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Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

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  • Eddo211
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    I think the best example of trolling is the title of this thread of yours bells, painting Armenia as either a Fascistic or religious extremist.

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  • bell-the-cat
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    Moderators, please delete the above example of trolling and reprimand Hakob.

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  • Hakob
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    The CBS Television Network continues its streak of racism during its primetime programming, this time targeting Armenians with a stereotype that paints the entire community as thieves.
    In Monday’s episode of CBS’s moderate-hit “2 Broke Girls,” when a new cappuccino maker is brought into the cupcake store by a co-worker, he says he bought it for a cheap price from a person who stole it but sells it at a profit, adding “it’s the Armenian way.” When the character is pressed that he is not Armenian, he says “I know. But, it’s the Armenian way.”
    Incidentally, this not a first for the show or the network!
    In 2011, The Hollywood Reporter wrote about the racial stereotypes peppered in the scripts of “2 Broke Girls” against a Korean character.
    This summer, however, saw the most blatant racism from CBS, when several cast members of its hit reality series “Big Brother” used racist slurs to describe or speak to fellow African-American and Asian cast members. The network, at the time, defended its decision to include those parts, saying it might promote a national discussion on race.
    Ironically, it was on the very same network, where Julie Chen host of “Big Brother” and a co-host on “The Talk,” and wife of CBS President Les Moonves, revealed to viewers that in an earlier job as a television reporter, workplace racism forced her to get plastic surgery to enlarge her “Asian eyes.”
    Past characterization of Armenians in television shows from FX’s “The Shield,” Showtime’s “Weeds” and others have sparked a debate about how Armenians are characterized on television shows, with some opining that the fact that Armenians are even being mentioned in mainstream scripts is a step up.
    However, we have yet to see a depiction of an Armenian character in a television show—broadcast or cable—that reflects the history of the Armenian-American community and the great contribution our community has had in the advancement of American society. Instead, our community continues to be portrayed as gang members, thieves and drug dealers for dramatic and comedic effect.
    The number of Armenians in the entertainment industry continues to grow in an impressive pace both in front of and behind the camera, yet the depiction of Armenians on TV and films continues to degenerate.
    Perhaps, to expect CBS to draw the line at Armenians is a bit too much given their most recent streak of allowing racism on the airwaves for quick ratings, but certainly calling them on it will draw attention to this harmful trend disguised as entertainment.
    “2 Broke Girls” is produced by Warner Bros. Television and airs on CBS on Mondays.
    Peter Roth is President and Chief Content Officer, Warner Bros. Television Group, and President, Warner Bros. Television. Nina Tassler is Head of Entertainment at CBS.

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  • bell-the-cat
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    Armenian Eagles
    Headed by Khachik Asrian (HHK MP and deputy minister of sports and youth affairs)

    RFE/RL Armenia Report - 10/11/2013
    Press Review

    `Zhoghovurd' discusses the comments by head of the pro-establishment
    Armenian Eagles organization Khachik Asrian. In an interview with a
    local paper Asrian called for
    burning Postanjian at the stake for her question to the president at
    the PACE. "In normal countries if a state official makes hate speech,
    he or she will not only be dismissed from the government position but
    will at least be arrested. But this is in normal countries and not in
    Armenia where members of the ruling party enjoy their immunity from
    the paper writes.

    `Aravot' editorializes on the same subject: `It is several centuries
    now that burning people at the stake hasn't been practiced as a form
    of execution. Perhaps in the jungles of Africa that are quite a long
    way from the [Asrian's native] Syunik plateau some savage tribes still
    preserve this tradition, but those tribes are not members of the
    European People's Party as the HHK, they do not want `deep and
    comprehensive' free trade with Europe and do not participate in the
    `Bologna process'. And even in the [Russia-led] Customs and Eurasian
    Unions the morals and manners are not that savage.'

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  • bell-the-cat
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    Two new crops of idiots out to "save" Armenia from extinction.

    The Pan-Armenian Parental Committee - headed by Arman Boshyan

    and the

    No to Gender Perversion "public initiative" headed by Lia Avetisyan (Assistant Professor at the Department of Divinity, Yerevan State University), Vardan Khachatryan, and priest Grigor Hovhannisyan.

    Armenian civic groups call for annulling gender legislation

    “The definition goes beyond the traditional approach to the equality of rights between a men and woman, with the state committing itself ...

    The public initiative No to Gender Perversion and the Pan-Armenian Parental Committee ask the intellectual circles, NGOs, the media and individuals to take joint action to prevent what they call a perversive legislation.

    At a news conference on Saturday, publicist Lia Avetisyan characterized the authors of the law as “cheaters” who elaborated the measure with political motives. “With this law, our National Assembly demonstrated its low level,” she said, stressing the need of urgent measures to annul the controversial legal act.

    “The definition goes beyond the traditional approach to the equality of rights between a men and woman, with the state committing itself to protect - at the expense of the budget - the rights and interests of citizens with a gender behavior,” Avetisyan added.

    She said that the bill poses a threat to both the present and future generations.

    The civil groups also call for making necessary amendments to any laws and decisions that contain propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation. They propose instead organizing public debates over education reforms to address the more specific needs of the younger generation.

    Law of family superior to any law: opinions on Armenia’s gender equality law
    “The law of family is superior to any law. I am appealing to our people and asking them ‘Are you ready for homosexuals to educate your children?..’”

    The Law on Gender Equality poses a threat to Armenian families, publicist Lia Avetisyan, Assistant Professor at the Department of Divinity, Yerevan State University, Vardan Khachatryan, priest Grigor Hovhannisyan, and Coordinator of the all-Armenian parental committee Arman Boshyan told a press conference on gender equality.

    According to Ms Avetisyan, “shame on the one hundred and eight Parliament members that voted for the bill.”

    Mr Khachatryan said that the Armenian people has historically been free of perversive practices. This is a matter of national security.

    “If international laws are superior to national laws, the international laws must be submitted to public discussions as well,” he said.

    Priest Grigor Hovhannisyan said that the Church’s mission is education and enlightenment. But such laws pave the way for sin, and “Sodom and Gomorrah is the end.”

    The Church is determined to struggle against all the practices that pose a threat to families, he said.

    As to why most of the Armenian MPs voted for the bill, priest Hovhannisyan said: “Do not you know who our Parliament members are? The RPA [ruling Republican Party of Armenia] told them to adopt the bill and they pressed the buttons. Very few of them are interested in adopting such a bill. Some of them lacked the shrewdness to understand the matter.”

    Mr Boshyan stressed the need to realize that it is not the law that is in question.

    “The law of family is superior to any law. I am appealing to our people and asking them ‘Are you ready for homosexuals to educate your children?’”

    Avetisyan last bugbear was "J3wish music" - and she has firm opinions about cannibalism (we would all still be dining on humans if we had not been weaned off them by the much tastier Armenian cuisine) - and about why Valentine day cards lead to sex dolls

    But, evidently, she does not think gambling and casinos are against "ancient family values"
    Last edited by bell-the-cat; 08-17-2013, 04:42 PM.

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  • bell-the-cat
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    The "Hovhannes Imastaser Catholicos Odznetsi" charity foundation.
    Run by Movses Dzavaryan, a Armenian "businessman" who got rich in Russia, then richer still in Armenia.


    14:44, 4 April, 2013

    YEREVAN, AORIL 4, ARMENPRESS. "Hovhannes Imastaser Catholicos Odznetsi"
    charity foundation, the Artists' Union of Armenia and Writers' Union
    of Armenia singed a trilateral agreement on April 4. In accordance
    with the trilateral agreement the sides will assist and contribute to
    the preservation, reinforcement, and restoration of Armenia's cultural
    heritage. As reports "Armenpress" the Chairman of the Writers' Union
    of Armenia Levon Ananyan stated that he welcomes the initiative,
    which is aimed at the preservation of the spiritual heritage.

    Among other things the Chairman of the Writers' Union Levon Ananyan
    noted: "It's of a certain importance to make various classes of
    society denying culture to become culture-centered." In his words the
    agreement proves that the creative unions are willing to contribute
    to strengthening of the spiritual ties and work actively for that

    Ananyan also emphasized that he is hopeful that the launch and
    further development of this initiative will create corresponding
    cultural atmosphere.
    Last edited by bell-the-cat; 04-10-2013, 07:13 PM.

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  • bell-the-cat
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    Originally posted by bell-the-cat View Post
    I've been seeing a lot more of these appearing recently in Armenian news stories. Some of them seem to be one-man operations (usually formed so that some extremist nut-job can pontificate about how un-Armenian every other Armenian is compared to himself, and how the entire Armenian nation is heading towards extinction because of this).

    However, I wonder if many are actually front-organisations for other interests. So, I'm going to add here any news reports I find that mention such groups.
    A new one?

    Center for aid and rehabilitation to the victims of destructive cults
    Headed by Alexander Amaryan

    Mentioned in:

    Zhamanak: New sects penetrate into Armenia
    11:06 23/02/2013 DAILY PRESS

    Alexander Amaryan, head of the center for aid and rehabilitation to
    the victims of destructive cults, told Zhamanak that new sects had
    recently penetrated into Armenia and that they were among the
    Charismatic Churches.

    According to him, one of them is called Brides of God, the other
    Living Faith. At one time, they were funded by the same organization,
    but Living Faith became independent in 2004.


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  • bell-the-cat
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    Originally posted by TomServo View Post
    Those who are always blaming it on external influences seem to be searching for excuses for their behavior. Whether it was a result of Islamic or Russian influence, these are the attitudes of the average man in Armenia today (and some in the diaspora).

    There are certainly Muslims and people "living in proximity" to Muslims that do not behave in this way. Let's confront these issues head-on and stop making excuses and broad generalizations.

    Although the diasporas of all ethnic groups or minorities (or rather, those who take it upon themselves to speak for those diasporas, the often self-appointed communuity leaders who decide it is their "duty" to become the "guardians" of the community values) tend to express the most extreme fringes of ideologies or social opinions, and they are often more extreme that the typical views of those still living in the homeland.

    Maybe in Armenia, people who live like (or are forced to live like, or are treated as if they were) powerless sheep by those in positions of power, as a reaction behave like little Stalins (or little Ayatollas) when at home.

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  • Vahram
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    "reminds me of the rabiz razmik joke"

    Is that all it reminds you of?

    You know this reminds me of an old Armenian saying, small brain, stupid joke. Moral of the story is not to listen to people telling jokes with small brains, you will not laugh...LOL

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  • Odysseus
    Re: Fascistic or Religious Extremist Organisations Operating Inside Armenia

    Originally posted by Siggie View Post
    Quite so. I take quite a bit;most unfortunately of all, never so much so as from Armenian men who hypocritically think themselves to be chivalrous gentlemen.
    reminds me of the rabiz razmik joke, it goes something like this: His friend cusses in front of a girl and he smacks his friend, "dont cuss in front of girls, its disrespectful". Later that night he gets home and his wife yells at him, to which he responds by beating her.

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