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Iranian-Armenian relations

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  • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

    Originally posted by haysip View Post
    what an as$hole. just because ur half-human emipre conqured Hayq
    Go to Russia, and convince them you're human - a large fraction of them have attitudes like yours.

    And with attitudes like yours, if Armenia was a stock in the stock market, I'd sell ... because the future for growth looks bleak. Who is your next alliance with? Chechnya?

    Originally posted by Mos View Post
    ...You have proclaimed Armenia part of "Greater Iran" .... would like to see how your nation would have fared if it had the history that we have endured.
    Nothing you write on this website will determine what is or is not a part of Iran. Iran will determine how "Great" it is - not any single individual and not a small land mass clinging to life on its Northern border. If what you are saying is that you want to disavow Iran's historical borders, I suppose Iranians can disavow Armenia's claims too. Certainly there is a stronger historical basis and more evidence in favor of "Greater Iran" than "Greater Armenia." Why the double-standard? Why are you so comfortable talking about Greater Armenia, but want to stifle discussion of Iran's historical borders?
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    • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

      one just need to read a book about how the arabs islamized iran and how they humiliated the iranian people to understand why persepolis is trying to change all this defeats into victories. it is because of his inferiority complexes. he has forgotten that a bunch of macedonian xxxs destroyed persia and burnt persepolis, a great ancient city its name he has chosen as nickname. what is left from all this glory, what do people now accociate with names like "persepolis" ? maybe a second class soccer-team managed by a lisping azari ?
      it is really sad that such an childish person tries to represent iran. i know iran and i know a lot of iranian people and believe me this guy is a disgrace to iranians...
      you should watch out not to be lonely and surrounded by american, israeli-turkish wolfs waiting to turn iran into IRANESTAN...
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      • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

        Originally posted by HermanGerman View Post
        you should watch out not to be lonely and surrounded by american, israeli-turkish wolfs waiting to turn iran into IRANESTAN...
        Trust me, Iran makes a wrong move to Armenia, they will face that fate. We keep Israel/US at bay from their country via ours, but they wrong us, there's nothing stopping us from letting them engulf them and swallow their country. So it's in Iran's interest to be good with Armenia and maintain the current close relations.
        Մեկ Ազգ, Մեկ Մշակույթ
        "Western Assimilation is the greatest threat to the Armenian nation since the Armenian Genocide."


        • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

          Originally posted by Persopolis View Post
          I do agree that the land now called "Armenia" was called "Perso-Armenia" and that it was "handed" by your "leaders" to other people and is now a fraction of it once was. Do you deny that? Who is the "undeserving idiot"? The one who retains his land or the one that does not know how to build and maintain alliances and gives land away? Though the Turks couldn't control of Armenian land under Persian leadership for centuries, Armenian and Russian *leaders* laid waste to most of Armenian land.
          If Persians lived where Armenians did they would have been instinct as a race long time ago.....most of Iranians living outside Iran after the Islamic revolution already do not connect to Iran and incourage assimilation, granted Iran has a large population, but compared to Armenians who have persevered throughout the centuries Persians if numbered as we were/are wouldn't have stand a chance.

          Like I said, you don't know Armenians and you are not a Persian.
          B0zkurt Hunter


          • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

            lets not forget that this is the first map of the "world" and only Armenia survives until today. where is iran? there is no such thing as iran and they will come lateron in history...


            • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

              Well Vartan was right! We had a nice war with Persians and they lost a lot of blood. They did not dare come back for centuries. I think that is why Iran besides having smiliar genes likes us to this day. We made them like us becuase we fought so hard. All the Persians I know like Armenians. Persians like hanging with Armenians, and they do like us. So I'm wondering who this guy really is? Perhaps he is an azerbaboon wanabe posing as a Persian? That is the only thing that makes sense, this guy is not barsig, he is probably an azerbaboon.


              • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                i am not sure where u got the map of Urartu from cuz i just entered Urartu in google images and this is the first result


                • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                  Originally posted by Artsakh View Post
                  GREATER ARMENIA

                  Let's get a few facts straight.

                  1. The orange part of your Map stating "Greater Armenia" was land held by an Iranian tribe that founded the Arsacid Empire (Modern Persian: اشکانیان Ashkāniān). The Iranian-Arsacid map of "Greater Armenia" was land 100% controlled by Iranian rulers. "Greater Armenia" is Iranian-Armenia. Perso-Armenia (Eastern Armenia) was Arsacid inhabited land.

                  2. The Arsacid (ethnic Iranian-Armenians) came from Khorason Iran - North West Iran (NOT the Caucuses). They created and populated Perso-Armenia (a/k/a Eastern Armenia / Arsacid-Armenia / Perso-Armenia).

                  This is Khorason - original home of the Arascids:

                  3. The Iranian-Arsacids (Armenians) founded the Armenian-Arascid Ostan (Province) of Iran as they expanded their feudal territory. (The word "stan" is a Persian suffix meaning "province of Iran." Hayastan.)


                  4. This is what an Iranian-Arsacid-Armenian looks like: see photos below. The less you look like this guy, the less indigenous you likely are to modern day Armenia (Perso-Armenia / Arsacid-Armenia). Some Iranian-Armenians (for whatever reason) have developed sensitivites because when they move or travel to Armenia and get mistaken for *looking* Iranian -- the fact is they are Iranian. And the fact is that they are likely more Armenian than the people subjecting them to such unflattering cheap-shots though they rarely seem to defend themselves.

                  Iranian-Arsacid-Armenians (Founders of "Greater Armenia" and Inhabitants of Perso-Armenia = Eastern Armenia)

                  5. The Sasanian-Persians and the Iranian-Arsacid got into a feudal turf war - this was an Intra-Iranian battle. It was not "Armenians" vs. "Persians" the way a handful of snotty mixed Russian kids with little connection to Armenian land and history want to portray it. To solidify their base, the Iranian-Arsacid coverted to Christianity to attempt to form alliances outside of Iran. However, the Sasanians won, but the Arsacid kept their new faith.

                  What did the Sasanian vs. Arsacid dispute look like?
                  Let me simplify it for you: The rift between the Iranian-Arsacid-Armenians and the Sasanians would have been something like Katchatoorian (Iranian-Arsacid) getting into a feudal power struggle with Larijani (Persian-Sasanian):

                  Larijani at right:

                  To complicate matters some Armenians are Sasanians -- look for an Armenian e.g. that has the name Sasounian or Sasanian.

                  Originally posted by haysip View Post
                  the Stan suffix is used on many countries.
                  The earliest attestations of the exonym Armenia date around the 6th century BC. In his trilingual Behistun Inscription, Darius I the Great of Persia refers to Urashtu (in Babylonian) as Armina (in Old Persian) and Harminuya (in Elamite).

                  Xenophon of Athens, was a Greek historian, soldier, mercenary, and a contemporary and admirer of Socrates. He is known for documenting history. Xenophon describes many aspects of Armenian village life and hospitality. He relates that the people spoke a language that to his ear sounded like the language of the Persians. (Xenophon, Anabasis, IV.v.2-9.) Remember languages evolved and changed - Armenian alphabet came hundreds of years after the birth of Jesus.
                  The Map Below Has Nothing to Do with What I wrote Above:

                  All you have done is reproduce another source of the Armenian population that was largely assimilated and later genocided in 1915. You are completely confusing what I have written. I don't doubt that there were also Armenians that lived in the West; I am pointing out the origins of Greater Armenia and Perso-Armenia. Armenians today live in Perso-Armenia, not in any of the places in your map below:

                  And I am not that impressed by a home-made map.
                  Originally posted by haysip View Post
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                  • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                    " and lets not forget that when Alexader the great attacked persia, alot of the soldiers in the persian army were Armenians. at the end of the war, persians lost and ran away but the Armenian soldiers were fighting till the end. this is the reason why alexader the great didn't attack Armenia" Artak Movsisyan


                    • Re: Iranian-Armenian relations

                      the Stan suffix is used on many countries. for example we call Greece - HunaStan, China - ChinaStan, India - HndkAstan, Russia - RusaStan... does that mean all those countries originated from persia hahaha