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Regional geopolitics

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  • Re: Regional geopolitics

    Your point was, to put is in a childish language, for some fans here:

    What is Russia doing with us and azerbaijan is quite normal behavior for any superpower, and as an example you gave the US behavior in two situations:

    1- US/UK during WWII
    2- Israel /Arab countries.

    Yet again. in a childish language, you couldn’t have chosen more IRRELEVANT examples.
    If you had used the organ you are afraid others would do wash,..... might be you would have find a more related example in Africa, or elsewhere in the ME? Let’s for say Iran/Irak war…. nevertheless, you did chose these 2 examples yourself.

    1- First example is so absurd, it doesn’t need a discussion. Remember, in first part of WWII the US was not the strategic ally of the British Empire. It was a neutral nation, at least officially, even if Rossevelt was in heart and mind pro-brittish... you had natzi gatherings among german communities accross the US.
    The US entered war after Pearl Harbor, that is 7 of Dec 1941, and a couple of days later, against III Reich & Mussolini, the day Hitler declared war against the US by launching a full U-Boat attack on the atlantic shores of the american continent.
    So, in a very childish comparison, what the US gave to the III Reich, BEFORE the active alliance part, that is after 7 dec 1941, and declaration of War with Japan, to the III Reich is equivalent to Russia selling tires or oil lubricants to azerbaijan nowdays. After that date, the talk is useless..... Or on the other version, what Russia is giving to Baku today, would have corresponded to 30.000 B17 bombers the US would have given the III Reich….
    So we said absurd.

    2- The second example you took is the exact opposite, "conter argument" you could have chosen, provided you used your bright organ others like to wash.
    Myself, I couldn’t have dreamed for us half the quality of the strategic alliance US/Israel. That kind of a strategic ally is just a dream, no one else ever reproduced, nowhere on this globe, in our days. If I am wrong, please correct me?

    Nevertheless, since you were the one to chose that example, let’s have a look.

    Not only the US did not sell 10% of what it offers free for most of the time to Israel to any Arab country, even allies of Israel (that is exact opposite what Russia behaves), but I know of not an example of a sale corresponding to a « knife" to anyone in hostile active operations against Israel.
    Want it or not, you gave the exact conter behavior of russian « style » toward us.

    So, your argument was, the sole arms dealer keeps the balance between the two sides, by making money, and not allowing war. (again, childish language for the fan of that art).
    As long as there is only one dealer providing two sides (in our case Russia, in Israeli case the US), we should be happy, since small risk of war, we should worry if others come in. (once again, childish words, even if the logic too seems childish to me )
    I say, quite the contrary: in that specific case You chose yourself, the balance is kept by the HUGE DISBALANCE of arms supplies.
    Simply said: Exact opposite of what we have ++++

    And sorry, I am not a specially obsessed by you, to make a reverse reading of your existant or inexistant posts, to analyse your opinion.
    Once again, your opinion is of few interest. The question is the facts. FACTS. Facts you may use to make your assertions, opinions, affirmations, .....
    I ask you facts.
    But you just can’t post something that does not exist??
    I defy you to prove me wrong, and I will be happy to admitt my error, and apologise (something you seem unable to)
    Please feel the pain, and post us a second time that sensational information you may hold


    For Mr Dovarishe Hakob:
    My dear, when lacking arguments, propagandist tend to see in others their equivalent.
    If you have something to say, or post, no matter russian propaganda: Pajalsta !

    Second, Artashes didn't uncover or derail your imaginary propaganda... since I have highlighted myself the in red the name and quality of the pen. All the interest of the post was that... but it seems your haste to argue blinds your capacities lately...

    Once again in a childish recap:
    - The matter of the receptacles/Media was debated already widely. I do not see the need of a repeat, specially with same individuals, already matched. If ever new comers, please to go to the dedicated thread, and stop polluting this one (I would have never believed, I would say such a thing myself… but apparently never say never )
    - I am not responsible of the entire editorials of any receptacle/Media. I can answer only on what I repost, and even that does not mean I agree 100% of the content.... thinking that is just stupid. It would mean I am the author of all the articles myself..., I live in a dozen of countries, speak a dozen of languages, work 48h/day....simultaneously.....
    I repeat, I post = I think the content of any interest.
    I take the pain to write= my opinion. So, no matter if it does suit every person, (and of course it can't) I am responsible for only what I write.
    I read every source available to me, and if you look well, I post a lot of russian propaganda too, when I consider it relevant. The point is, the same guys who are fans of russian propaganda, do not realize it is russian…., so well they are brainwashed. It is not my fault, if you are not informed or alert enough….
    - So, I tend to read a lot, and do post what I think of any interest, to anybody interested and adult: that is able of using his mind, and able of analyzing for himself, making his own opinion, with the widest range of information panel. I myself learn a lot, by reading on matters I do not master or receive first hand information from some posts, on this same forum. I tend to think, others do the same, and do not necessarily interpret what is evident to me, unless I think of the necessity of highlight, on matters not always well known, even if I am wrong, and might be some or all readers do master, in which case sorry for bothering them.
    - It is common, that people, specially unilaterally brainwashed peoples, deprived of statehood, and thus of a national minded state propaganda, like ourselves, are uncomfortable with any information that shakes their certitudes.
    Nevertheless, I think, we should read and learn the whole panel, on every matter we are interested in. ++++To each individual to make his mind.+++

    Only totalitarian regimes tend to digest the analysis, and impose ONE and UNIQUE state of mind, depriving the individuals from that capacity. Lately the last argument of my dear Dovarishe Hakop freezes that level… "when he asked me to keep the omerta on russian role »…. (childish reinterpretation, since have no time to search for that specific quote)

    Now, honestly speaking:
    How many of you, did knew about what happened on 12-13 of June 1992 in Artsakh war? About the fact, that virtually all defeats were against russian forces, russian organized formations on the move with an order from the Kreml, (and not only mercenaries, widely labelled as by pro russian media) ,that most of our best known heroes in Artsakh war were killed by russian fired bullets or shells (granted they were 99.99% CCCP made)?
    Do you remember the outraged reactions, in the beginning, when I began reminding that disturbing facts?
    Well, this was news for this forum, even if unwelcomed for some.
    But believe it or not, it was much more of a shock for those boys and populations who where the eyewithnesses… so never mind your psychological uncomfort.
    But what was news for here, was, and will ever be a well known, non challenged fact, sad of course, yet a fact, anybody having been at least a day, in any parts of Martakert, Shahumyan, Hadrut, Pertatzor, Stepanakert, (that is ….95% of NKR), Voskepar, Noyemberyan, Ijevan, Armash, Surenavan, Nrnatzor, Akarag… (that is at lest 50% of active operations zone of RA/Raz) does know from first hand.

    The truth is disturbing, yet it remains truth.
    Same goes for the rest…

    Sorry for the disruption I bring to brainwashed minds.
    Yet I think, facts must be known, the same way I like to learn facts, even if very unpleasant and challenging to my own certitudes.
    That’s how I do function, that’s how It happens that I change my mind …

    The only thing I know, is that you never know everything.

    So anybody able to post information, even if russian, turkish, chineese, kurdish…., that can possibly change my mind, is welcomed by me.
    For myself, I will continue same style, and yet again sorry for disturbing your certitudes.
    If not interested, no one forces you to read.
    There are lot of threads, you can just switch to an other. For more fanatics, there is RT.
    For the old bolsheviks, Sovetakan Hayastan is already history, but I think Pravda is still published : pajalsta !

    PS: for the last point, I am not sure laugh, it is just presumption.
    Last edited by Vrej1915; 09-23-2015, 03:37 PM.


    • Re: Regional geopolitics

      Can't remember which source , but today I read this statement by a USA official ...
      ..... We (USA) are concerned that the sudden build up of Russia in Syria might cause instability in Syria.

      Let's see, a quarter million killed, 50% driven from their homes, virtually all cities are piles of masonry, and USA is worried about Russia bringing instability to the region.
      Even a sewage plant doesn't stink that bad.
      Who do you think this garbage is aimed at ? Could it be you and me ?


      • Re: Regional geopolitics

        I see that lot of us, "brainwashed" ones finally got under your skin.
        Lol hard to push one sided propaganda nowadays ha?
        I know you will answer this too.
        My word is the same to you as always. Chape chanachi eghbair.
        Yes, you post some very good and interesting articles sometimes. But don't think that people here are going to take lot of the crap that you post like melted butter(halats yugh).
        The events in 1992 you've talked about, people know very well, I myself, from a cousin fighting with group from edgmiadzin. But it is only you directed by your motives and foreign funded figures tru funded publications that tried and tries to use them for a purpose that is being directed from abroad and Is aimed in acheiving certain goals, which some of us think will bring great harm to our homeland if taken without awareness of what the real purpose of this activities are.
        You are not trying to educate like you pretend, or free the "slaves".
        Your aim is not discussion or information exchange, but a simple political manipulation.
        Your weight is as much as what you post so eagerly...
        Last edited by Hakob; 09-23-2015, 05:49 PM.


        • Re: Regional geopolitics

          Even anti-Russians have some barriers, but Vrej does not.


          • Re: Regional geopolitics

            Originally posted by Hakob View Post
            I see that lot of///so eagerly...
            My dear,
            a- First I post usually in post I create, according thematics well identified. No one not interested is forced to read those threads where I am usually the only poster.

            I consider, that if something did make an interest for me, it might as well be interesting for someone else.

            And as I said, I am grateful to anybody posting interesting articles, useful for me. I do not necessarily comment on each article interesting me, to thank the poster.
            Let them be thanked here.
            A lot others, stinking propaganda from either side, I just smile and pass.

            b - Frankly speaking, I do not read most other threads with topic uninteresting for me. The sole page I look, is Armenian politics, and the sole thread I do read systematically is Burjuin’s. Let him be thanked here for his job.
            I specially chose an abandoned thread for military matters I post, just to avoid polluting Burjuin’s thread by the replies of some maniacs like Dumdum…

            c - Your opinion is interesting, when argumented, as it is one of the rare ones with some argumentation, most of the time. Lately you changed, out of ?? no matter. But at the moment you lack intellectual honesty, or verbal courtesy, you must expect same , as a rule. Once again, as a rule, I am rarely the first to hit under the mark, and I do accept my error if I am proven wrong. At least I hope so…. Opinions without argumentation, or not based on facts are not what I look for, so I tend to not reply.

            d - What you do believe or not is your affair. If you have facts or argumentation, demonstration, you do interest me. If not, sorry, but I do not change my mindset just to please your peace of mind.

            e - Let me doubt a bit, about you knowledge in russian role during Artsakh war, remembering your first reactions. Nevertheless, what you ask, that is omerta, is the exact crime you are accusing me off…. so from my point of view, you are the one wishing to manipulate, as does all the pro-russian propaganda mashine, the power structures under russian control in Armenia. So I do not accept your opinion on this, and do think these hidden events (I am happy to learn it is well known for you, even I do doubt once again, but it is largely unknown to 90% of Yerevantzis, having no direct experience of the war.), need to be widely propagated for two major reasons:

            1- Our people must know, that it is alone, an there is nothing new in it. It is harsh, yet reality. Certainly not the end of the world, if not we would not be arround to debate by now. If need be, we must be ready to fire on the russian soldiers attacking, as they did in 1920-21, or 1989-92 (granted against french, british, american, jaoaneese if they do attack us too). I do understand, that for most armchair generals, the meaning is not that evident, but for anybody having experienced the shock of an unexpected attack, by an unexpected enemy (not to say considered to be your ally), the usefulness of such an education is evident. If by this doing, we can spare ourselves the same situation as in 1992, any cost is worth it.
            2- The fact that truth is widely known, and thus omerta is cracked, is such disturbing for Russians, that in itself might be a good preventive measure. I’m in no way sure of the result, but if ever it may force them to think twice next time, that is worth any cost. Thus, anybody asking me to avoid the subject, is suspect instinctively.

            f - When people are short of argument, they begin labelling and finding foreign manipulation: But let me ask you 2 questions I already asked, and you never replied:
            1- What is the media that is supposed not sponsored by abroad, we are allowed to quote, since everything, no matter how wide the panel is, is considered foreign sponsored? Are russian backed media considered foreign?
            2- Is there anything that is not a propaganda?

            And last, for the pain: Returning the courtesy, as you earned it by now: for whom are you working, are you paid enough in rubles? ( I would suggest you ask almaz or platin…, less devaluation risk)


            • Re: Regional geopolitics

              Եգիպտոսը կգնի ֆրանսիական «Միստրալ»-ները
              23 Սեպտեմբերի 2015,

              Եգիպտոսի ներկայացուցիչները պայմանավորվել են Ֆրանսիայի հետ Ռուսաստանի համար նախատեսված 2 «Միստրալ» տեսակի ուղղաթիռակիրների գնման մասին: Այդ մասին հայտնում է РИА Новости-ն` վկայակոչելով Ելիսեյան պալատի հայտարարությունը:

              Ավելի վաղ ԶԼՄ-ներում տեղեկություն էր տարածվել, որ Եգիպտոսը պատրաստվում է գնել ֆրանսիական «Միստրալ»-ները:

              Հիշեցնենք, որ Մոսկվայի և Փարիզի միջև համապատասխան գործարքը չեղարկվել է:
              NB: I remind, that here was posted one of the first news about this deal, from israelyan source. It was the presented as part of a global israeli/egyptian/saudi alliance reinforcement plan, financed by the Saouds.
              This is one of the few type of armament Israel does not have till now, and not because they can't, but just that they do not need such an equipment. Plus, this equipment is absolutely harmless to them, even if we may imagine a shift of alliance in the future....


              • Re: Regional geopolitics

                I see a Love affair

                Vrej has the right to post as much as any other member......especially when he starts his post with "My dear"
                B0zkurt Hunter


                • Re: Regional geopolitics

                  About a cousin that you doubt. I will tell you his name. Hussik Gyozalian. One of the first Armenian POWs in war. From Shahgeldian's group, taken in kelbajar by soviet soldiers chasing them by helicopter. One Other Armenian and a Russian soldier dead in that skirmish. He was then handed over to Azeris and paraded in baku in jeep as a prize. Humiliated and tortured for months.

                  Later he was exchanged with an Azeri kapitan or something. That Azeri was kept by us in basement for fiew months for the exchange.

                  I don't care what you believe or not. That is your right. But it is very much my interest as what "facts" you are circulating.
                  I have posted article's that are pro or anti Russian. I don't have any attraction or attachment about Russia.
                  When I criticize west it is because of their policies. Here for half truth posts or manipulations put forward, designed in creating atmosphere and with consequence here and part of bigger picture at home.
                  Example, you start with "Russia has always saved turkey". With a little nudging, you now say that Russia has saved turkey in 1921/22. Aha, this is more like it. The difference is big. Because there are the ones that really saved turkey of which you won't talk about. This is a critical matter, as those factors you tend to forget and are, in effect still the same.
                  I am not pretending to post academic essays, or wanna be historian. I'll put it more simple this way.
                  When there is a post here it is for others to read. No post can pollute unless someone thinks this posts are for pure purpose, in which case they have to be honest. Not half truths.
                  And for your pain: stop seeing others with your own lense.
                  Last edited by Hakob; 09-24-2015, 12:11 AM.


                  • Re: Regional geopolitics

                    Originally posted by Vrej1915 View Post
                    My Dear,
                    Fist I did NOT ASK YOUR OPINION.
                    I asked you FACTS, proving your assertions.
                    I cannot tell the future.
                    Therefore anything said is my opinion.

                    My opinions are made based on historic events, concluded and ongoing.
                    Also how other superpowers have handled such situations.

                    on the ground historic examples could be
                    Greece Turkey, Greece (Cyprus) Turkey, Arab Israel also Egypt and Israel etc.

                    My point of argument was that mixed with selective facts is the agenda of a certain power even at the cost of our interests.
                    That is where your credibility is put in doubt.

                    I want to add, no country or superpower will help another country if it does not see immediate or long term benefit.
                    Forget anybody will help us because they like us, because we are Christians and all other fantasists come out with.

                    You admitted yourself how France sold us down the river twice because it coincided with its interest. Nothing else mattered.
                    I dare say the Russians or the Bolsheviks have behaved similarly.

                    I hope the lesson to us all will be not to be on the umbilical chord of a single superpower both economically and militarily.
                    Politics is not about the pursuit of morality nor what's right or wrong
                    Its about self interest at personal and national level often at odds with the above.
                    Great politicians pursue the National interest and small politicians personal interests


                    • Re: Regional geopolitics

                      Originally posted by Hakob View Post
                      About a cousin tha///own lense.
                      I did not sait I doubt about your cousin. Every armenian may have someone having faught. Respect for him.
                      I doubt you have the real sense of the russian participation against us. If you did, your reaction would have been different.

                      Now, when did I said Russia ALWAYS saved Turkey??

                      You disrespect yourself by manipulating that grossly my words.
                      First, find my post.
                      Then we will continue.