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Are there Persians in Iran?

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    Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

    Originally posted by Sean
    ur saying the Islamic republic regime is Azeri? who are these 200,000 people that have been executed, give me a source to back uo what u say. the only part i can agree with u here is when u say "everybody in Iran agrees that this regime has no Iranian or Persian culture". I absolutely agree with that. But only in that this much hated bastard regime is so Muslim and pro-Arab and people hate that. So if its anything its promoting Arab culture, if in fact they were Azeri's in charge, they'de make heros out of people like Babak instead of trying to silence him and making people make heros of some bedouin Arab prophets like Ali and Hossein and whatever else.

    So forgive me, but what am i missing, where is this Azeri connection. please enlighten me
    Could you respond on the ethnic map? What is wrong with it?
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      Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

      Dude, can I ask you a question. You're trying so hard to prove this point that Iran is hijacked by Azeri Turks, and that the "Persians" are the minority. I'm not sure why you do that here. If it's to say that Armenia should sever her relations with Iran, then you honestly are wasting your time, because that would be suicide. Azeri Turk or not, Iran is hugely important regional ally for Armenia. In fact, Armenia must at the moment refrain at any cost from doing anything that would sour our relationship with Iran and make it more pro-Turkish.

      So why else be so gung-ho on proving your point here. We're not Iranians, so we cannot in any way help affect any changes in the society and politics of Iran. And honestly, at the moment we have our own Armenian problems to worry about to care about Iran.

      Other than that I mut tell you, I think you may suffer from the same inferiority problem as people who go to Stormfrom and other WN sites, dying to prove that they're in fact white, posting pictures of the whitter examples of their compatriots. I wonder if I can find a Persian who looks exactly like an Azeri Turk.

      Finally, I can wholeheartedly say that noone here feels same afinity to Persians as Azeris. Of course not, rest assured we like Persians tons more than we do Azeris or Turks. OK? But I think and from the reactions your post recieve, your main thesis is either way over our head (as in my case) or completely in our blind spot.
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        Re: Are there Persians in Iran?


        how is Iranian a modern concept, Iranians in Iran since the aryan migration since thousands of years ago have called themselves Iranians, and those same people taht migrated to Iran all those thousands of years ago are the Azeris in that province today.

        Ill quote from ur own blog

        The Azaris are actually Persians who adopted the Turkish language. They have mixed a little with Turkish invaders (probably about 10%) unlike the Persians.

        ^^ thats all u need, end of story.

        Now, before u lose even more credibility, u have to answer my questions in the previous post regarding the regime, the turkification and arabization, and a source for that 200,000 that this regime has executed


        what u said is a little eye opening. ive only been on this forum a few days and im just now noticing that every post this oslo guy makes has to do with Iran being some sort of Azeri state or some fantasy that he has. Like u hinted at, his motive is probably to make Iran out to be this huge Turkish state so the Armenian members would hate it. or some xxxx like taht honestly i dont even understand what hes trying to do. but ur right, he's probably suffering from some inferiority complex and would be better off hangin out at some white nationalist website.


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          Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

          Well, in some other posts, he has tried to prove that Iran's leaders are Azeri Turks and secretly pro-Turkish, which at least judging from facts of the present times is rubbish. Even if, Iran later on in time were to become pro-Turkish (highly unlikely) would hastening that be in Armenia's interest. Of course not.


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            Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

            Iranian is a modern concept from Saffavids time in 16 century. Its signifance is from 18 century. People of Iran were not called Iranian in past history.

            Azeris are misusing this term to hold to power. Azeris are not related to Iran ethnically or culturally. They are foreign elements and you can see the result in the present regime.

            So what is wrong with ethnic map?
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              Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

              Oslo, nothing you say has ANY credibility because u just come out and make up numbers, but when ur asked to back them up, u change the subject

              and no Irans not a 400 year old concept, Ferdosi called Iran Iran a thousand years ago, the Ashkanians called Iran Iran 1,800 years ago, the Persian empire cyrus and Darius called themsleves Iranians, so ur attempts at making up this psuedo-conflict is laughable.


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                Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

                We are not talking about Iran. We are talking about "Iranian". That is a concept from 18 century. Read the article on the link.

                So what is wrong with the ethnic map? That is exactly the point. You are saying all the people in Iranian are of "Iranian race" and there is no difference between a baluch, persian, kurd and azeri turks. They just speak different languages. Just tell a Kurd this. They consider that as an insult to be called Azeri Turks.
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                  Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

                  What is "Iranian"?

                  1. The Azeri Turk Saffavids regime in 16 century, executed more than 70.000 persians only in Isfahan. They also killed millions of Zoarastrian and imposed the Shia religion on Iran.

                  2. The current Azeri Turk regime in Tehran has executed 200.000 people. It is still stoning people. Everybody in Iran agrees that this regime has no "Iranian" or "Persian" culture. Culturally they are related to primitive Turk tribes in Caucasus where they originate.

                  3. Iranian is a modern concept since 18 century. Iranian defines the citizens of Iran regardless of their ethnic background.

                  4. Iranian is a meaningless term as it is used by Azeri Turks.Azeri Turks use "Iranian" in a racial, ethnic and cultural meaning.

                  5. Azeri Turks should be described as Azeri turks who inhabit Iran. The term "Iranian" confuses the issues and assigns imaginary properties to Azeri Turks.

                  6. Azeri Turks relation to Iran in terms of culture is very similar to the situation of Kurds in Turkey. Kurds in Turkey are considered Non-Turks in Turkish society. Azeri Turks have a similar relation to the natives of Iran. Azeri Turks are "Non-Iranians".

                  7. Non-Iranians think that "Iranian" is something similar to a German. That is Germany and Germans. That is not what "Iranian" mean. Others think "Iranian" is similar to an American which can mean any race or ethnic group in US. "Iranian" is not even equal to an American. The reason is that US is a developed nation state and Americans identify themselves with Americanism. Iran is not even a nation state in that sense. The ethnic identity in Iran is stronger than the label "Iranian". It is similar to if Californians had their own ethnic identity which was stronger than being an American.

                  8. Azeris use "Iranian" as if it was equal to a German.
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                    Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

                    Judging from his posts, I get the impression that Oslonor doesn't seem to like Azeri Turks.
                    Achkerov kute.


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                      Re: Are there Persians in Iran?

                      Originally posted by Anonymouse
                      Judging from his posts, I get the impression that Oslonor doesn't seem to like Azeri Turks.

                      Actually, he doesn't like Persians. He knowns that Armenians are enemies with the Azeri Baboons, hence he is trying to liken Persians with Azerbaboons in order to turn Armenians against the Persians. C'mon, where is your sence of rationalization???
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