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Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

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  • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan


    • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

      I thought about joining the military when i was young but even then i did not like the wars this country was fighting so i did not join. If i am going to put my life on the line then it is going to be for something i think is right and these wars are far from that.
      Originally posted by burjuin View Post
      Hayastan or Bust.


      • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

        Originally posted by burjuin View Post
        Lol I wonder how many of them fought in Artsakh... Or ever would... Or could even find Artsakh on the map....


        • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

          Originally posted by HyeFighter2 View Post
          azerbaijan whants to get KA-52 helicopters

          This fcking Azeris have a new article on about how many uber weapons theyre gonna acquire every other day. They were talking about the T-129 helicopters, then T-90s, then the T-155 Firtina, then the T-84s, etc. All this talk but no show.

          However, if Russia actually ends up selling them these things, then they better compensate Armenia somehow. Either some Ka-52s for us or some anti air systems, etc.


          • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

            Originally posted by Yerevanski92 View Post
            This fcking Azeris have a new article on about how many uber weapons theyre gonna acquire every other day. They were talking about the T-129 helicopters, then T-90s, then the T-155 Firtina, then the T-84s, etc. All this talk but no show.

            However, if Russia actually ends up selling them these things, then they better compensate Armenia somehow. Either some Ka-52s for us or some anti air systems, etc.
            I remember 4-5 years ago the Azeris would boast every week about how they were going to acquire the JF-17 Thunder from China/Pakistan. Still waiting.
            Azerbaboon: 9.000 Google hits and counting!


            • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

              U.S. Ambassador Heffern: ‘Armenia is a long trip to nowhere’

              10:41, December 18, 2012

              Dear Editor:

              I attended the presentation by the US Ambassador to Armenia, John Heffern, on December 13 at St. James Armenian Church in Watertown, MA. Before his presentation, Ambassador Heffern shook hands with some members of the audience. He approached a young boy who was sitting with his mother. However, as the boy was busy playing a game on his electronic gadget, he ignored Mr. Heffern’s offer to shake hands. The ambassador asked the mother if she had ever taken her son to Armenia. “No”, the mother replied.

              The boy finally extended his arm, shook hands, and looked away without ever making eye contact with Mr. Heffern. "You should take him to Armenia,” the ambassador told the mother. “It is a long trip, on the way to nowhere."

              Heffern then laughed and happened to walk towards me. I grabbed his hand and said "Mr. Ambassador, Armenia maybe on the way to nowhere, but it is certainly in the way of energy pipelines." He walked away laughing.

              I think that the ambassador is frustrated and angry that Armenia is not dancing to the U.S. State Department's tune - for example, by refusing to give away Artsakh (Karabagh) to Azerbaijan and by not joining the Turkey-NATO sphere of influence. That is why he described Armenia as “on the way to nowhere.”

              If one is astute and “reads between the lines,” here is what Heffern said or implied in his presentation that night:

              - The U.S. will continue military assistance to Azerbaijan.

              - The U.S. will do nothing to change the status quo of Turkey's border closure until Turkey decides otherwise.

              - The U.S. will not ask Georgia (a major U.S. aid recipient) to facilitate trade routes for Armenia.

              - The U.S will continue to exert pressure on Armenia until it stops all trade with Iran, even as Turkey continues to do billions in trade with Iran and spurn U.S. sanctions.

              - The U.S. wants Armenia to spurn Russia and eventually join NATO (even though the U.S. will never offer any security against Turkey and pan-Turkism).

              It is actually Ambassador Heffern and the U.S. State Department who are on the road to nowhere.

              Berge Jololian
              Watertown, MA

              Politics is not about the pursuit of morality nor what's right or wrong
              Its about self interest at personal and national level often at odds with the above.
              Great politicians pursue the National interest and small politicians personal interests


              • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                "Azeri 11-Month Oil Output Falls 6.8%, Statistics Committee Says"

                "Now, quite unexpectedly, the government has resorted to drawing on reserve funds, taking $12 billion earlier this month from the State Oil Fund to meet budget shortfalls. And the fact that BP considers that ACG’s wells actually deliver the highest revenue per well from any offshore field in the world provides scant consolation when overall revenues are down.

                Then there’s the problem that the downturn, even though it really only started in 2011, seems to the Azerbaijanis to have followed uncomfortably close to the mid-way point in the 30-year concession when the government’s share of revenues climbed from 25% to 75% (with the lower figure a consequence of the need of the AIOC partners to recoup their investments in an era of relatively low production).

                BP’s partners acknowledge the problems, but say many of them were foreseen as long as two years ago. Socar is unhappy, the partners are unhappy; it’s the lack of wells drilled,” one partner said. But, he acknowledged, “BP is in a very difficult position.”
                “It’s a case of national pride versus geological reality.”

                They are going to buy poop, that is the only thing they can afford. Maybe pepto was not such a bad idea after all.


                • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                  Here is a good one, the depopulation of Azerbaboonistan continues. At this pace a hand full of Armenian can march to Baku! It took a hand full to defeat them in the first war when they numbered in the Millions, now there is just 2 of them left...LOL

                  “According to the official data of State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan annual migration balance is stably positive. However, if we analyze the migration flows from countries neighboring Azerbaijan then we can see that according to official data tens of thousands of people are leaving this country for permanent residence in abroad each year,” stated expert of Geopolitics of the South Caucasus, PhD in Political Science Angela Elibegova in an interview given to

                  The expert noted in particular:

                  “Back in 2011, it was stated that, after the citizens of Ukraine and Uzbekistan, the Azerbaijanis in Russia (500 thousand people per year) by the number of labor migrants have been on the third place. Moreover, in recent years, the negative migration balance of the "fast growing" Azerbaijan together with Russia is increasing; it has increased for 17 times during 7 years and by 36% during 2011. According to the Chairman of State Committee of Azerbaijan Republic on Work with Diaspora Nazim Ibrahimov 2.5 million of Azerbaijanis live in Russia.
                  According to the immigration service records of Turkey 578, 6 thousand Azerbaijanis entered the country in 2011, and left 565.4 citizens. Thus, for the last year, 13 thousand Azerbaijanis settled there down, most of them from Nakhijevan. Again, according to the official data of the Turkish side, about 150 thousand people, since 1997, have left the autonomous region for Turkey for permanent residence.

                  At the same time there is a considerable migration of Azerbaijanis to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the EU and the U.S. So, if a detailed analysis of migration flows singly for each country is carried out then the figure will grow over 100 thousand.

                  Azerbaijani officials often state about opening of "millions of jobs" in the country since 2003. However, they never state how many workplaces have been closed during the same period. Then, there is no specific list of companies and areas where it is indicated that these jobs are "successfully created." Besides, President Aliyev likes speaking about the record pace of poverty reduction - five times within seven years. In the same time, the parameters by which Azerbaijani government defines poverty rate are extremely doubtful. If we compare data of Azerbaijan with the poorest EU member states, for example, then most of the population of Azerbaijan will cross the poverty threshold.

                  Judge for yourself, the GDP growth was only 0.1% in 2011 oil production was declined by 10%. During a year the number of Azerbaijani citizens, who applied for asylum in developed countries, grew by 18%. As Arif Veliyev, the chairman of the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan stated, in the middle class of the country are include those who have an income of 150-190 dollars and that make the 70% of the population. According to the studies of the American Sociological Center Gallup only 7% of the population of Azerbaijan is satisfied with life.

                  700 thousand people in Azerbaijan receive a targeted social assistance, they, according to the state agencies of Azerbaijan, live below the poverty threshold. Moreover, about 35% of the employable population does not have a job or does not want to work. According to the data of State Social Protection Fund, only 2 million of employable population (40%) works in Azerbaijan, of which about 1 million are government employees. That is to say, if 60% of the population in Azerbaijan does not work, then the official figures about 7% of the poverty threshold do not correspond to reality, as well as the data on opening another 1 million workplaces, because, it comes out that, before 2003 no one was worked in Azerbaijan, except employees of budget based institutions. Moreover, in Azerbaijan there are 4.5% of people with disabilities recorded officially, plus 6% of officially unemployed, plus retirees, students and other groups at risk, it becomes obvious that the official figures are not just under-reported, they blatantly lie. And they do not lie to others, but to the same citizens of Azerbaijan, every second of who, according to the studies of Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD), is a debtor.”
                  Now where is my god damn Mic? I want to spew some profanity over the loudspeaker at the the baboon trenches. I will also offer them a banana and they will all give up, but we have a problem! We simply do not have enough zoo's in Armenia...ROTFLMAO!!!!


                  • Re: Nagorno-Karabagh: Military Balance Between Armenia & Azerbaijan

                    Originally posted by arakeretzig View Post
                    IMHO, Armenia should remain under Russia's thumb, with a crooked puppet goverment. It's better than no Armenia at all, which is what will happen without Russia.
                    But it doesnt have to be that way.. if we all sober up maybe we would still have time to save all of us. Dont you see wher is this going eventually?. instead of making money we spend on weapons instead of building cities we build baraks we are stuck both of us. The more we go on with this agony the more our nations will pay in the future. We remind me of two bulls going at it not realizing whats happening around because of pride and hate.