Packaging Ed... DVD 1993
    The Sting (Limited Edition Packaging) DVD 1973
    Tootsie DVD 1982
    Unforgiven (Two Disc Special Edition) DVD 1992
    The Wizard of Oz (Special Edition)
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    • #3

      runaway jury
      the party
      bad boys
      bad boys2
      oceans 11
      leathal weapon4
      rush hour
      rush hour 2
      anaylize this
      anaylize that
      meet the parents
      lakers 1999-2000
      lakers 2000-2001
      lakers 2001-2002
      Magic Johnson 2008


      • #4
        I'll try to get as many as I can because I'm not at home.

        The Godfather Collection
        Pulp Fiction
        Taxi Driver
        Fight Club
        The Usual Suspects
        Reservoir Dogs
        Full Metal Jacket
        "If we wanted something, we just took it. If anyone complained twice, they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again."- Goodfellas


        • #5
          I have X-Files seasons 1,2
          Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
          Two Towers
          Matrix Reloaded
          Matrix Revolutions
          Terminator 2
          Star Wars Episode 2
          Showdown in Little Tokyo
          A Beautiful Mind
          The Mummy
          American History X
          The Thing 1951
          The Day The Earth Stood Still
          The Best Days of Our Lives
          Sunset Blvd.
          I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang 1932
          Blonde Venus

          I got some more which I don't have time to list now, but that'll do for now.
          Achkerov kute.


          • #6
            The Decalogue (Kieslowski)
            Blue, White & Red (Kieslowski)
            Bram Stoker's Dracula (Coppola)
            Apocalypse Now (Coppola)
            Brazil (Gilliam)
            Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Gilliam)
            Mulholland Dr. (Lynch)
            Blue Velvet (Lynch)
            Eraserhead (Lynch)
            Elephant Man (Lynch)
            Short Films of David Lynch (Lynch)
            2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)
            A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick)
            The Shining (Kubrick)
            Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick)
            Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick)
            Through a Glass Darkly (Bergman)
            Winter Light (Bergman)
            The Silence (Bergman)
            Seven Samurai (Kurosawa)
            The Hidden Fortress (Kurosawa)
            Yojimbo (Kurosawa)
            Sanjuro (Kurosawa)
            Pulp Fiction (Tarantino)
            Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino)
            Kill Bill Volume 1 (Tarantino)
            Dark City (Proyas)
            Leon: The Professional (Besson)
            The Draughtsman's Contract (Greenaway)
            Hard Eight (Anderson)
            Magnolia (Anderson)
            Punch-Drunk Love (Anderson)
            Nil by Mouth (Oldman)
            Next of Kin (Egoyan)
            Family Viewing (Egoyan)
            Speaking Parts (Egoyan)
            The Adjuster (Egoyan)
            Calendar (Egoyan)
            Exotica (Egoyan)
            The Sweet Hereafter (Egoyan)
            Felicia's Journey (Egoyan)
            Ararat (Egoyan)
            American Werewolf in Paris (Waller but who cares)
            The Ring (Verbinski)
            Meantime (Leigh)
            The Tenant (Polanski)
            Spider (Cronenberg)
            Naked Lunch (Cronenberg)
            Citizen Kane (Welles)

            Hmm...I know I have about ten more but I cannot think of them now.

            Jeff Buckley
            King Crimson (2)
            Stevie Ray Vaughn
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            • #7
              25th Hour
              Donnie Brasco
              Godfather Collection
              Oceans Eleven
              Boiler Room
              Fast and Furious
              Matrix Reloaded
              Marix Revolutions
              Star Wars Episode I
              Star Wars Episode II
              Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
              Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

              Nothing but the good stuff baby.


              • #8
                I have yet to own a DVD player.

                As far as DVDs, I received this DVD about NHL superstars in my cereal box once.


                • #9
                  I have more ill update when i get home.
                  "If we wanted something, we just took it. If anyone complained twice, they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again."- Goodfellas


                  • #10
                    the only DVD I own is Ararat and I bought that only because I really wanted to see it and it wasnt playing anywhere around town. I cant really watch the same movie twice so I never bothered to spend 20 bucks on a movie that I'm only gonna watch once when I could just rent it for 4 bucks or better yet borrow it from my friends movie collection, he has over 200 movies so far.