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  • Originally posted by TigranJamharian i am pretty racist actually ill tell you guys but you better not tell anyone. i dont know what to make of it but i have 2 black friends but on the inside i really dont like blacks, i try to tell myself that its okay to be racist and their friends because they are educated and honest good guys while a lot of the black population is uneducated/ criminal but i feel bad.

    anyway i also am racist against turks, azeris, zionists like anon said(except that they are not a race), pakistanis, chinks, koreans, puerto ricans, oh and also people who call themselves "americans"
    I resent anyone who really cannot distinguish the difference between RACIST and PREJUDICE. You are PREJUDICE not RACIST. The difference is really just one word has a more lighter effect/meaning than the other.


    • It's amazing how we have created words and isms and conflict when there was none.

      "Racist" is a modern term. It did not exist in 1900. You want to know why? There was no civil rights movement then.

      Even then, the first President for the "NAACP" was a Jew. Jews also formed the bulk of the civil rights movement as the "whites" who went down south to create "equality" ( the premise of Communism/Socialism).

      Jews have for the most part, created and profited from the politics of race and immigration. Of course, I am a "racist" for saying this, mind you there is ample documentation for this.

      I posted this before, but I was attacked by the eggplant for posting an article by Paul Grubach, who takes an non-pc stance on the issue of race.


      By Paul Grubach

      In May and August of 2000, the American mass media reported upon the results of two major studies of human genetics. What's most interesting about these research projects--and the newspaper accounts that brought them to the public's attention--is that they highlight the hypocritical double standard in regard to the study of race which is so deeply ingrained in the American mainstream media and major segments of the scientific community.

      In the May 9, 2000, issue of the NEW YORK TIMES (NYT), America's most influential and important newspaper, and in other major media outlets, there were stories about a major study of Jewish genetics. The news accounts emphasized how Jews DIFFER from non-Jews in a genetic sense, and how a DNA-based study found that Jews have maintained their unique genetic identity over the centuries. One big message was perfectly clear--Jews are genetically separate from Gentiles.

      Commenting upon the study of Jewish genetics published in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, (NYT) noted: "The analysis provides genetic witness that these [Jewish] communities have, to a remarkable extent, retained their biological identity separate from their host populations, evidence of relatively little intermarriage or conversion into Judaism over the centuries." 1

      Ohio's most important newspaper, the PLAIN DEALER, reported: "After the first major Jewish exile of 586 B.C., when Jews dispersed across Europe and North Africa, Jews largely retained their genetic identity, one that was formed in the Middle East according to the study..." 2

      While noting the common biological ancestry of Jews and Arabs, the articles emphasized that Jewish groups from various parts of the world are more similar to each other in a genetic sense than to the Gentile populations they reside next to.

      But three months later, the mass media and a segment of the scientific community sang quite another tune. The August 22, 2000, issue of NYT carried a prominent story about the Human Genome Project and the idea of "race," which was clearly referring to the traditional categories of Caucasian, Asian, and Black, categories which do not divide the world up into Jews and non-Jews.

      The title of the articles reveal the message being conveyed. The PLAIN DEALER: "Race No More Than Skin Deep, DNA indicates." 3 The NEW YORK TIMES: "Do Races Differ? Not Really, DNA Shows." 4 That is to say, Whites, Asians and Blacks are not really biologically different--but three months earlier we were told that populations of Jews and non-Jews do in fact differ in a biological sense.

      The published accounts attempted to show that the Human Genome Project "has demonstrated that the idea of race is meaningless." 5 They contained claims that scientific knowledge accords with the following sentiment: "Regardless of race or creed, we really ARE all kin beneath the skin." 6

      Consider this most telling statement: "Scientists have long suspected that the racial categories recognized by society are not reflected at the genetic level. But the more closely that researchers examine the human genome...the more most of them are convinced that the standard labels used to distinguish people by 'race' have little or no biological meaning." 7

      Wait one-second! Back in May the American people were told that significant differences between Jews and non-Jews can be found at the genetic level, and the label of "Jew" does in fact have a biological meaning.

      It was reported on August 22 that scientists at the National Institutes of Health recently announced that they had put together a draft of the entire sequence of the human genome, and the researchers had unanimously declared, there is only one race--the human race. 8

      Yet, on May 9 the mass media and a segment of the scientific establishment were telling listeners that Jews and non-Jews are not necessarily of one race, as they are genetically distinct from one another.

      This is a clear example of ideological bias. When genetic differences are found between Jews and non-Jews, they are interpreted as "meaningful." However, when genetic differences are found between Whites, Blacks or Asians, they are interpreted as "superficial and inconsequential."

      The subliminal message may be the following. Jews are genetically different from non-Jews and must work to preserve their genetic makeup. However, Whites, Blacks and Asians are really not different from each other; they should all integrate and not be concerned about preserving their genetic identities.

      Why the double standard in regard to the issue of race?

      In his classic work on the sociology of knowledge, IDEOLOGY AND UTOPIA, Karl Mannheim noted that in any society a large part of the prevailing ideologies, world-view, and "moral" judgments reflect the sociopolitical interests of that society's power elites and controlling elements. 9 One of the most powerful and influential of these elements in American society is the Jewish political and cultural establishment. 10

      Definite forms of social consciousness derive from the fact that the Jewish-Zionist elite possesses the power and authority to impose its values--inclusive of the racial double standard in regard to the race issue--upon the mass media and segments of the scientific community. 11 Most people never think to question these preformed patterns of thought, and thus, remain locked in a dogmatic slumber.

      When the values and ideological biases of powerful elites act as distorting influences upon the acquisition of scientific knowledge, social and intellectual progress becomes impeded. Let us rid ourselves of this hypocritical double standard in regard to racial issue.



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      10. The following is a small sample of the many works which document the power and influence of the Jewish political and cultural establishment. J.J. Goldberg, JEWISH POWER; INSIDE THE AMERICAN JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT (Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1996; Kevin MacDonald, THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE: AN EVOLUTIONARY ANALYSIS OF JEWISH INVOLVEMENT IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY INTELLECTUAL AND POLITICAL MOVEMENTS (Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, 1998); Neal Gabler, AN EMPIRE OF THEIR OWN: HOW THE JEWS INVENTED HOLLYWOOD (New York: Crown Publishers, 1988): Paul Findley, THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT: PEOPLE AND INSTITUTIONS CONFRONT ISRAEL'S LOBBY (Westport, Conn.: Lawrence Hill & Co., 1985).
      11. For an excellent discussion of Jewish influence upon the scientific establishment, see Kevin MacDonald.

      Last edited by Anonymouse; 01-15-2004, 11:17 PM.
      Achkerov kute.


      • if it makes me a racist for agreeing with you

        then by God I'm the most racist xxxx you ever met.
        I was, I am, and I will always be the Monster!


        • answer my previous question about georgian armenians


          • I believe people shouldn't be given things

            its another country ofcourse its gonna be hard let em work for their xxxx and not be a bunch of criminals and "goxakaner" like they act they are.

            when you make a reputation as a son of a xxxxx you gonna get treated like a son of a xxxxx. and besides i still think the gerogians are going easy on them.
            I was, I am, and I will always be the Monster!


            • in few words "" jew colonialism on the people of the earth'' LOL...

              BUt the reality what they really do is total control and domination political , religious , economic , intellectual , ideological ...etc and..The control and domination always results in alienation which manifests itself in many ways e. g. escapism , religious fundamentalism , political sectarianism ,deological fanaticism , fear , flight , greed , self-importance , groupings , landlessness , fatalism ..YES,lol GOd created them to punish all human beings...all they do is create chaos....JEHUD ...
              I'm a monstrous mass of vile, foul & corrupted matter.


              • Originally posted by sleuth in few words "" jew colonialism on the people of the earth'' LOL...

                BUt the reality what they really do is total control and domination political , religious , economic , intellectual , ideological ...etc and..The control and domination always results in alienation which manifests itself in many ways e. g. escapism , religious fundamentalism , political sectarianism ,deological fanaticism , fear , flight , greed , self-importance , groupings , landlessness , fatalism ..YES,lol GOd created them to punish all human beings...all they do is create chaos....JEHUD ...
                I don't know about that, but they do wield more influence than anyone.

                A follow up question is, why were Jews always exiled from most societies at one point or another?
                Achkerov kute.


                • because they stir xxxx up
                  they always create problems and come out the victim in it no matter how its resolved.
                  I was, I am, and I will always be the Monster!


                  • Originally posted by PASAMONSTER because they stir xxxx up
                    they always create problems and come out the victim in it no matter how its resolved.
                    Well, that's what the civil rights movement caused.

                    There were no gang banging ghettos and blacks in drugs prior to the civil rights movement. The affirmitive action, welfarism, and the overall feeling that they are entitled to something in the guise of "equality" has made them so.
                    Achkerov kute.


                    • exactly.
                      I was, I am, and I will always be the Monster!