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Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

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  • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

    It’s time for the US Congress to scrap the sanctions on Azerbaijan

    Pool-hustling Minnesota Fats couldn’t find a better foreign policy “bank shot” than that presented to US President Donald Trump by the visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also made a historic visit to Azerbaijan not long ago. Israel and Azerbaijan are close.

    Azerbaijan, like Israel, lives in a dangerous place. Besides neighboring Armenia occupying 20% of its national territory, Azerbaijan shares borders with Russia and Iran, both of which have in the past invaded Azerbaijan and divided it between themselves. Russia continues to concern itself with events in the Caucasus Mountains, as it has for hundreds of years.

    Iran claims a “fraternal” relationship with Azerbaijan yet publicly decries Azerbaijan’s close relationship with Israel.

    Azerbaijan’s importance is strategic geographically, as the world’s only nation that borders Russia and Iran, and as a major energy producer of oil and natural gas. Besides geography and energy, Azerbaijan remains a key US partner in a challenging region and has world-class religious tolerance, unique in the Muslim world.

    The new Trump administration offers an opportunity for the US to help its ally Israel and to cultivate energy-rich Azerbaijan as an ally. Israel needs Azerbaijani oil and Azerbaijan is building its self-defense capability with arms purchases from Israel. The US is prohibited from supplying weapons to Azerbaijan under current law. The prohibition was instituted in 1992.

    In the fall of 1992, just a year after Azerbaijan declared independence from the Soviet Union, professional lobbyists from the small Armenian-American community (476,000 total US population, 2010) convinced Congress to ban non-humanitarian economic aid and weapons sales to Azerbaijan, when it adopted Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. Their argument: Azerbaijan had imposed an “illegal blockade” on Armenia during the course of the Armenian- controlled Nagorno-Karabakh war. The lobbyists convinced the Democrat-controlled Congress at the time that Armenian starvation was imminent.

    Nobody starved. There was no truth in the claim that Azerbaijan had instituted a crippling blockade: Armenia’s hundreds of kilometers of open border with the Republic of Georgia were in fact unaffected as were supplies (through Georgia) from Russia and through its southern border with Iran. Nonetheless, the 907 sanctions remain in effect 25 years later.
    The Armenian lobby is still at it in the meantime. Recently an Armenian writer, Dr. Areg Galstyan, a regular contributor to The National Interest, Forbes and the head of the American Studies Research Center (Russia) referred in The Hill to that blockade 25 years ago with these words; “this blockade, which prohibited the United States to provide aid to Azerbaijan is due to the aggressive actions against Armenians in [Nagorno-Karabakh] and illegal blockade of the border with Armenia.”

    What Galstyan does not understand is that an invaded country is not required to feed the invading country. Closing the border with the invading country seems to be logical exercise by the invaded country.

    After all, it is being invaded.

    While the congressional prohibitions have been in force, the United States has showered Armenia with $2 billion worth of aid, while its aid to Azerbaijan was limited to “humanitarian” aid only. Congress has provided a waiver procedure which presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama used to grant some aid to Azerbaijan. Undoubtedly President Donald Trump will continue issuing waivers.

    A better solution would be for the Republican-led Congress to scrap Section 907 altogether to allow more aid to pro-American Azerbaijan in its self-defense. It buys weapons from Israel, Israel buys oil from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan buys weapons from Russia. Azerbaijan pays cash.

    Recently Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Azerbaijan.

    On that day, oil flowed 1700 km.

    through a pipeline from Azerbaijan to fuel the energy needs of Israeli households. A short time earlier Azerbaijan had announced it was buying Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

    Azerbaijan and Israel face similar existential threats, Azerbaijan from Armenia and Israel from Iran. Their existence is important to the US.

    The US should and must pay close attention to the Azerbaijan-Israeli relationship.

    To that end, the US is fortunate to have a new secretary of state – Rex Tillerson – who may be the bestinformed American ever to serve as our foreign minister, in particular to the Middle East-Russian and Caucasus region. Tillerson’s experience doing business with Russia and Azerbaijan is priceless in dealing with the region.

    It probably is no accident that US Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently met with Russian Gen. Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian military’s General Staff, in Baku, Azerbaijan, of all places.

    Besides military aid, the US (and NATO) could provide military training and support to Azerbaijan. More importantly, perhaps President Trump and Secretary Tillerson can exercise our co-chairmanship of OSCE’s Minsk Group (Organization for Security and Cooperation) to end Armenia’s 25-year old invasion of Azerbaijan and occupation of one-fifth of the country.

    Peace can enrich and stabilize the entire region. So can greater US presence.

    Having a Muslim friend in a turbulent region that allows all religions (Muslim, Jewish and Christian) to co-exist is a valuable asset to the US, to Israel and the world in general. Secretary Tillerson knows this. So, too, must Russia, Armenia and Iran.


    • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

      Blatant propaganda straight from the Israeli propaganda machine.
      Narrow minded crap from the yahoody connivers.
      Such sleazy j.ew.ish govt conduct is open for all to see. Simply read the post preceding this post.
      The twisting of the truth is a shameful act Israel utilizes often.
      Disgusting jerks are what the Israeli govt is made of.


      • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

        Russian Military Presence Still Vital For Armenia, Says Defense Chief

        Russian military presence in Armenia remains a “very important” element of the country’s national security strategy, Defense Minister Vigen Sargsian said in an interview published on Wednesday.

        Sargsian also told the RIA Novosti that Armenia stands ready to further deepen its broader military cooperation with Russia.

        “Russia is our strategic ally,” he said. “This is how we view the ongoing cooperation with Russia in terms of training of military personnel, in the military-technical sphere and in the military-political dialogue. We think that it’s an inseparable complex. We are open to and ready for a further intensification of this dialogue.”

        As part of that alliance, up to 5,000 Russian troops have been stationed in Armenia ever since the Soviet breakup. Sargsian called the Russian military base headquartered in Gyumri “an important factor of deterrence.”

        “We consider its presence in Armenia to be a very important component of the security system of our country,” he added.

        The Russian base also has hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery systems as well as around two dozen MiG-29 fighter jets. Moscow has bolstered it with helicopter gunships and other military hardware since a 2010 Russian-Armenian agreement extended its basing rights in Armenia to 2044.

        Sargsian did not deny reports that the Russian military has also deployed its newly developed Nebo-M radar systems to the Gyumri base recently.

        Armenian leaders have long said that Armenia hosts Russian troops on its territory primarily because of a perceived security threat from Turkey, rather than Azerbaijan. From Yerevan’s perspective, the Russian military presence precludes Turkey’s direct military intervention on Azerbaijan’s side in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

        Some of the Russian troops in Armenia and an Armenian army unit make up a Russian-Armenian military force set up in 2000. Sargsian and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu signed an agreement in November last year on reinforcing “the united group of troops.” It is still not clear whether the joint contingent will be enlarged as a result.

        The military alliance with Russia has also enabled Armenia to receive Russian weapons at discounted prices or even for free. Sargsian emphasized the fact that Yerevan is using a $200 million loan extended by Moscow in 2015 for buying various Russian weapons at Russia’s “internal prices.” Some of that military hardware has already been delivered to Armenia ahead of schedule, he said without elaborating.

        “We will continue the dialogue with the Russian side on the possibility of acquiring weapons in the Russian market,” Sargsian told RIA Novosti.

        The $200 million loan reportedly does not cover Russian state-of-the-art Iskander missiles that were supplied to the Armenian army and first demonstrated by it at a military parade in Yerevan in September. Sargsian refused to disclose financial terms of that acquisition.

        The 41-year-old minister insisted that the missile systems belong to Armenia and are operated by Armenian army officers. He described them as a “weapon of deterrence,” in a clear reference to the Karabakh dispute.

        President Serzh Sarkisian likewise said in November that the Iskander missiles are an “antidote” against Azerbaijan’s possible attempts to achieve a military solution to the dispute.

        With a firing range of at least 300 kilometers, Iskander is known for their precision and ability to overcome modern missile defense shields.
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        • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

          Դիմանկարներ Արցախի սահմանից


          • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

            our Police got update ^^

            Last edited by HyeFighter2; 02-22-2017, 10:47 PM.
            Armenian Military Portal


            • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

              Originally posted by HyeFighter2 View Post
              our Police got update ^^

              Come on man be nice and link us to the video


              • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                Originally posted by HyeFighter2 View Post
                our Police got update ^^

                For what? Suppressing protests?
                We don't have Islamic terrorism in Armenia.


                • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                  Originally posted by armnuke View Post
                  For what? Suppressing protests?
                  We don't have Islamic terrorism in Armenia.
                  That does not mean we shouldn't have very equipped Police.


                  • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                    Originally posted by ASALA2116 View Post
                    That does not mean we shouldn't have very equipped Police.
                    The problem is when still to this day a large part of front line soldiers are lacking in simple things like elbow and kneepads, googles, reflex sights, more than 4 magazines etc, but SWAT decked out with the best. Yes, Armenian SWAT shouldn't be equipeed with junk (especially after last July) but, the imediate threat is clearly external. Just one simple (small) examples during the protests in July the police used some shiny new bared wire, yet on the front lines soldiers make the barbed wire themselves and attach cans onto them for added warning (altho effective). Don't you feel some conflict within you when the state heavilly invest into their own insurance plan, when that gear could better serve every Armenian, on the front lines. That gear is two three hundred kilomiters from where it should be in my opinion.
                    Mihi vindictam ego retribuam dicit Dominus


                    • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                      Originally posted by armnuke View Post
                      For what? Suppressing protests?
                      We don't have Islamic terrorism in Armenia.
                      To defend Serg against Sasna Tsrer I guess... This is his personal army. As much as he would love to he can not have control on the army fully. If the high ranked generals get fed up they can make the army turn against him in one hour. Just like in Turkey. During the coup the police served as personal army for Erdogan.
                      I agree that this money should go to the frontline.